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Discrimination in employment

You can't be refused employment, terminated, paid differently, treated differently in the area of promotions for reasons of:
National origin
Sexual orientation
Physical disability
Religious affiliation

You cannot be exposed to harassment for any of the above, but...

...just try and assert a personal opinion that is outside of the company politic (be it inside or outside of the workplace) and your job is in jeopardy. It is permissible to have physical diversity not diversity of thinking.

We don't need to make any more robots. We're being forced to become them. Happy

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If you mean Google, that's about what happened AFAIK

As to your list, those can go away with the stroke of a pen.

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I think the list has grown longer over time. In one category, we're running out of letters in our alphabet. Devil
Oops! I could be in jeopardy of losing my Cnet account for that remark.

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(NT) ??? Sounds like a good joke, but I don't get it.
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And when [not if] they go away,

we won't find any humor in it.

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Actually, under The Constitution... have the right to discriminate based on anything you wish to do so. What you don't have is a govt that abides by the Constitution to protect your rights anymore.

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dicrimination in employment

The General rule for the international multi national companies that they will not see any discrimination related to employment. The only criteria they followed is the merit, not the preference or reference.

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public vs private

That's true for publicly held companies known as "corporations" or any company that issues stock. They shouldn't be able to discriminate since they are not privately owned. Businesses that are privately owned, don't issue stock, those should be free to discriminate as they choose. It's no coincidence that govt powers enforcing non discrimination laws over individual rights has correspondingly lead to a moral decline in this country. Lack of discrimination as a recognized right, leads to degradation and decadence in society.

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I believe you are right.

Doesn't speak well of 'land of the free', does it?
BTW, does "rukh" mean forest or jungle?

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(NT) S/b "either forest or jungle".
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No place for discrimination

i don't think there is a place for discrimination especially now. different people are on different positions and many developed countries are trying to vanish that "terrible habit" in any manifestation

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The unfortunate part of 'discrimination'

is FEAR........FEAR of boycotts against their sponsors is actually running the media industry now, so although most wear already liberal in their personal thinking, it is now gotten to where they are pushed into openly displaying that liberalism (or at least being forced into not reporting even a slightly conservative point of view). Fake scandals are being used the same way when it comes to conservative media outlets........If a massively popular commentator is 'accused', the sponsors are immediately pulling (or threatening to do so) their ads in order to push that commentator off the air and out of sight with resignations or suspensions during an 'investigation' because those sponsors are LEGALLY responsible to their shareholders and can't afford to push back against the very real threats of boycotts against them.

You may not think there is a place for discrimination 'especially now', but FORCE is pushing it to the extreme and it's here to stay because liberals know it's a great weapon to shut down free speech regarding opposing viewpoints. It literally guarantees that the people NEVER get the truth....and the truth IS that there are ALWAYS two sides to every story out there.

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Re: truth
It literally guarantees that the people NEVER get the truth....and the truth IS that there are ALWAYS two sides to every story out there.

Side 1: The guys responsible for the attack in Barcelona yesterday are terrorists [you and me].
Side 2: The guys responsible for the attack in Barcelona yesterday are true believers and heroes. [ISIS]
Just 2 sides to the same story.

The truth then is that there is no truth.
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Unfortunately, I think you are correct which limits

our options if we want to end such attacks. Two of those options might be:

1. One side moves to another planet.
2. One side must obliterate the other.

Otherwise, we wait for a miracle to happen.

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Gotcha covered.

Ps 37:28,29.
[James will read it for you.,]

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Re: truth

Other cases to ponder on:
- creation versus evolution
- flat earth versus globe earth
- god exists versus there is no god
- antropogenic climate change versus natural climate change versus no climate change at all
- earth turns around sun versus sun turns around earth
- phlogiston versus oxygen
- holocaust was bad versus holocaust was good versus there was no holocaust
- vaccination causes autism versus there is no relation between the two
- being gay is genotype versus being gay is phenotype (you're born as gay or you're made gay)

For some of these, there's an overwhelming majority of people (or at least scientists) supporting one of the two or three. But that doesn't mean there's nobody at all (especially non-scientists) supporting the alternative. For example, there's a cycle of lecture here this week about "Scientific underpinning of creation" organised by some religious organisation.

And it's less than 500 years ago that Galilei was condemned to life-long house arrest for writing the earth turns about the sun.

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"And it's less than 500 years ago that Galilei was condemned to life-long house arrest for writing the sun turns about the earth."

You have that backwards.
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(NT) Thanks. I corrected it.
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Mods do that.

We hate you. Happy

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You forgot one major truth

that has been obliterated from the news media and school teachings....

