Dell XPS core i7 desktop suddenly won't boot - Help!

Hi everyone,

We are looking for some help with my husband's computer. He has a 2-year-old Dell XPS core i7 desktop running Windows 10 that suddenly will not boot. While he was using it last night, the whole thing suddenly completely froze, so he had to do a hard reboot, but then it wouldn't boot back up. It just sits on the Dell logo screen and won't go any further. He says at one point he was able to get into the bios, but now he can't even get back into them. He didn't even change anything in the bios when he was in them. His DVD drive won't even open. He's been having a problem with the DVD drive for several weeks now in that he could only get it to open by using a paperclip, but even then it wouldn't read any CDs or DVDs at all. We're not sure if this problem is at all related to what is happening now or now. He has been trying to get to the point of being able to format the hard drive and do a fresh install of Windows 10 all day, which he put on a USB thumb drive, but he has not had any luck since he just can't get past the Dell logo screen. Does anyone have any suggestions at all? My husband is quite tach savvy, so he is comfortable with taking the tower apart if he needs to. We are just at a complete roadblock right now and he doesn't know what else to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Reporting: Dell XPS core i7 desktop suddenly won't boot - Help!
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This sounds like hardware issues.

Try booting other OSes from say the USB (google "how to boot from usb Live OSes.")

The HDD and ODD (hard drive, optical drive) sound like they failed. You can boot and repair many PCs without the ODD but will need a working HDD (or SSD.)

Dell does have some diagnostics, did you try them? notes the D key on powerup.

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I'll have to check....

I'm not sure if he has tried the Dell diagnostics yet. He is napping right now (he just had his gallbladder out last week), but I'll ask him when he gets up. He's pretty frustrated, especially since this computer is only 2 years old (I bought it for him 2 Christmases ago) and was one of the top of the line desktops that Dell offered at the time. He was thinking about pulling the hard drive to see if that was the problem, but I'll make sure he checks to see if he can get into the diagnostics first.

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This is really strange....

So, my husband woke up from his nap a little bit ago, went downstairs to his computer, didn't even do anything but turn it on, and it booted completely normally, right into Windows! He has been fighting with this thing literally all day and it would NOT go past the Dell logo screen no matter what he tried and now it's suddenly as if nothing was ever wrong! He now thinks that it may be some sort of spyware or a virus, so he is running scans now. This is just too weird.

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Nothing is weird for a pc

Nothing is weird for a pc, ask him to check cpu and gpu temps along with hdd and ram tests.

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Everything is fine now

He ran a full virus scan last night and it picked up some sort of trojan, so we are assuming that is what caused the problem. His ram is fine and it has been running perfectly since last night with no further problems at all.

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Boot problems

If it is frozen on post boot and sits on the Dell screen, it could be a hard drive failure. Normally this is a sign that his hard drive has crashed. When he turns it on can he hear the hard drive turning or trying to seek? If not, then he needs to take out the hard drive and change it

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Ram Issue

Are you check your RAM ?

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All was fine already yesterday. Didn't you read the whole thread before replying?

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LOL, I was just wondering that myself

Yes, everything is still fine and this is no longer even an issue. His computer is working perfectly fine now. It was a trojan virus.

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