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Do Cell Phone Antenna Signal Boosters work?

Dec 8, 2006 3:08PM PST

has anyone here had any experience with cell phone signal boosters? In our conrete building we are using an external antenna and a interior repeater to get a signal. While near the repeater, it works great, but about 15 feet down in my office, I have practically no bars. The signal booster that attach to the battery look a bit like snake oil to me. Can't imagine that all the claims actually hold true. Checking some feedback on an auction site however, I did find some people that said it worked. Well, I'm interested in hearing more about it from you all! Are my doubts substantiated or do they actually work?

Thanks all,

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Here's what I bought...
Dec 20, 2006 6:20AM PST

Since you asked...

I just installed one in my house/home office. I am happy with the results. You should know my house has steel siding (You know, RF repellent! LOL!)

Here is the unit I purchased and installed. MSRP is $699.

Most places on the web want $599. I found one place, where I purchased it, that only wanted $395. And only $15 for 2nd day shipping.

Before Installation: (none to bad service)
- Always "searching for service" in my garden level room office (half underground). Basically, no service at all. I was using an external antenna stuck in the bushes outside of my window, tethered to my phone via a wire, to enable my cell phone service (no amplifier). It worked. Barely.
- My outside signal level was 1 or 2 bars on good days. Fading in and out from zero to 1 or 2 a lot. I often lost calls even when outside.
- My service inside the house in the main level and upstairs was zero to 1 bar. I usually lost calls if over about 1 minute long.

After installation: (good dependable service)
- Same outside conditions (grin!)
- 3 to 4 bars (my max is 4 bars) in my garden level office.
- 3 sometimes 4 bars in my family room (same level)
- 3 bars in my kitchen (half flight of stairs up)
- Basically, I get 3 or 4 bars if I am within about 20 feet of the inside antenna which is mounted just outside my garden level office, in a doorway.
- 2 to 3 bars in the upstairs bedrooms (I guess it shoots through walls -grin-!)

Rooftop mounted external antenna
50 feet of low loss cable
Garden level mounted inside antenna.

Hope this helps.


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RE: Do Cell Phone Antenna Signal Boosters work?
Feb 5, 2007 6:44PM PST

Hi Aussy!

I had never tried one before but I'm also considering buying because the cell phone signal in our place is not really very good. As I was browsing the Internet, I have run into this site that provides a comprehensive guide and basic info on cell phone amplifiers. You may want to check it out:

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my experience
Feb 16, 2007 7:07AM PST

I have used two cellular repeaters in my time and on the whole they have worked remarkably well. Initially, I tried a repeater kit from wilson which worked great for about a year, but one day inexplicably died, which left me feeling very shortchanged after laying out about $600 dollars at the start.

After this I decided to buy a cheaper unit from a company known as clear voice, which I found at This worked just as well, but was only half the price. I get four bars of reception now in my office when previously I would rarely get three. 2 bars and dropped calls was the norm.

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Any news on your plan to buy a signal booster?
May 9, 2009 10:15PM PDT

I bought one of these things 7 months ago and from my experience you still need to have a good reception so you probably need to mount an outside and high up antenna.
But the antenna provided with the one I bought is meant for attic install so if you are going to use this at home you might want to check the signal in your attic.
When I bought this I had some difficulty at first cos I need to think of a good location to put the base unit in. The instructions says that it should be place 15 feet above the floor and 15 feet away from the external antenna. I didn't have this much space in my house but I somehow figured it out after contacting technical support (they have been so great about this).
I'm referring to the <a href="">zBoost YX510</a>. I'm still using it til now.

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Any news?
May 9, 2009 10:22PM PDT
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generation X antenna booster
Aug 2, 2009 2:29PM PDT
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I heard signal boosters do work...
Sep 4, 2009 5:00AM PDT

I have a problem with getting a signal inside my home. Outside my signal is 2-3 bars. I have a metal roof and I was told that is what bounces the signal off and keeps it from getting into my home.

Has any one heard of or purchased from a company called UNWIREDSIGNAL.COM?

One of my friends told me they're repeaters work and that they sell all kinds of kits for your home and other applications. I have checked out their website and they seem to know what theyre talking about. I'm thinking about purchasing a booster system from them in about a week and I just wanted to know if any one else had any good experiences with this company.

If no one responds, well I'll shall let every one know how it goes.

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Signal Booster Update
Sep 25, 2009 4:23AM PDT

Just wanted to update every one on the signal booster I purchased from

I called their company and spoke to Jeff, he asked me a lot of questions before he made a recommendation. Questions like, how many bars do I get outside my home, how large was the area I wanted covered, what providers I wanted to cover, my zip code (for info purposes), etc. He recommended the 801245 C kit, described to me how it would set up and how much area the inside antenna would cover based on my signal.

I purchased a kit part# 801245 C. It's dual band so it would cover all providers (I like for my family and friends to also have a signal no matter what provider they use).The kit cost me $985 with shipping. Placed the order on Fri. Sept 11, I received it on Mon. Sept. 14. They have fast shipping!

When I received it the package looked great a little wet because of the weather but in perfect condition (they put tape on all sides of the box so water wouldn't leak in, packed everything in a cetain way that wouldn't allow anyhting to jiggle if you shook it). I got the documents out, opened the package, started taking the items out, everything was in ship-shape, cables were labled as to what they connect to. I was pleased, it seemed so easy.

I read all the instructions that came with each part of the kit. I installed the outside antenna on the eve of my roof, ran the first cable (50 ft) down into the attic connected it to the lightning fuse, then ran a shorter cable (2 ft) to the amplifier, then ran another cable (30 ft)into a closet where I placed the booster amp then ran the last cable (10 ft) to my open stair well where I placed the inside antenna. Placing the inside antenna in the open stair well is supposed to cover both floors in my home. Took me about 3.5 hrs to put his kit up.

When I powered up the system, I had to have all the phones off in the home. Once powered up, I turned my phone back on and I had full bars!My wife and kids did too! I even asked a neighbor to come over to see if his phone would get a signal inside my home... and it did!

I am extreemly satisfied with I will and would recommend them to any one who is having any signal issues. If you want to ask me anything I'll be gald to answer any questions. Or you can call them at 888-713-1243

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