The DEMS fought civil rights, the DEMS started the KKK, the DEMS were predominately slave owners in the South, the DEMS ARE THE RACISTS..................vs REPUBLICANS who fought for their freedoms but have been blamed by the DEMS since day one as the black oppressors. And the liberal media keeps the DEM lie going...............

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That's rather old history.

And very off-topic both in this thread, and in the concept of there being two sides to every story.

I wonder what you mean. Do you mean to say the dems at the moment are against civil rights, pro-slavery and racist? And where is the other side of that story?

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I'm showing that the discrimination

was started by Democrats, perpetuated by them, they have rewritten history taught in schools about it, stood against the civil rights act in the 1960's, had leaders of the KKK in the Senate, etc. and ONLY when it became convenient for their elections did they wrap their arms around the blacks because they needed their votes. It's not 'rather old history','s history that they began and carried forward until it became beneficial to them to NOT do it anymore. The founder of Planned Parenthood is Sanger....and her main reason for abortions was to wipe out the entire black race as inferior to whites. How's THAT for 'white supremacy' that the Dems are conveniently forgetting? They have her bust in the Black History section at the Smithsonian Museum in DC right next to Martin Luther King....and NOWHERE is a bust or even slight recognition for the first and only black Supreme Court Justice.

I'm sick of the hypocricy ..... they no longer have a claim to their own slavery history because they've erased it (or believe they have), but now rally for the blacks against freaking statues because it's one more issue for them that they feel needs to be erased as well. They represent what you call 'rather old history' that they are continuing to carry on behind closed doors so,'s NOT 'old history'.....not when the Dems continue to repeat it. Take a look at the cities like Chicago that had 4000 shootings last year and countless deaths with black on black crime and ask yourself why even a black President did NOTHING to stop it yet invited BLM members to the White House and praised them publicly? Where are the protestors for Chicago, Kees? Why didn't ANYBODY give a damn about those statues during the Obama 8 years and ONLY NOW noticed they are there after a hundred years or so?

Gimme a break..........

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RE: Gimme a break..........


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Toni's dislike of the dems is so great that she will tolerate most anything from a pol as long as it's not a dem.

As far a spewing out nonsense and changing positions I don't see where either party
is worse than the other.

I don't much care for pols who are far right or left.

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There are many REPS that I also dislike

Since the topic here has been about discrimination, I pointed out the truth....and it happens to point directly at the DEMS and their hypocricy.

But I noticed that neither you or JP disputed that truth even a little bit.......

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I can't deny the dems are hypocrites.

There just like the repubs and change their position depending on which way the wind is blowing.

Both parties spew out nonsense.....what their base wants to hear.

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I find it better to just think about issues one at a time

without consulting any party's viewpoint. I fully believe some folks look only at the "R" or "D" after a politician's name to formulate their own opinion. Of course, that relieves them of actually needing to use their brains. I also don't care much for throwing social issues into the political arena or allowing politicians to hijack these issues for their own career purposes. IMO, there are many issues of "fairness" that don't belong in their hands. Government is there to protect and serve and not to resolve every dispute between people or "classes" of people. Government is not there to look into the past to see if there are wounds that still need binding nor to keep open old wounds that would likely heal naturally.

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reps has too many other meanings.

Can we say "dems and gops"?
Nah, it sounds too much like a playground insult. Happy

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Rep and Dem

try Rep-ugnants and Demon-crats. What ever happened to the "Know nothing" party? All that's left is the "NO! to Everything" party.

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I get your point, Bob.

I would argue with "spewing". That implies unplanned. I'm afraid these guys are deliberate.
But, hey. They're your best and brightest. Happy

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RE:I noticed that neither you or JP disputed that truth even
I noticed that neither you or JP disputed that truth even a little bit..

Why didn't ANYBODY give a damn about those statues during the Obama 8 years and ONLY NOW noticed they are there after a hundred years or so?


Here are some examples of "ANYBODY' and NOT "ONLY NOW"

Tampa..In 1997, county commissioners removed the Confederate flag from the Hillsborough County seal. In a compromise, they voted to hang a version of the flag in the county center. Commissioners voted in 2015 to remove that flag. In 2007 the county stopped honoring Confederate History Month.

Wichita....Confederate Flag Bicentennial Memorial (1962, removed 2015). The Confederate battle flag had been displayed at the John S. Stevens Pavilion at Veterans Memorial Plaza near downtown since 1976, when it was placed there in a historical flag display as part of the nation’s bicentennial. The flag was removed July 2, 2015 by order of Mayor Jeff Longwell

First, you relocate a flag...then you remove a flag...then you remove a statue....


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