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Dirty Canadian City Infects 169 with Legionaire's Disease

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Reporting: Dirty Canadian City Infects 169 with Legionaire's Disease
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RE:Social Healthcare System causing this lack of cleanliness

Perhaps the Legion had a convention there.

Legionnaires' disease acquired its name in July 1976 when an outbreak of pneumonia occurred among people attending a convention of the American Legion at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia.

America had a Social Healthcare System in 1976?

Philly....another dirty city?

Lack of cleanliness knows no boundaries.

Legion members should be proud to have disease named after them.

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Disease names
"Legion members should be proud to have disease named after them."

That's what Parkinson said.
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Parkinson discovered a disease

...Legionaires had the disease

Which disease would you prefer to have named after you?

Would you want the disease named after you because you had it or because you discovered it?

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Looks like the bait worked

He trolled, you bit.

You didn't really think he'd admit his premise was flawed when you told him where Legionnares' Disease first occurred, did you?


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He's predictable....

Surfing the web looking for Canadian stories....He probably has to read a few good news stories before he finds one that he can try and slant the way he wants....then it's fun shooting him down.

So he's learning a bit about Canada while reading...some day he may ask me for a reference to get a Canadian visa.

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PS There are very few things that happen in Canada

that hasn't already happen in USA, so for James or anyone else to try and point out how terrible it must be in Canada is on a fool's mission.

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PPS -- cleanliness has nothing to do with it

And PPPS, there are roughly 8-10,000 reported cases in the United States every year. The actual number may be higher.

I guess now James has to denounce the CDC as a left-wing organization, LOL.
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So you hold the healthcare system

not the business responsible for the proper maintenance of their HVAC systems?

I thought you wanted government to leave business alone.

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wanting and getting in Canada

are two different things. Since it's all socialized, and I'm sure the city has public health inspectors, yes, I can blame them too.

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So you approve of government inspections to insure

standards are met.

Good to know, which inspectors and standards will you support here?

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You know I've always made a

distinction between what is public and what is private. Some regulations are overbearing, some however are necessary. I'm not going to make a list of them. Will you?

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you don't have to enter a building

Just walk on the street or be on the roof of a close by building, anywhere the exhaust from the cooling tower is blowing, being elderly and having chronic illnesses also helps.

RE: don't enter govt buildings.

I can picture you in a Gov building, applying for Canadian Visa.

Some new form of Social Healthcare System causing this lack of cleanliness?


Come on up...have a might like it up here......If you don't get Legionnaires disease.

We say "Hi" to strangers, and traffic will actually stop to let pedestrians cross the street(sometimes). Step out on the road...I dare you. Devil

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they used to do that in Sodom

hanging out waiting for strangers to hit town to do them harm.

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You know, the sins of Sodom had nothing to do with sex.

It was the sin of being inhospitable.

That doesn't seem to be a problem in Canada.

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(NT) James neither reads, nor cares, he just posts idiocy. Rob
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I see you are back to yourself

Medicines run out?

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(NT) No, your Troll post got to me. Ever been to Canada?
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Hmm, you forgot to read

the rest of the story. Yep, forcible sodomy is pretty inhospitable.

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(NT) You are a horses-*** of Celestial proportions, James. Rob
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Run, don't walk

to get that prescription filled.

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Your usual stirring up the pot sort of post, James. Montreal

is quite clean so please don't visit. And Toronto has been called by Peter Ustinov (look him up James. He's foreign) and called it New York run by the Swiss, i.e. extremely clean. So the assessments are already in. You're too late with that scurrilous and inaccurate piece of information. The Hotel the Legionnaires were in in Philidelphia was a very good one.



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I remember reading about a movie troup

that was making a movie in Toronto and they had put some grafetti on the walls and went to lunch and came back and it was painted over.


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At least it didn't use a LED and battery.
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I remember that

I argued at the time that it was ridiculous that the TV channel (a division of Turner networks) was sent a bill for millions of dollars. My objection was to what I viewed as an obscene overcharge and I questioned how deploying police and fire department for 8 hours could amount to the original purchase price of all the equipment involved and a years salary for all the personnel.

Needless to say, popular opinion on SE was against me. lol

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(NT) Pneumococcus legionella, and likes Building Air Conditioners
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It has to do with the right kind of damp conditions found in

large Airconditioners, as was discovered in Philidelphia, in a very posh area when the Legionnaires were in town for the Convention. Dirt or absence of dirt has nothing to do with it. It is also not clearly understood why these outbreaks occur when Pn. Legionnella floats around in the air all the time, and only creates hot spots periodically.


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these bacterias...

are present in many hospitals. It is hardly a surprise that such an outbreak has happened again. I am leaving in Europe in a country were healtcare is at its best # 0774023179 # 077 40 23 179 # and I tell you that there were
such "normal" incidents even here where standards are outstanding.

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(NT) Troll.

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