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Do I need HTS 3600 Home Theatre Reference PowerCenter ?

by rmalwade / December 31, 2004 11:50 PM PST

I just bought a Mitsubishi DLP HDTV. The sales person insisted on buying $499 worth a "HTS 3600 Home Theatre Reference PowerCenter HTS 3600 with Clean Power Stage 3". Do I need to buy such an expensive device after spending couple of thousand dollars for TV ? Also Do I need top of the line Component Video Cable ($100 for 3 feet) or I can use the regular ($27 for 3 feet) to hook up DVD player to the TV ? Thanks for your help.

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Power conditioning and expensive cables
by osvolant / January 1, 2005 1:52 PM PST

Your suspicions are correct- they are trying to sell you a lot of high-markup accessories which are of dubious value (except to the salesman). You should use a surge protector to protect your gear against lightning strikes, but that "power conditioning" stuff is marketing BS. Likewise for cables. The standard grade component cables (I use RCA brand from Home Depot-$19 for 6 ft.) and any good quality 14 to 12 gauge speaker wire (34 to 43 cents/ft.) should work just fine. Monster Cable and others have made fortunes selling high-priced wire to audiophiles who think they can hear a difference. Such is the power of suggestion.

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Power conditioning and expensive cables more research
by rmalwade / January 1, 2005 11:37 PM PST

You are correct. I went around to different electronic shops and opinions were different. sales people from Costco Home did not recommend these high end power conditioning boxes and expensive cables at all. Thanks for your help.

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Monster Power 3600mkII And Monster Cables
by guitarflipper / May 5, 2008 8:24 AM PDT

Wow, that's coming from the guy that shops at Costco(Only sell television; no services, no hdmi cables, no accessories) . Allright guys, I am not a representative of monster power or anything but I do have experience with this stuff. First of all, if you didn't buy a warranty on your television which I recommend by the way, Monster power will guarantee its performance for a lifetime. Meaning that if you have a surge spike, etc and your equipment gets damaged while connected to a Monster Power Surge protector.... That's right! Monster will reimburse you for what you lost. Do you know how much they will reimburse you for? 150 thousand dollars! and that's just for the stage 1 Monster surge 950. I know what you're asking, who has 150 thousand dollars connected to a surge protector anyways. No one!!! Which makes it even more awesome because no one will beat that. Now as far as Line conditioning. Monster Power divides up video(digital, analog ) as well as Audio( high current, analog, digital ) I have not seen a huge increase in quality of video but Audio!!! Definitely a lot more crisp and clean. Less distortion, and static. I can turn my volume on my Harman Kardon avr147 all the way up without hearing the static. I used to have that problem when I plugged it in to a regular surge protector though. Now cables!!! Like the power Centers Monster guarantees its cables for life. Actually the new monster 1000 cable is ready for the next step in Home theater, that's right next step... 1440p! and 240 hz! And if monster doesn't live up to their word... They will give you a free hdmi cable that will support the new resolution and refresh rate! Who else can say that? Monster cables are built for the future, even though you might not have a 1080p tv, you can buy that 1000 cable and once you do buy a 1440p in the future you'll already have the cable for it. Another reason to buy Monster cables is that Monster is the only company that is partners with simplay Hd. Simplay Hd are the people that test the most important things in a cable... Speed and Resolution baby! What do you think Nexxtech, Phillips, Generic cables said to Simplay when they asked if they can test their hdmi Cables? Hell no!!! There are many different versions of hdmi guys 1.1, 1.2,1.3 (obviously the latest is 1.3) Just has to do with speed, colors, and resolution, Monster cable are the only 1.3 certified cables on the market right now. You might get 1080p on other cables but it doesn't mean you're getting the best out of the 1080p. If you're spending a good 3-4 thousand dollars on a tv, What's another 300-400 dollars to keep it protected? Write back to me if you guys have any questions guys or I guess you can just reply.

- Danny

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Don't know where you are coming from.
by NM_Bill / May 6, 2008 4:32 AM PDT

First, Costco has highly competitive prices & almost unheard of customer concierge service.

OK, you say you have experience. You also appear to shill Monster products. I do have one of their Home Theater Reference PowerCenter HTS 3500 Mk II, selected without salesmanship. I easily observed the video screen cleaned up eliminating "fuzz" & artifacts.

Some regulars here who subscribe to a different set of attitudes because of the thier knowledge level of electricity & electronics, did chide me as only seeing& hearing what I wanted to see & hear; hence, psychosomatic. I stand firm that people should be aware that any surge unit not specifically labeled for A/V use is probably inappropriate.

