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Dell Tech Support Dell on Call - TOTAL SCAM

Dell's tech support not only keeps you on the phone FOREVER but they transfer you to the hardware guy then the software guy and the "drum roll" please, DELL ON CALL. the so called master minds of the computer race. They are all bleeping idiots who speak minimal understandable english and read manuals in helping navigate your problem. I spent 6 hours on a saturday and after DOC said your all set. Problem not solved. The next morning another DOC rocket scientist tried an all together different tact and BAM - it did not work. Totally frustrated I went to a local tech shop who came up to my apartmnet troubleshooted the problem and resolved. After 8 hours on the phone + $129 + tax I am now happy but embarrassed I allowed DOC to ever charge me. This IS A THREE WEEK OLD studio laptop. DO NOT BUY DELL - aweful aweful aweful support with consultants that live on the other side of the world

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Reporting: Dell Tech Support Dell on Call - TOTAL SCAM
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I agree 100%

How those people are ever hired is beyond me.
But you haven't seen the whole Dell picture.
Read "To the people who work for Dell" and see what I have had to deal with for the past 2 weeks, so it's not just their tech support.
I gave them until the 18th to get my computer to me, beings its still in "production" that means that is not going to happen.
I called Dells biggest competitor got the same configuration, same extended warranty for $200.00 less. It will be delivered on June 23rd.
Stay away from Dell!

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I must agree with you entirely. Thankfully I?m a computer tech and I?m able to fix technical computer problems. The Dell support is a joke and their computers are known for hardware and software complications. HP?s guilty for problems as well. I don?t recommend Dell or HP computers unless you?re a computer tech; since you?ll be constantly working to keep it alive. lol

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well give dell a break

i mean, like, everybody makes mistakes. my dell's been running fine. perhaps its because in my country when i call them the operators are not from foreign countries. Why not post the good instead of the bad? it's not unusual for a computer to go beeping when it boots if it's a few years old. and even if it isn't i bet its a rare incident. The build quality of dell's stuff is usually very good too, and it provides configurability which you cannot find in my country other than dell.

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You are right, to a degree.

I do agree with what you are saying as I know many people that have Dell computers and have had no problems at all for years, but they have never had to call tech support or customer service, that's where the trouble starts.
I could care less what country these people are in as long as they can speak understandable English and provide good tech support. The 10 or 15 I talked to could not do either. If the question you asked was not in their script they were lost. They need more training and that is Dell's fault.
This is not only Dell, but other companies like HP. The difference with HP is if you tell them you are hard of hearing and would like to talk to some one in the USA or Canada they will transfer you. Dell won't do that and try to make you feel like the bad guy for even asking.
I don't think all the people who work for Dell are idiots, I think it is policies that need to be looked at and changed and more training.

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yes, but...

the number of people who are happy with their purchases, tech support calls etc far outweigh the number who are dissatisfied. Yes, the policies may need reviews and their customer support could do with some improvements but on the whole dell is still doing a good job.

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It Appears

That I will have another chance to see if things work out with Dell.
I was notified that my XPS 435T had shipped and would be delivered before 4:30pm on the 22nd.
My HP was not in build yet so I canceled the order.
Will see if things are better this time around.

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About Dell

The computer got here and this one worked OK
Dell forgot to send a return label for the old computer so had to call them. I dreaded that but, I got some guy with Dell who was in Tennessee, He e-mailed the return labels, problem solved in 10 minutes.
I then tried to enter the new tag number which showed it was invalid, had to call Dell again. Couldn't believe it, but got a Dell employee in South Carolina. Problem taken care of in 10 more minutes.
I must retract some of the nasty remarks I made about Dell as the last two contacts with Dell could not have gone any better so I guess it is who a person is lucky enough or unlucky enough to get when calling Dell.
The Studio XPS 435T is a great, great computer and has exceeded my expectations.
I just hope I don't have to call tech support or customer service as the odds are I won't be so lucky again.


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nice to know

that your dell is working fine. good luck.

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Thank you.

For educating us. What should we non techs buy then?

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What computer to buy?

I have had the same problem with Dell on Call. I was on hold and transferred from department to department and after 1.5 hours I hung up. I was calling for the same problem I had 2 weeks ago. Apparently they put a "band aid" on it and it seemed to work fine now it is freezing up constantly again. I have a Vostro 200 which has been problematic since I got it. I need to buy a new computer but don't know what company has the best service. I don't want another Dell; I hear HP is just as bad. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Dell is a scam

People, do yourself a favour, a big favour. Don't buy from Dell. It's nothing more than a scam. They take your money, don"t deliver, and you have to fight to get your money back. It's an easy and old story. Take the money, and hold as long as possible. I admit, i never expected it from Dell, but it's true. Please don"t buy this.

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My last PC purchase, I thought I would bite the bullet and treat
myself to a Dell Inspiron 531S. I was so impressed with the fact
that every large institution seemed to use Dell computers that I
decided they must indeed be the best! Not! What a piece of crap!
Talk about "customer no-service"...Dell wrote the book! I spent
more time with the "good folk" in India during my first 3 months with
my Dell than I did with the previous 8 yrs. of owning HP stuff. So
much for my "upgrade". Forgive me HP, I will be back!

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Its the buyers/users fault

Technical support are there to help you guys.So basically if there's something wrong with your PC it will be your fault not Dell nor the Tech Support Agents.

For example:

when you install softwares to your pc like games etc.., Is it the tech support agents fault when something went wrong with it?.., No right?.., It will be your fault..

Dell is a great product,Technical Support from Dell is good ( Except Dell in India cause they dont know what their doing ).

So please do not say those kind of comments cause the problem is with you guys.

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Let me tell you what they are doing , and tell me its not a scam.
When you call, 90% of the time, you will get an indian guy at the other end, and that man, will most probably speak english with an strong accent, so you will make him repeat lots of time... then they will transfer you to a 3rd party tech...
the scam is, when they transfer you to a tech support, they will ask you to take control of your computer so they can fix the problem on their end.... those guys are not tech support.... they are sellsman...

they will run a few program on your computer looking for all the conflics and problem in your computer.... most computer have conflics and minor problems witch are 99% of the time, harmless.( i was calling for a printer color problem) but they will use those problems as the reason of your original problem ( witch is not true )... and then they will ask you if you want them to fix it..... heres the catch...

they will install a program to clean the registry, fix conflics ect. and they will charge you 179$ if you say no to that, they will insist and insist, even lower the price down.... i got them to 60$ for that 179$ fix... i had to cut the connection with them cause they would of still insist ...

so basicaly, they dont fix anything, they wont blame their product for braking but your computer usage. and they will charge you a lot to fix it.

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Not always our fault

I was not installing anything when a nasty virus took over. DELL is the biggest rip off. You must work for Dell, or perhaps have a financial interest in Dell.

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You said it! From a Dell customer.

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Next time I'm buying Apple. I know for a fact that Dell could have fixed my sound system. The tech charged me over $100 to fix the warbled sound but he said he couldn't do it because I need a new sound card. I think that they screwed it up when they were getting rid of a nasty virus and didn't bother to fix it. They wanted over $100 to check my hardware, then tell me what to buy and to install it myself. It took me a few days and I figured it out myself.

To get NORMAL sound:
1. Click on Control Panel
2. Click on Realtek HD Audio Manager
3. Click on Sound Effects
4. Click on ROOM for room sound
5. Click on OK


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