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Disable backlight feature on Samsung Remote Control

Hi All, The Remote Control that comes with Samsung LEDs has a motion sensing backlight feature which automatically turns on the backlight behind the buttons on the remote control when it detects motion nearby (a floor vibration is enough to trigger it). I am trying to find out if it is possible to disable this feature. Please help...

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Reporting: Disable backlight feature on Samsung Remote Control
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How to turn of backlight on samsung remote control

Samsung Remote BN59-00695A
On the top right of the remote there is an orangish pink button(it glows in the dark too) with a picture of a light bulb. Above it in writing it says ON/OFF. That button is used to toggle the backlight function on and off. Press it once and The buttons will light up for a little bit signaling that the backlight function is on. Just hit again to turn it off and the lights will go out. Test it by shaking it a little bit you will know right away if it is on or off. That is the button the back of the remote is talking about. That button frequently gets hit when people who don't know try to turn on the tv. Its not the on off for the tv its the on off for the remote lighting up. It fooled me for a little while too...

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Disable backlight feature on Samsung Remote Control

There is no button with a picture of a light bulb! Message on back says the backlight comes on automatically. But it's running through batteries big time anyone know a workaround?

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Remote issues

rarva & Bravoseven,

We can better assist you with technical issues when you include all your system info, including model number and any other specifics related to the problem.

Have a nice day,

-- HD Tech

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Samsung remote model number bn59-00935a

I believe I have the same issue as previously mentioned with the remote model mentioned above, there's a light sensor In the top left corner , would love to know how to turn the backlight feature off as the remote eats batteries

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Remote back light

Have you still the issue with the back light? I have one resolve for this.

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Samsung remote control eats my batteries

I would love to hear the resolution. I have the same problem. My device is BN59-00700A. It has pink button with a light bulb but I constantly hit by mistake. Can I disable it permamently?

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SamSung 65" 4K TV Model UN65JS8500FXZA Supplied Remote

Samsung 65" 4K; Model UN65JS8500FXZA....Remote has back Lighting keys...but....

I have contacted Samsung Support about this issue and even though I have told them that I have seen the Keys Light up…..they deny this remote has the Keys back Lighting feature saying only their remotes with a Back Lighting Button has the feature the the UN65JS8500 Remote has no such Button. I find this perplexing since again, I have seen the Remotes’ Back Lighting feature light. Problem is, I don’t know what brings on the Light? I thought it might be based on room lighting, however, even in a Dark…dark room the keys do not light. When I switch from the HDMI 1 Source my Cable Box is connected to I have seen the Remotes Keys Light….

Can you reply explaining how and when…or the whys of when the remotes Keys back Lighting will work? The Remote does NOT have a button in the right button with a Bulb Symbol.

The keys are so small and in a darkened room they are difficult to locate to where I find myself turning on a room light to use the Remote….and as I said to SamSung, you pay for a High priced TV and get a Remote that seems almost unusual in a darkened room.

Your reply will be appreciated, I thank you in advance in helping me solve this mystery, and annoyance.

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SamSung 65" 4K TV Model UN65JS8500FXZA Supplied Remote


I ran into the same situation with my new UN55JS9000 Samsung remote. Sorry to say, but Samsung support was woefully uninformed/unhelpful with this inquiry when I called them as well. I did figure out on my own how the backlight on the remote (YES IT DOES EXIST!) gets activated.

There is a sensor on the bottom right front of the TV (underneath the bezel and a few inches from the right side of the tv) which is used for the ECO sensor function to auto dim the tv brightness according to the amount of light in the room. If you get a flashlight and look very closely in this area, you can see a semi-transparent window with a few sensors behind it (they look like tiny lightbulbs). This sensor also determines whether the remote backlight is activated. *This is regardless of having the ECO sensor turned off/on in the tv settings menu, so toggling that configuration won't do anything for the remote lights.

If this sensor detects a certain amount of light in the room, it will activate or deactivate the remote backlight. If the room is considered dark, your remote will backlight for a few seconds with a button push. However, the light from the tv alone is sometimes enough to trip the sensor into turning the backlight off, even in an otherwise dark room.

I like to have the backlight on, so my simple solution was to tape a small piece of dark paper over the sensor to fool it into thinking the room is always dark. And voila- remote backlights are always on.

I hope this helps!

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Bingo! What SamSung couldn't do, you have!

There's a celebration going on!!!!! My model has a black plastic shield running almost the entire length of my TV under the Bezel. I couldn't see the small LED's you referred to, the Black shield is this.....the Power Light in located in it....about 8' in from the right. So I covered the entire Black Shield.....and....the Remote's light came on. If you only knew how frustrating it was to know I had seen the remote Lights come on but didn't know why or how....just sometimes the lights would come on. And, even more frustrating to have SamSung's tech Support tell me I had to be seeing things because the Remote for my model didn't have Key backlighting. Its is a shame that such a well sold TV has such a Poor technical support unit; I get the feeling the agents simply refer to the TV's Manual and if the answer is there you'll get an answer, if not, you go away very disappointed.

So now I have Cardboard covering the entire Black shield, including the Power light (and with all that covered all the Remote Commands work and its Keys light up. Now I will need to gradually uncover portions of the shield to find the exact Hot spot...and it may well be in the area you described but like I wrote, I didn't see any small LED receptors. and, by the Way, I do have the ECO setting all to off. Its ridiculous at Factory Defaults how dark the picture went in a dark room, I know there's an adjustment so it doesn't get as dark, but at the factory default no one can comfortably watch and enjoy a they all went off.

The area that causes me some concern is the lip sync; sometimes I see the characters on the Screen lips not in sync with the Audio....but I am not sure it isn't more my Cable Box as it is the TV. I have not tried playing with the Digital audio setting which I have been told would resolve the could also be an HDMI issue from the Cable Box to the TV. I basically have the TV set as it came out of the Box with the exception of turning off all the ECO settings....and I love the Picture.

Thanks; you don't know how much you have made my Day....I have said, the Best technical Support comes from people who already have the Product and experienced the issued and resolved it.......

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