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DJT doesn't want to hear the "i word"


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Reporting: DJT doesn't want to hear the "i word"
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The 'i' words that Dems don't want to hear

refers to their mental situation...…...IDIOTS and INCOMPETENTS

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ONLY Democrats

Post was last edited on May 23, 2019 11:14 AM PDT

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The Dems have proven

that they actually deserve the description......

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Speaking of "deserve the description."

DJT is an "extremely stable genius"...Just ask HIM?

Wasn't there some Dr a couple years ago that DJT paraded in front of the press making much the same claim?....every 2 years the world needs to be reminded how brilliant DJT is?

I'd be satisfied IF I was confident he was "stable"...never mind being a "genius".

Was HE "very calm" at the meeting?

....Just ask Kellyanne Conway, followed by Mercedes Schlapp, Larry Kudlow, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Luckily they got the right answer so they can report to work tomorrow.

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Anytime I hear someone declare themselves a genius I suspect they are not. And even if they are, it's "very poor form" as the British say.

Similar to outstanding athletes puffing themselves up with self-described super-powers. While Ali could with justification call himself "The Greatest", and while boxing is known for puffery and trash-talking, I for one found it off-putting. A person's accomplishments speak for themselves.

And don't get me started about Kanye West - his lack of humility is darn near astounding...


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He very much wants to hear it

It was one of his campaign promises, to restore infrastructure. However, he also knows for 2020 the Dems have nothing, and desperately needs to pass something for infrastructure improvement to help give them some talking points other than "bad Trump, blah blah". They give him nothing, but want something in return for it. Trump wants something, and it's for the Dems to end the continuing charade against him in the House. Give something, get something. A lesson the Dems have forgotten.

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RE:Give something, get something.

DJT?....Give insults, expect bouquets?

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I recall distinctly

a certain correspondents dinner in 2011 when BO made it a point to insult Trump for nothing other than headlines that Trump had HINTED at running at that time....AND GOT BOUQUETS for it...…..*kHMS1qxumZ5vJ6WgSlmr5jgl6XqtUOsgZi6k*STFylWLHiax&plvar=0&PC=HCTS

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RE:insult Trump for nothing other than headlines that Trump

insult Trump for nothing other than headlines that Trump had HINTED

"insulting someone" (DJT) "in your mind" is correcting a lie they (DJT) have been spreading by poking fun at them?

You neglected to mention that DJT was pedaling the story that Obama wasn't an American citizen.....

HE has missed the last 3 dinners.....

That's why DJT doesn't go there any more...HE's taken HIS ball and gone home....What a wuss....A WUSS without a sense of humour AND very thin orange skin.

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Even Jesus....

...only submitted to one crucifixion.

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RE:only submitted to one crucifixion.

That's the way crucifixions work.

Correspondents Dinners are held yearly....

No one laughs AT The least, not in HIS presence.

IF you're smiling at HIS expense...HE's gone......

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He didn't MISS anything

he CHOSE to ignore the liars and leakers and collusioners and hold rallies instead so his messages get out to the people that the same crap media refuse to report. BUT things are beginning to crack as SOME of the liberal media are beginning to report SOME of the BO corruption that was going on.

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RE:He didn't MISS anything he CHOSE

He didn't MISS anything he CHOSE to ignore the liars and leakers and collusioners and hold rallies instead


AND what did HE talk about at these "rallies"?

NO mention of liars, leakers and collusioners?

But he took care not to mention the event his rally sought to compete with: The White House Correspondents' Association dinner.

He hit the press several times, using the nickname "fake news" to attack coverage of his administration.

HE DID mention "fake news" though, didn't HE?.

...a group HE also considers to be 'correspondents"/liars, leakers and collusioners.....

Speaking of CHOOSING to ignore....HE isn't talking about how negotiations with Mexico are going on paying for that wall thingy....So HE can actually IGNORE something when HE wants to.

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IF you didn't have babble

you'd have nothing at all....

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HE didn't go to the Correspondents Dinner...HE held a 'rally" and talked about what was going on at the Correspondents Dinner.....them's the FACTS

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There's a difference.

At the rally he is the speaker and can go into salesman/conman mode.

At the dinner he is the listener and is the butt of jokes.

The Don can not tolerate criticism so he stays away.

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In watching this particular Nancy/Donald

exchange blow by, like the Arizona newspapers here on a windy day, I don't find much good on either side.
Never mind campaign promises, the country is overdue for infrastructure spending. But wars are being fought on several fronts and now both spokespeople are pouring gasoline on the flames. (Aren't women supposed to be the calm, sensible ones?)
Glad it's not my system.

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Politiics is a game.

A game that Nancy knows how to play well.

So she needles him a little and he has a fit

Enough of a fit that he walked away from infrastructure talks.

If he comes back to the table he loses.

If he does not come back to the table he loses a talking point for the next election.

Between tariffs, infrastructure and the courts blocking his wall he's running out of talking points.

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(NT) ... as the quality of the talk spirals downward.
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The game

Bob__B. If they're playing a game, they're not playing each other. They're trying to play you and the rest of the us voting age (or soon to be) population. You're little more than a pawn. If we want to stop this, we all need to show that the game is over by walking away.

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The game is get elected.

I don't see that game stopping anytime soon.

Voters are free to vote or not.

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Not always "free" in fact.

They just finished an election Down Under. $A20 fine for not voting.

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As far as I know

In the US it's still free.

What other countries do does not concern me.

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