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Desktop shortcuts to websites dont open automatically

I have Win XP Home with SP#3.My wife and i each use individual accts, user ids etc.For no reason I can understand suddenly when i click on one of my desktop shortcuts to open a website...e.g. Facebook, Yahoo etc..instead of automatically opening the specific site I get the box which asks which program i want to use to open the site.It is usally always Int.Ex. and at the bottom of the box there is a checkbox to indicate that when you open that same site in the future it should always be opened using IE, but when i go to open the site again i have to again each time indicate i want to use IE to open it. I also went to my wife's side of the pc and tried hers and her website shortcuts open properly like mine used to. I have worked all day to find the problem and solution and have run out of options , thus this cry for help.

I finally resorted to setting up a new separate 3rd account and basically building my desktop from scratch but it is a lot of work and i know im just overlooking a simple solution.
i have runs tons of utilities to make sure i dont have a virus etc,but nothing helps.

thanks for any helpful suggestions anyone can give me. I guess it is time to buy Win 7 but i really dont want to and i dont want to reinstall Win XP if i can avoid it.

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Reporting: Desktop shortcuts to websites dont open automatically
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No idea yet, but

does this happen just with web site shortcuts, or with all shortcuts, eg the others on your Desktop for software applications, etc?

I assume this just started, so what changed? I mean, did you install any software, or run any registry cleaners or 'optimisers', just before this happened? Or anything else?

I do have one possible clue. Have you recently turned off IE's Tabbed Browsing?. If so, what happens if you turn it on again? IF you want it to remain off, have a look at IE > Tools > Internet Options, then the Advanced tab, find the "Browsing" section then tick the entry for "Reuse windows for launching shortcuts (when tabbed browsing is turned off)".

Does that help?



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Desktop Shortcuts

Mark..thanks for the response. I am having three basic problems, all of which occurred simultaneously and for no appartent reason I can find.
A. Website shortcuts dont open to the site..instead i get one of two messages.One asks me to indicate which program i want to open the site with and it gives a list of about 20 sites.In every case i want to use Int Exp and at the bottom of that box is a place i can check to tell the computer that at anytime in the future i want to open that same site if i check the box it will automatically use IE to open it and not ask me each time.I have repeatedly checked that box,but when i go to open the same site again I still get the same list of programs and have to indicate IE before it will open.

B.On some of the websites i get a Windows box which says...Windows cannot open this file.To open it Win needs to know what program created it.Below that sentence are two choices. it says...What do you want to do..
1.use the Web service to find the appropriate program...selecting this has never worked.
2.Select the program from a list...i click that and it gives me the same list of programs as I get in the other list described above. So...i click on IE and check the open it every time with this program box and it opens it,but still requires me to go through the same exercise everytime i open that website shortcut.

I have no problem open my IE shortcut, or other programs i have downloaded such as a golf game, or my word processing program etc...the only problem is on websites.

C.At the same time the above problem started occurring my email program...Outlook Express..stopped allowing me to open links within the email message...e.g. hot links for a newsletter etc.

Now get this....I went over to my wife's side of the pc and she has none of these problems...everything works fine....and...i set up a 3rd account and started building it from scratch as an alternative i could use and have the same problems as on my original site.

I have run every type of freeware i have available to clean up my system,but i routinely do that every couple of weeks or so help.

I cant find any help on Windows Update...cant even find anyplace i can reinstall Outlook Express ..even went to help.

I guess i am getting to the point where i will have to reinstall XP and if that doesnt work either format the hard drive and reinstall it, or bite the bullet and buy Win 7 which i really dont want to do.

Sure appreciate any helpful suggestions you can offer. Im pretty much sucking my thumb at this point . The only experience i have with a pc is 10 years of fixing my own by trial and error...mostly error!!!\

thanks again.


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Re: Desktop Shortcuts
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System Restore?

When I see a major change in behavior like this, my first thought (after scanning my computer thoroughly for viruses and malware) is to do a system restore. This usually fixes this sort of problem.

Just a thought.

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to jerry

Google this information,Outlook Express. It's in there, because I'm having the same problem with my outlook express. There is a file on corrupted files. The reason that I found on the outlook express is that disk space comes up and it wants to condense your files. I have been getting boxes saying the procedure couln not be done. This happened more than twice to me. In outlook espress under file go to folders then compact folders. This needs to be done with all identities, and often. So that's why my outlook express is not working. I have a lot of reading, but I ain't calling Microsoft!!! It's like you're locked out of Outlook express. there is also a basic repair kit for it. Hope this explains why Outlook isn't working for you, and some suggestions.

Dell Demension 2400 series Windows XP Home addition.

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This seems quite off-topic ...

if the thread is about links not working.


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Re: links in Outlook Express don't open
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links in outlook express dont open

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I did run IEFIX but it didnt help. As i always do when i encounter a "serious" problem I started with Sys fact i used about 3 different restore points going back as far as a help.Fortunately, at least for now the new acct i opened is working "properly" so i am tediously loading it to replicate my old acct which i will delete when the new one is fully loaded with what i had on the old one.
When i bought my pc the company who sold it to me told me that I should buy Win 7 but I already had a WinXp Home Edition disc and product key so I didnt.Guess it is time to bite the bullet.

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