Sorry, if you're looking for a driver that refers to the current audio card installed. So, if you need a new audio card. If you can install one new, you'll have the driver as part of the new card kit. If in fact you're looking for a driver fro the current audio card, you need to know what you have. Maybe, you still have the disc that came with the Dell PC as part of the re-install discs. Otherwise, the Dell support website will provide it. You can allow Dell to search your PC or enter the service tag# or S/N# and go from there to get the proper driver required. if again, it simply can't work because you have a bad audio port/card, then a new replacement is the fix. A basic audio card isn't going to cost that much. You probably need a PCI type and settle for the quality issue from here. Like hi-output levels, etc. from a real good audio card that are available.