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Dell Vostro startup issue - new PS?

1st post here.

I have a Dell Vostro slim case. For quite a spell now if allowed to go to sleep OR just turned off - most of the time it will not start back up. If I turn off the power strip for a period of time, then it will start.

When in the sleep mode the light stays on at the front of the case, blinking to show power is still there.

I have downloaded and installed the latest bios, which did not help. My first thought is the power supply, but I thought it might be wise to check here before I get another.

Thanks for your help.

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Reporting: Dell Vostro startup issue - new PS?
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Hi, Bamapanda:

It sure would be helpful if you provided the model number.

Normally, my response to such questions is to say that desktops are not designed for power management, so don't use standby or hibernate. And DO NOT use an external switch. Just use the normal shut down and start up procedures.

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Thanks ...more info

Thanks for the reply.

It is a Vostro 200; XP Home w/ SP2.

Good point on using power settings. I will keep that in mind.

The main problem is not actually related to that, though. I can turn the unit off and if the power is still to the unit via the power strip, it will not start back up. When I trip the switch off on the power strip for a period, then flip the switch before I turn the PC back on - it will start.

When I did a Google on this, there seemed to be a lot of similar situations with Dells ..but little solutions that I could find. Hope to find an answer here, even if it is just a problem that Dell has - but has no solution for.

Thanks again.

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Another question
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Battery and power supply issue

This is a common problem with Dell vostros. This is happening due to static created by battery when power supply is plugged in and plugged out.

Try this, simply take of the battery once and then press the power button for like 10 seconds. you will feel that the laptop goes dead and static is flushed out. Now plug it only with power and see if it works normally. If it does, then you have isolated the issue pretty well and you know its battery creating issue. Plug back the battery and if problem persists again, then change the battery. Check out vostro troubleshooting on the dell site here:

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Dell Vostro 200 powering on & off issues revisited.

I'm searching for results for the same issue. The information provided in this thread is incorrect since the vostro 200 in question is a desktop not a laptop. Coincidentally this is the only pc (again a vostro 200 like the original poster) i've purchased from dell that ever had an issue. I bought it for my parents business and now it has a powering problem. The computer powers itself off and the power fans come on late at night while they are sleeping as if the computer is trying to turn itself on. Their only recourse was to turn the power strip off totally to the machine. It now turns itself off randomly when in use. It may last 3 hours, it may last 3 seconds. It will then randomly turn itself back on again it may be 3 minutes it may be 3 hours. Nothing is overheating, nothing tests as "bad". All updates are current and i'm at a complete loss. I've read quite a few people having this problem with no answers. Tossing this out to the tech wolves with bigger teeth than mine.

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Try this

Try going into the CMOS setup and check the power management settings.

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I changed the power management when I first set it up. Now I can't even get it to power up enough to start windows. Going to have to try the power supply after all I guess. I bought them a new system already because I don't want them to have a loser computer for their business so now it's just a matter of seeing if I can keep the vostro or if it becomes spare parts in my office. Just tired of messing with it and no-one seems to have any idea other than "it's a common problem with vostro systems". I'd think if it was that common, Dell would have done something about it by now.

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Factory deffects Vostro 260s

I bought 60 of them. During warranty I was denied the parts to fix 6 of this lemon computers, this is a factory defect, it requires a new motherboard, power supply and cycle switch. The reason I say is factory defect is that they know how to fix this particular problem that requieres swapping those specific parts.



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This thread is more than 1541 days old.

And so few machines have a warranty that long.

I'm encountering folk that have 5+ year old machines that need repair and the owners are screaming "factory defect." It's hard to agree on that one.

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