High values of protection are nice. If you were a regular here, you would know, though relatively rare, one of our posters does have a system exceeding that value. It is appropriate that he uses fancier name power conditioning.

Folks can go to & see your statement that Monster is the the only brand of cables with Simplay Labs certification is just, plain wrong. Here again, your Monster loving statement comes across as shilling. Simplay has positioned itself as a certifying lab for makers to voluntarily seek. It is early in the game to see if their service seems unanimous for makers to seek.

Others do claim 1.3 certified cables (though I have not followed through their claims.)

I do agree that an appropriate (ten % in your example) expenditure to assure a sense of insurance for a big technology expense is indeed a wise move.

There is no consensus of opinion here about what cables or cost is necessary.

I don't mean to seem to flame, it's just that you toss out unsubstantiated claims. Such details are fair game. Unfortunately, I have posted, perhaps too casually, something that was just flat out wrong. Fair game.

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Here we go.....
by guitarflipper / May 6, 2008 7:00 AM PDT

Well Bill Costco might have highly competitive prices but electronic stores(Best Buy, Circuit City) do price match Costco and have all the necessary equipment so you can buy everything at once. I, personally would rather have all the sources first, so when I do buy a tv I'm prepared and I know when I get home I won't be disappointed. Bill, out of the list you gave me, there were only about 3 or 4 hdmi Cables that were 1.3 certified. And most of them were tested at 4.5 gbps. What's the latest in lcd's Bill? 120hz, soon to be.... 240 hz. Monster 1000 series is the only cable that offers 10.2gbps. Like I said, the cable was built for the future(1440p and beyond). Can you say that about any of these other cables Bill? Those cables might be fine for a nice little 60 hz lcd television, but not for the new technology. I know this because I've tried. The end result you'll get is shaky cameras, lag and blur(with 120 hz tvs) When you're transmitting Hd sound(hd dts) through a blu ray on your new Onkyo 1.3 via hdmi Receiver those 5 gbps do make a huge difference. Good choice on your power center though.... I don't mean to flame you Bill, but thanks for that link!

- Danny

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the funny thing Danny
by jostenmeat / May 6, 2008 7:18 AM PDT
In reply to: Here we go.....

is that you are replying to a THREE YEAR OLD THREAD?

how much is Monster paying you?

Costco vs BB/CC?

no brainer.

BJC vs Monster?

no brainer.

Hell, Im using a 35 ft Monoprice with only Bluray and HD-DVD, and it looks glorious. Some people spent as much, or more, than I did on this cable for some stupid Monster optical from BB/CC.


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by guitarflipper / May 6, 2008 7:36 AM PDT
In reply to: the funny thing Danny

Unfortunately, yes I am replying to a three year thread. As the saying goes, better late than never. Unfortunately for you it should have been never. I'm glad your Blu ray player looks "glorious" on.... What type of tv did you say it was Josten? Why do I have to repeat myself Josten..... The truth is it looks glorious, but monster surpasses glorious and it surpasses the technology of today and tomorrow. Look if you have high end equipment(Samsung lnt71/650/750), you're going to need the high end cables(1000 series, 10.2gbps). Sorry man, they don't sell those tv's at Costco. Do you think your Monoprice cable will be able to handle the new 1,000,000 to One Contrast ratio which has already hit the market... I doubt it man. Sorry Josten, sometime you gotta pay a little more to get the best equipment. Gain some knowledge before you actually try to bash on me.

- Danny

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You never answered my question.
by jostenmeat / May 6, 2008 8:00 AM PDT
In reply to: Jostenmeat.....

I mean, c'mon, your earlist posts are to push Monster in 3 yr old threads? Seems pretty fishy to me!

Me learn something? I could stop posting here for a year or two straight, and I still don't think you would help as many people as I have in that time span.

The "tv" its feeding is a JVC RS-1 projector I got as open box from AVS. 1 million to 1 contrast? Not there yet. Just 15k:1 native, without use of iris. I am watching at a larger viewing angle than even the THX recommendation. 42 degrees to be exact. Trust me, I can see flaws in the video when they occur. When the master is done well, the PQ is beyond words. Every person who has watched at my place believe it puts the local theaters to shame. I am bistreaming all formats, using Ultra2 decorrelation for my 7.1 rig, which consists of JL Audio, PSB, Martin Logan, NAD, Onkyo. And that's just my HT, not even my stereo. Sources are Pana BD-30 and Tosh HD-A35. I got both for $300 or less, with 12 free discs as promotions.

