Take a look at those Internet Explorer icons.. Usually there is only one that doesn't have the little arrow on the lower left of the icon indicating it is a shortcut.. If you want only one IE icon on the desktop, leave that one but remove all of the others which have the little arrow/shortcut designation. If you don't want any IE icons on the desktop, you can delete them all.. You can still access IE by clicking on the Start button menu.

On the other hand, if you see any icons which do not have a little arrow/shortcut designation, then they usually are actual saved files which you may want to place in your "My Documents" folder.. Dragging and dropping them in the "My Documents" folder should remove them from the desktop but still save them for use later.

Generally, the icons on your desktop have nothing to do with the "QuickLaunch" bar at the bottom of your screen. Just to be cautious though, you may want to send them to the Recycle Bin, then tinker with your machine for a few days to verify there is no problem.

If you have a question about a specific icon on your desktop, let us know.

Hope this helps.