probably are different & so, meaningless. However many of us regulars here are surely fond of Panasonic plasmas as fine value for better than average perfomance with hier than average reliability. So, we probably say you can't go too far wrong with any of theirs.

Argument points & resulting headaches from weariness can go on ad nausium. My personal feeling is greatest satisfaction for the largest, primary set would go to plasma. We have a moderate size 5 year old LCD in a spare room where the wife habitually watches DVDs while doing her craft sort of things. No a complaint at all. My primary set is a 4 year old DLP & I watch it with no complaints despite many postings about screen door effect with the DLP or motion blur with the LCD. Comparative complaints as to viewing angle also are non-issues to me. I think anyone who has to view beyond a 45 degree angle off center is having a second class experience, so why be concerned with claims one can have broader viewability up to 160 degrees. That is just unacceptable, anyway.

Makers are now pushing LCD sets very hard. They have apparently ramped up production to anticipate substantial economies of scale, but what they manufacture for lowest unit cost has nothing to do with my selection.

I believe your bandwidth is greater so you get a slightly better picture in the British Isles than we have stateside. Not being either a serious gamer or addicted to wanting to view all the movies in their most glorious BluRay or HD DVD, I would shop for lower priced 720p models than feeling I need slightly better potential of 1080.

All decisions are personal. Get out & view critically as hops where they are presented to their best advantage. Look & ask questions of knowlegable staff. With your hard earned money it is no one but you who is to pleased. Sure, I could dream about a more highly expensive Pioneer or a professional Runco installation, but those are pipe dreams. And wouldn't we all like a full wall size image, but back to the real world.

I take C/NET reviews rather to heart. Nevertheless, I would look for myself before deciding.