BTW, these sources are being fed by a Monoprice 35 ft cable. Its so sad to see people buy Monster speaker wire for the same price, OR MORE, than I bought my hdmi cable for.

I have a dedicated HT and a separate dedicated stereo, replete with 300 lbs of the top-of-the-line Real Traps that I scored from Audiogon. And from what I can tell, you could never shop as well as I could. At least as far as cabling is concerned!


*if you are not a Monster employee (which would be surprising), you should stick around and learn something. What kind of TV are you using, and how long is your HDMI run? Monoprice makes HDMI cables rated for 1.3 btw. If you live in CA, next day arrival costs about $1 extra. I'm pretty spoiled. Their optical cables are the thickest I have ever seen, and yet the most affordable as well. People pay more in tax on a Monster optical than they do for a Monoprice optical shipped.
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omg -_-
by guitarflipper / May 6, 2008 8:57 AM PDT

Hey Josten! I'm soooo glad you're helping people save money! But it doesn't mean you're helping them buy good products. I don't care how many people you've helped man. I'm speaking out of what I know and what I've researched. You speak on your own experience, and solely on your own experience. I'm glad your home theatre experience is great. I never said it wasn't. The only thing I said, is it could get better with a simple change of cables. And I can definitely shop for cables... It's called amazon, ya know, that site that saves you money! 411 Josten! Thickness doesn't measure quality man. Sure optical cables can be thick, that doesn't mean there's anything in there. I'm also glad you chose to bitstream your formats. But as far as i'm concerned, both your video and audio, most importantly for me, audio are going half the speed of what it's capable of. It's all about speed baby! You're running through a projector man, it really doesn't make a difference but it will make a difference in your audio. Plus I guarantee once your hdmi cable goes out, which a lot of mine have, you'll probably have to wait a good 2-3 weeks for another one. Monster cables are guaranteed for life which means you'll get a replacement in a matter of days if it goes out. And obviously you need to learn something because Sony just released their new OLED tv's. That's right 1,000,000 to One contrast ratio. Look it up bub. Oh and my annual income for Monster is $0 and 0 cents! I've been working in a music studio for 5-6 years man. I think I know what i'm talking about.

I'm 19 years old man. I'm pretty knowledgeable of this stuff. Ya know there's a reason why Monster Cable is Number one in what they do. When was the last time you saw a monster commercial?


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(NT) I guess 19 explains the self-appraisal of knowledge.
by NM_Bill / May 6, 2008 9:30 AM PDT
In reply to: omg -_-
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by guitarflipper / May 6, 2008 9:45 AM PDT

Hmmmm Bill.... This is like an instrument. It's not how long you've played an instrument, it's how often you've practiced it in that period of time. In some instances, you can't measure experience by years, you measure by hours. If i've worked somewhere for 3 years and another person works there for 1 year with the same number of hours, there's no doubt he will be just as experienced or even more experienced.

- Danny

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From Danny's first post, I knew we...
by RustyDallas / May 6, 2008 9:53 AM PDT

were heading for a rumble. Thinking about Jostens next post is making me want to hide under my desk.

The instigator.

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by irishrulze / January 3, 2005 12:12 AM PST

I would absolutely use some sort of line conditioner ie: MP3600. If you want absolute performance you sales associate should have reccomended the 5100 which is 699.00. The before mentioned equipment has high current inputs and is a stage 4 conditioner. If you are doing a home audio system with a large amp you will need this. If you are just doing the tv, you WILL do a home audio system at some time...probably soon! As far as cables go, you got off cheap! A hundred bucks is cake! Most people don't realize that you can have the worlds best equipment and if you use "googlephonics" cables you will never see or hear the performance you paid for.
I would advise you to take the $100 in cables back and ask for at LEAST THX Monster cables but preferably the Z or M series cables.

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DVI DVD players
by joefosho315 / January 3, 2005 10:10 AM PST

Instead of going through the trouble of dishing out a few hundred dollars for nice cables, why don't you use that money to buy a DVI out dvd player from Samsung or Bravo. That way you can watch the upconverted DVD's as well as using CHEAP ($15 ebay) DVI cables to connect the dvd player and get way better performance than your several hundred dollar component hookups. You can get such cheap DVI cables since it is digitally connected, quality does not matter as long as it works. It either works or it doesn't for DVI. Just my 2 cents.

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