Three problems in one post. I have suggestions for the last two:

#2: The symbols in the upper right hand corner boxes are in the little known Marlett font. See (for Windows 95, but it applies to Windows 98 also). Use sfc (start>run>sfc) to extract it from your Windows 98 CD (or let the program search for missing files), or find it on any other computer and use Control Panel>Fonts to install it.

#3: The size of IE windows when opening can be changed by the following procedure. It's like magic, but it works. Note the word "exactly" in the recipe.

Can you elaborate on problem #1 (dialog boxes). Do you mean to say that the Open and Close and Print dialog boxes in Notepad (that's a good example, MS Word is a bad one) are all blank? You can't work with the system in that way, I think.