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Dell Vista Express upgrade

Ahh, buying a new computer from Dell over the holidays was supposed to give me the best of both worlds. I was going to have time to tinker with it during a vacation and I was going to get the Vista upgrade as soon as it came out.
Unfortunately, Dell now states that they are hoping to send the upgrade package out 6-8 weeks AFTER Vista is available.
Needless to say, I should have waited.
Has anybody heard a solution to this problem?

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Reporting: Dell Vista Express upgrade
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Someone finally picked up this story

I'll answer myself...since I'm the only bonehead BOL listener who did the Vista Express Upgrade program
Tom's Hardware Guide (not related to Mr. Merritt) discusses this industry wide problem and notes that none of these "express" upgrades have shipped yet.

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That Sucks

Does anyone know in Universities are carrying Vista upgrades yet? I recall getting my XP pro 64 bit upgrade for $20. College kids like myself would buy friends XP, and office, for dinner and beer money. (Note: I never did that, that would be wrong.) I'm sure someone at Ohio University would do it for you.

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Well you are not the only bonehead.

I have been holding my breath and waiting for my "Express upgrade". I died waiting. The only confirmation I got was an acknowledgment that I am due one and will be contacted when they begin the program. (Systemax by the way)
One month has gone by since Vista release and may well be another before I hear anything. I am running Vista RC1 which I already had. Now MS is nagging me to upgrade since RC1 is no longer supported. I'd threaten to never buy another one with an express upgrade but I am so old I am likely to be gone before the Core2.

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Express Vista fianlly here!

I can relate so here is my first post to any board on CNET. I had waited,saved and window shopped for almost a year and in December (around the 22nd)I called Dell and ordered a replacement desktop and my first laptop. Both came with the Express Vista Upgrade. DHL delivered my package yesterday, March 1st. I guess I had hoped for better customer service than that. It ticked me off when I saw Vista in Costco and other retailers long before I saw it delivered to my door! I do n ot have time to download it yet but hope to over the weekend.

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I'll shut up now

At least it wasn't the dreaded 6-8 weeks AFTER they started shipping. I got my upgrade package yesterday along with the help disk from Dell.
I'll report back on the installation process.
I still don't appreciate the way it went down though.
Thanks for not letting me feel alone!

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Let Me Know....

When did Microsoft first send Vista out? I got the disc and the help disc plus a booklet. It says you need to back everything up before you upgrade. How do I do that? Let me know how it goes when you get it done and how you like it.


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Upgrade woes

Well, if you have another computer networked to your "to-be upgraded" computer you can copy files that way, otherwise you can burn your stuff to a DVD.
I ran the upgrade fairly flawlessly and all of my stuff was still there. Unfortunately, there were some glitches with Sonic software and installshield software. It also took me several days to get Norton 2007 working right (its upgraded if you have Norton 2006 on your Dell system).

But as I tried to activate a copy of Office 2003 on this computer, I got the blue screen of death and one of my Raid 1 drives died. I thought fixing that was the beauty of having Raid drives but after an hour chat with Dell, they said "You will need to backup your information as best you can. We will need to erase everything on the system and recreate the RAID array and reinstall windows." now my computer only boots up in safe mode and I'm going to have to spend countless hours reinstalling everything.
I wish I had better luck...that being said Vista worked well when it did work.
Good night,

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Bonehead again

Well doggies! I just got my Vista "Express upgrade" in the mail Friday June 8. Isn't that special! Only a mere 6 mos after buying the computer. I already bought Home Premium (3 mos ago) when I gave up on the upgrade. Now what to do with this upgrade to Business? which is a ******* choice from XP2 but what the hey. Is there a market for this hmm I have to check E-Bay.

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Like you I Bought Another Version

I bought Vista Ultimate and installed that. Then I tried to sell my unused and uninstalled Vista Express upgrade on eBay to another computer user who had a qualifying system.

Microsoft blocked my auction. They said "It's a part of the computer it came with" they did nothing to acknowlege the fact that I already have Vista Ultimate on it (which by the liscence agreement is part of the computer) or that others would have a legitimate right of use.

Thus per MS I have Two Vista's both a "Part of my computer" one of which has never touched the computer and I'm out money on the deal. They seem to have an entire department who has the time to monitor auctions and ask eBay to pull them, provide generic answers to specific auctions they blocke and who can't answer specific questions or actually propose solutions to problems created by MS to begin with.

I'm not a happy camper when it comes to MS.

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