but knowledgable posters here already have writer's cramp.

Would new questioners please take an hour to search & read recent posts. There is a wealth of info people already took hours posting.

There is a set of questions that get posted every two days. I realize they are not as easy to sort through as if the subject titles were limited to key words. The subject headers sometimes could actually be better if they didn't start off with "Hey, guys" or "Question." Yes that could be any question.

Yes, there are issues, relatively important or not, as to deepest blacks, viewing angle, importance of what level of resolution & on & on.

All the technologies have become pretty good. Perfect? No. Some posters nearly condemn some certain technology.

Folks, it's mostly the same 20 questions, over & over. Please do some research, acquire a feeling for the gist of recommendations & importance of what factor, then repost with specific questions. It'd be 25 times more efficient for our most knowledgable advisors.