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Directv, Bose Acoutimass and LG TV problems

Need help.

I have LG 42LH40 connected to a Bose Acoutimass system and a Directv HD DVR.

The LG does not have audio out RCA connection so I had to get an optical audio cable. I have HDMI from the DVR to the TV and optical audio from the TV to the Bose.

Problem: Directv remote will not control the volume or "mute" the optical audio output to the Bose system, requiring the use of the Bose remote to control the volume. I can see the volume bar moving on the TV, but it has no effect on the volume coming through the Bose.

Previously had a Sony TV (with RCA audio out), that when using the audio out to the Bose, had no issues with controling the volume with the Directv remote.

I am I just out of luck with this LG? I have only had the TV four days and I am getting ready to take it back if I am stuck with the multiple remote thing. Thanks for your feedback

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Reporting: Directv, Bose Acoutimass and LG TV problems
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You are just out of luck with this LG, or...

maybe with all tv because that's how my Panasonic work also; I think that's the nature of optical out.

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Optical audio quality is better than RCA.

So why not just get a universal remote if you otherwise like the TV? A simple Logitech Harmony can be had for 50 dollars or so.

Only analog connections have variable line out. The optical connection has a fixed line out since its digital.

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Directv, Bose Acoutimass and LG TV problems

Would a remote like the Logitech Harmony control ALL of the features on my Directv HD DVR and Bose Acoustimass (Cinemate 1.2.3. - I believe)?

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Yes. It maps the obvious ones automatically and

puts the more detailed functions under submenus for each device. if you don;t like the placement of one you can manually map it to an available key. The initial setup is quite easy since it plugs into your computer via USB. You just tell it the makes and models of devices you have and it does most of the heavy lifting.

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I have a question.

Is there a volume control on the DVR (remote or otherwise)? Can you control the Acoutimass with a remote normally?

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I have a question

No, the Directv DVR doesn't seem to have volume other that what comes through the TV. The Bose system has volume control with the remote.

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On a Harmony remote, you'll press a button called "Watch TV"

The remote will power on the TV, switch it to the right input, switch the Bose to the correct settings. The volume buttons will now control the Bose volume and the channel buttons will control the TV. The macros (watch TV, listen to music, play game, watch DVD, etc) are what makes it all so easy.

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Wow, I guess your people are just too neat.

Or maybe I am just a cheapskate, because I have 4 remote in my living room and 6 in my upstair room. And I remember which is for what...sometime, hehe.

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Why optical out from HDTV to Bose?

Normally you would use the source inputs and not the display for the audio if you have surrounds in a system. In this sense, if you have a directv box to output sound & video, there should be no need to also employ an additional audio cable between the LG HDTV back to the Bose.

Just to be certain which components/connections you're working with here, what's the model number of the Bose system you have?


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Directv, Bose Acoustimass and LG TV problems

I have a Directv HD DVR connected to the TV with an HDMI cable.

I have the TV (since it does not have audio out) connected to the Bose (Cinemate 1.2.3 - I believe) with an optical audio cable.

If I understand what you are saying, I should just run the optical audio from the Directv box to the Bose. Seems like the problem with controling or muting the volume would still exist. I can get the Directv remote to turn the Bose system on and off, but it will not control the volume.

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That is correct- the volume issue still very well may persist.

Could your particular Directv remote also be used to control other components(?) You don't give the model number, so I wasn't able to check on this. Anyway, for example, my Comcast DVR remote can be programmed (at least partially) to control other non-comcast devices, including volume control. It was been hit or miss at first, but I finally got it to work with my older Onkyo receiver. If there's nothing in the Directv manual specifically regarding the remote, I also suggest you try a Harmony or cheap equivalent. That would likely be cheaper than buying a whole new HDTV Wink.

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