Digital Watch

Does anyone know where I can buy a digital watch?

No, I'm serious.

Not a smart watch. Not something that looks like an analogue watch that has had the face replaced by the flight deck of the Concorde. Just one that displays the time and the date (without having to tap it or press a button to make it light up) and is small enough to allow your shirtsleeve to glide over it.

Oh, and preferably looks as smart as anything that might have been produced by Apple or Braun.

And costs less than 200 dollars.

I only need it to tell the time.

Thank you.

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Have you seen those Pebble models?

While you may have to get past the Corcorde control panel to set it to just do that, they seem to be always on.

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Thanks, but aren't they smart watches? And not even that smart!

Only want it to tell the time.

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It can do just the time.

And it's always on (check the models.)

There are some bazillion other digital watches but you noted Apple, not Timex.

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I thought Apple might be able to design a watch. I mean, just a watch.

Timex couldn't design their way out of Big Ben.

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This sounds like folk that want a MP3 Player

Today we use a smart phone as that is mass produced and there are folk that want single purpose devices. Here I'm skipping looking for digital watches due to the phrasing and words on your top post.

What else looks interesting?

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Yep single purpose is what I want.

I have a photocopier that doubles as a printer and a scanner - pretty effective combining all those functions in one machine.

I just wouldn't want to wear it round my wrist.

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What did you find out there?

And just because it has other features doesn't mean you have to use them. The Pebbles and the Martian are on my watch list. But for now find there's plenty of time pieces and clocks around me so I didn't pull the trigger.

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Not a lot.

I wouldn't mind all the extraneous features if the watch were relatively neat on my wrist and had a decent battery life (say 2 years?!)

The Braun looks reasonable, but according to reviews the display cannot be read in sunlight - so is practically useless.

The Fitbit 2 scores the most points for looks, though not sure I can program it to tell me whether it's Monday or Tuesday (this can be more important than you might think!) Where on the net can you read the specifications rather than sales pitch and reviews?

There are also 2 Garmin watches that come near in terms of spec, but again, too big, and too complicated.

I could almost be persuaded to step back into the 19th Century and settle for a mechanical watch (and there are some truly beautiful models around) - but somehow the thought of having to adjust the date at the end of every second month just seems too antiquated for words.

How is it that mechanical watches can be smaller than digital, anyway? Even those with batteries.

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Re: the end of every second month

It's only 5 times a year: at the end of Feb, Apr, Jun, Sep and Nov. Does that make it more tolerable than 6 times a year?

There are quite a lot of analog watches without date, moreover; just hours and minutes (and seconds optional). In fact, I think most of the 6110 analog watches in that same shop don't have a date. That means zero adjustments a year, for those who care about that.

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One out of many in a webshop.

They have 529 different ones. It's a Dutch shop, but I can't image you can't buy them in the USA. I can't even imagine you didn't find them when you googled.

This is the cheapest (19,95 euro = USD 22):

I see time, date and day (SU). That day is more than you ask for, but if that isn't a problem, pick your choice depending on details like what exactly it shows, the band, the color, the looks, the size, man/woman and the price.

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Yes, but ...

Most of these Casio watches look like the one worn by Leslie Nielsen in Forbidden Planet.

Think minimalist, beautiful. And tells the time. Just. 22:15 Fri 21/10. Nothing more needed.

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I think I want that watch! In fact I should play that movie this week!

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do you really want help or just to argue

Looked like everyone who tried to help you just want to argue with.

If you want a digital watch that is not a smartwatch, just go to any discount store that sells watches and get one.

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Sorry if I've given that impression

Fact is, I suspect the watch I'm looking for does not exist. And I'm bemused as to why this should be, since my requirement is, after all, quite simple.

I would have thought that many people, like me, would like such a watch - so why does no-one out there make one?

On the other hand, if anyone does genuinely know of such a watch, I would be eternally grateful for their suggestion.

And as to going to any discount store .... would you give someone the same advice if they were looking for a computer?

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It's likely the same reason

That single functions devices like MP3 players are no more. We can ignore functions and get there.

The other reason is that mass production of say the printer/copier you noted drove the price down and the single function would drive the price up. Sales may not be large enough to support the product and it vanishes off the market leaving the vacuum or black spot you found.

Just like those MP3 player hunters, the number of such things may be short and for a watch, there are your personal choices that mean that so far you haven't found one.

Usually such a client gets worn down over time and then it dawns on them they can ignore features if the looks and such works.

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actually yes

I would give the same advice if someone was looking for a computer if they are not looking for anything fancy and the discount store has it. It all depends on their needs. My last four computers came from walmart. Just like your need, you dont want anything fancy, just give the perceptions you want argue with everyone.

on a side note, digital watches uses a lot of power, that is why you must press a button to see the time. otherwise you will be replacing batteries every few days. Even smartwatches have that weakness. However with some smartwatches, you can turn your wrist a certain way and the screen will turn on - no button to press.

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I love this discussion,

I had a nice laugh reading these. So looks like you maybe out of luck. It's what you preferred vs. what the manufacturer think where the money is. I still have my "fairchild" led digital watch and I think the last battery change was 3 years ago I think. I wear it but really not use it that much...and I think that's the beauty of the push button. It's an antique now (I hope).

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