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Disgruntled maccer in urgent need of help

I've been a lifelong Mac devotee, ever since that first beige MacPlus twenty years ago. I always swore I'd never buy a PC since I loathed 'Windoze' Wink But a couple of months ago I finally broke down, as I found I desperately needed a PC running windows for some apps that were never ported to the Mac. So I picked up a cheap but reliable NetVista desktop P4 running Win2. Great little machine, that started me slowly reconsidering the PC world. All was fine until I decided I wanted to upgrade, so I bought a bigger hdd, XP - and promptly got stuck on the damned admin password. I phoned the previous owner who basically went, 'huh?' and then went off to the IBM help page who informed me that I needed to do some strange thing called 'CMOS Rom Recovery/boot jumper' and told me what to do, I promptly did it, and everything died.

Now, when I turn on the computer the power is on, the keyboard flashes for amoment, I can hear the DVD whirr away, and the hdd spin for a few moments, then go quiet. I see the little orange light on the system board. The green power on light is, well, on. But, there is no beep at startup and a blank screen! And yes the monitor works fine, I've tested it on my other computer. I've followed IBM's instructions, disconnecting everything, checking all the pins are fine, etc.

The one thing I did do wrong though is that I misplaced the jumpers when I tried to do the ROM recovery - basically I put them on the wrong pins the first time idiot that I am. Question is, what should I do now? Should I give it up, buy a new system board? I have no idea what I should do next and I'm in desperate need of help/advice/handholding since I'm close to throwing the damned thing out the window. I know there's a chance I've fried the motherboard *groan* but I've had my grubby little fingers in it all day, changing cables and fiddling around, dunno why it would suddenly fry on me.

Dammit, the Mac isn't like this! It doesn't ask dumb questions about passwords when you do a clean install, or force you into idiotic BIOS. Installing is a snap, maybe all my prejudices *are* justified


PS. Sorry for the lengthy rant

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Reporting: Disgruntled maccer in urgent need of help
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Before you toss it out the window....

I might try reseating all the cards, (memory, video particularly). If that fails to wake the beast, then try reducing down to the motherboard, CPU/HSF, power supply and the onboard speaker. From here you should start beeping when power is engaged. If not, one or more of the four is bad.

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Nope! Nothing works

Well, I did what you suggested, and removed everything bar the CPU and powersupply, everything else, memory, etc gone, but still nothing, so I guess the damned thing is dead - I mean there's a small orange light on the board, but no beeps or anything else Sad so what do I do now?

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Get some hands on help.

While shows that not all is perfect out there, installing has never been a snap in any computer systems I've dealt with in many decades. But its all been fun to work through what the heck it was.

IBM laptops and desktops are oddballs in their protection systems so you are feeling that. Your choice to obtain such so the selection was yours.


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Hoist by my own petard...

indeed. Okay, that's put me in my place Happy And yes, it's tremendous fun fiddling around with the insides of computers although it,s much more fun when you actually feel you know what you're doing. What's driven me bonkers is the total and utter frustration of nothing happening on startup So, any advice? Should I give it up and simply trot off and buy a new motherboard? I guess the board is fried - though I'm confused that I can still see the light on it, so perhaps I should look upon this as a good opportunity to upgrade Happy

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Nothing happening on startup?

That's not a good sign. Even a Mac can get in that spot so don't think it's not immune.

When I have a do-nothing box, I often strip it down to motherboard, cpu/hsf, power supply and a speaker. It better start beeping in protest of no ram, video etc or I'm looking at the 4 possible bad parts.


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No beeps I'm afraid, and I've stripped off everything, bar the powersupply/cpu. Nothing else, the power turns on, and there's a small orange light on the motherboard, but no beeps and no sounds to indicate it's thinking... New motherboard, huh? Sad

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Here's the deal...

CPU/HSF + Motherboard + Speaker + PSU.

No beeps = one of the above is dead or horribly misconfigured. It does not tell you which part.

If no power up, then you remove the CPU/HSF and the speaker. If still no power up, you are staring at the 2 possible bad parts. Again, it doesn't tell you which one.

There are many that wish that all electronics had some idiot lights to indicate which part to replace. But this is not the state of the industry.

Point? Your guess is just that.


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Still nothing...

I did as you adviced and removed everything bar the power supply to the motherboard, and the cable running to the on button, and well, the power is on, the little orange light on the motherboard is on, but no beeps, no nothing... New motherboard, huh? Any good advice on what to get? I guess, I should look upon this as a good opportunity to upgrade a wee bit Wink

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Its a big world.

I can't know whats available in your country and such. However I'm sticking to 64bit capable units for any replacements.

Best of luck,


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