Others may have different opinions on the programs you've listed but here are mine:

1. Generally, Nero Essentials is part of the OEM installation of Nero burning software installed as a "basic" burning tool by the manufacturer.. Although you may only use the "burning ROM" part of the program, I would leave the "Essentials" portion.. There may be dependencies there that you would miss.

2. NET Framework versions. If you don't use NET Framework programs, you don't need NET Framework.. Uninstalling it won't hurt anything unless you have such programs.. If that's the case, reinstall it.

3. Yep, leave Java installed.. (Actually, the most current version of Java 6 Update 12. You might want to uninstall your current one and install the newest which has some security updates.

4. If you use an iPOD, I recommend leave the Mobile Device Support. If you don't have and iPOD, then unininstall it.

5. Live Safety Scanner is usually installed when you run the free PC Safety Scan from Microsoft's Live One Care online site.. Yep, uninstall it, especially if you've got another onboard security program.

6. Visual C++ is probably needed on your computer.. A number of programs require its runtime components to function correctly.. Leave it there.

7. I'll guess that Readiris 7.5 was installed as part of printer or scanner software.. It converts various scanned documents into editable documents.. If you have a scanner, leave it there.

8. Assuming you have a Dell computer and IF you've got the Resource CD from Dell which provides the drivers for you computer, you don't need the "Dell Resource CD" installed on the computer.. It's your choice.. Placing the CD in the CD drive will bring up the same thing.

9, 10, 11, 12, & 15: These are all updates to the basic MSXML utility which allows various types of XML scripting functions to operate effective. I leave these installed on my computer.. As to you, do the research and see if such MSXML functions are used by you.. My guess, leave them installed.

13. AviSynth 2.5 is a video processing/editing program.. If you don't use it, uninstall it.

14. Intel(R) Extreme Graphics Driver .. This is probably your graphics/video driver.. If it is, DO NOT uninstall it.

Hope this helps.