If you remove it you may lose the Dell diagnostics which I find most folk can't use alternatives. YOUR CHOICE!

OK, I use GPARTED (no tutorial as it's all on the web) and I'm done. But why use that other than to delete all the partitions and give your new install a blank HDD?

Now I could write about Dell drivers and REQUIRED APPS but some get onto this "clean install" highway and then flame everyone about the WiFi drivers. Again, no, we use Dell QuickSet to turn that on and off. As this is again all over the web I stop again.

I can't find the exact model but the only lock today and it's on almost all the new machines is UEFI. But so far the makers have a way to turn off secure boot and enable Corporate Stable Model. They had to or write off the business market. Again, widely discussed so I stop for the last time.