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Dell lies to sell products and hangs you out to dry

Oct 12, 2019 6:26AM PDT

Extremely disappointed in Dell. Purchased a new INSPIRON 7786 17" laptop through Canada Dell at the recommendation of Australia Dell. Canada Dell advised system meet requirements, and the warranty could easily be transferred to Australia. The laptop had issues from start and now has been totally broken for over a month. Dell Australia declined the warranty transfer and is doing stuff all to rectify noting no advice or updates for weeks. Contacted Dell Canada and they are not doing anything saying it's out of their jurisdiction. Warranty purchased was for 1 to 2-day repair in-house until 2023 and over a month later it still does not work. DO NOT BUY DELL they cannot be trusted!!!!!

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Re: Dell
Oct 12, 2019 8:07AM PDT

Send it to a friend in Canada and let him handle the repair with Dell Canada.
International warranty always seems a problem.

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Why did you buy from overseas anyway?
Oct 17, 2019 4:36AM PDT

Just curious as to why you needed to buy from dell so badly in the first place to get this purchased overseas?

Couldn't you buy from a different manufacturer that has it in stock in Oz.

I would fire an email to the dell Australia CEOs office, or their social media account. I'm sure they'll get this issue handled for you.

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I've asked that before and the answer was
Oct 17, 2019 10:23AM PDT

They found a lower price only in another country.

Later they discover warranty issues. So the savings were ephemeral.

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Dont trust Dell
Oct 17, 2019 1:41PM PDT

In answer to your question, why I needed it.
I was going overseas for over a month and I had work to do while there.
My existing laptop was dead, my Dell desktop had been ok, Dell was holding a sale, and warranty conditions were good based on the info advised by Dell.

Since my post on the Dell Website Dell HQ media team contacted me, and arranged for the transfer of the warrantee, (on paper) but has pushed me back to Dell AU to get it fixed. At this time the best they can do is fix it by December 2019. This will be over 4 months since the first technician worked on the laptop.
Interestingly I can purchase another whole laptop and have it delivered in less than half the time, but they will not do that or provide a refund.
Dell warrantee is crap as is there customer service.

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This story.
Oct 17, 2019 2:40PM PDT

Continues to repeat over and over. It seems that if you cross borders you're never sure of warranty as to whether the company will transfer or not, if the division will perform and so on.

Be sure to avoid situations like this. Sometimes you can't but I've run into folk that knowingly did this and even with warnings they went ahead only to learn again why you don't want to buy out of country if you are making any significant investment.

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I'd like to read what the issues are.
Oct 17, 2019 2:49PM PDT

While it reviewed well at
this model would never be considered for travel or students by our office because of the size. 17 inch models seem to suffer early failures for travelers and students.

Personally it's a no-sale due to the touch screen. Tried a few over the years yet it never seemed worth it.

In the end this model by design, under load would and does throttle. This is not the right machine for gamers or heavy users. No sale here.