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Despite MSM reports of military support od Obama ...

This paints a much more accurate picture of the military's view of Obama and also shows how the MSM avoids presenting the actual NEWS as opposed to their editorial views.

"The audience's reaction was so flat that the president tried twice to elicit a reaction from the crowd.

"Hey, I hear you," he said amid silence.

The selected soldiers who were arrayed behind the president sat quietly throughout the speech.

CNN and MSNBC ended their coverage of the speech before it was half-over.
The White House's video-feed cut off 10 seconds after the president finished his speech, before the audience's reaction overall could be gauged by viewers."

That quick cut off is not normally done nearly so quickly when any of his "speeches" (campaigning at taxpayer funded events) generate applause or people pushing to "shake his hand".

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Reporting: Despite MSM reports of military support od Obama ...
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word find/count

Silence 6...Applause 5.....Boo 0

that's not bad.

He's not at the DNC...ALL applause

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I almost forgot

They're not there because they want to be there...they were ordered to be there.

That reason alone, would be enough for me to want to BOO, whether I liked the person or not.

Being in the military they can't boo, so they sit in silence. Are they silent because they don't want to be there or because they don't like can you/do you tell, unless you ask them individually...have you done that?

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Bush landed on a carrier

The sailors didn't ask him to come there. He imposed himself on them. They were not pictured as standing in silence and the noise they made wasn't boos. Of course it was all staged and each sailor new his/her part and that it was in their best interests to play nice for the camera...right?

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and the "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" banner was sweet revenge.

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(NT) and "Hope and Change" has turned into just as large a joke
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Suppose Obama visited your sons base

IF he was ordered to go to his speech, would he applause or sit in silence?

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He doesn't believe anything he says

and he sees the changes made to the military already, expects the worst is yet to come IF BO gets back in, and IF he was ordered to appear and also applaud, he would do so like 'royalty' applauds.....politely (hardly at all) and with no enthusiasm...IF he was ordered to appear but NOT ordered to applaud, he would do the former and not the latter. Of course, this is my assumption, because I know him.

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He would sit silently ...

unless his upset stomach allowed him to miss the D&P show.

That of course is assuming that he had no prior notification and was thus unable to take leave.

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And being a member of the

Supreme Court and reamed publicly by the President over a decision they made a few years back??? They were also condemned to sit in silence while he attacked their decision.......and yet he is taking advantage of the decision every chance he gets now. Hypocrite? Yep......and he isn't too proud to take advantage when it suits him.

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You are correct that they were ordered ...

to be there - most of them. Some few were present because they wanted to be for one reason or other.
Some because they like him and some because they had never seen something normally flushed walking and talking.

Living near and spending a lot of time on Fort Knox, yes, I have talked to many individuals both enlisted and officers and VERY FEW have anything nice to say about Obama other than wishing him a quiet and "out of the news retirement" this fall.

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All applause ...

what little there is of it and they are now scheduling a 20,000 seat auditorium for Obama's speech rather than the 74,000 seat stadium because they are seeing evidence they might have problems filling the 20,000 seats.

Now, what has any of that to do with the false MSM assertions that the military is behind Obama? The military only wants Obama out of office.

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There are a number of

military bases in NC....they could have arranged to have all of them emptied out and bussed to the stadium....somebody said 'no way' to the prez, I suspect.

Liberals seem to forget about the speech BO made announcing the dates he was pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan in front of military people........and there were shots of some actually sound asleep during the speech. He never really had the support the Dems claimed he did from the military....and it's down into the single digit percentages now.

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(NT) I am not embarrassed for him one bit.
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Yes, of course, a site founded by Tucker Carlson and a former adviser to **** Cheney is going to be more objective than "the MSM."

You crack me up, Ed.

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Exactly. Just like Fox, Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes fake

news station. I wonder who they support?


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Watch this ...

and see how many of the soldiers are cheering Obama and how many are cheering others Obama simply names.

The faces of the soldiers before and behind him certainly show their lack of support for Obama and how little they are impressed with him.

The most applause he got was for his leaving and do note that coverage was immediately stopped because so few were trying to get close to him after the speech - they were trying to get out of there just as the initial article stated.

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It may "crack you up" but ...

that doesn't indicate anything other than your cracked inability to admit that the facts of the article were straight and exactly what happened.

Want to argue with even a CBS edited video that despite their best efforts clearly shows that Obama and his words were not well received.

Both edited their film down to show what was best received but the camera doesn't lie and the vast majority of the service members were not impressed nor were they very supportive of Obama.

Now please do tell us how the CBS and ABC news clips cracked you up because they are such conservative media. Maybe you can convince Alice but you better lay off the white rabbit's offerings.

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Here is another to "crack" you up ...

30 minutes but covers the entire speech so you can see and hear for yourself that Obama was not getting much in the way of applause but his speech writers were aware that soldiers tend to cheer for their own units and personnel and that is what the cheering you hear can be attributed to.

The soldiers show very clearly that the initial article I linked to the "cracked you up" was right on the money and VERY ACCURATE. All the military wants from Obama is his back as he gets out of our house.

YOU and your actions would "crack me up" were it not so sad that you can lie to yourself and actually believe it.

Even in a small hand picked audience he wasn't getting the praise, and warm fuzzies he expected. This video shows just how little his approval is and it is the best they could find for a web site dedicated to biased approval of him:

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For your personal edification ...

here is how the MSM twists the coverage on the speech -

""Coming home can be its own struggle, especially for wounded warriors, so we've poured tremendous resources into this effort," Obama said, the soldiers listening to him shouting "Hooah" after almost every line. "Everyone has a responsibility to help a comrade who's hurting.""

If you simply watch and listen to any of the links to video of the speech you can see that that is a bald faced lie since the ONLY times the troops uttered that were in regard to their units or deployment.

And here is what the military and ex military thought of it:

Interesting too that the MSM even acknowledges that the speech was a response to Romney and although they are aware that According to Army Regulation 360-1, political candidates are prohibited from using military installations for political assemblies, meetings, fund-raising events, press conferences or any other activity that could be construed as political in nature they aren't mentioning the fact.

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And that makes it "official"

One person makes a post...others agree....that's it..End Of Discussion.

No need for an election?

330,000,000 people ALL sharing ONE brain?

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Fox News IS the MSM

The largest viewership of all news stations for several years now makes them the mythical MSM.

Isn't it time to come up with another scapegoat?

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OK...Fox is MSM

and all the rest are "Lame Street Media" (too bad the last letter is an "M" instead of a "D" or it would really be appropriately named "LSD"........

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(NT) lol

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