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Dell Inspiron - broken main frame?

I have a Dell Inspiron that I was told that I fried the main frame on - How I have no idea how I managed that! (I do have all the disks etc)- it is approx 9 yrs old. I used it very little. I am now getting Internet again at my home ( been 7 yrs since I last had it). Is this computer worth trying to fix or having someone look at? I am Very Poor and Not computer savvy at all. I do not want to pay to have someone look at it if it is best to just consider it toast. Thanks in advance for any help! .....Jack O

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Reporting: Dell Inspiron - broken main frame?
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At this time there were some hundred models of the Inspiron.
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Thanks the reply's!

So I guess the answer is NO this isn't worth fixing (Darn - I liked using it!) - Ah well,such is life as I approach 60 - Just for the record - "mainframe" was the term that Dell Service Help used way back when, when it stopped working - obviously they were wisely keeping it simple for my not at all tech computer learned brain! I found the link to the Athens Org very interesting - Wish there was a likewise org in my area but may just mail them my 'broke" laptop to fix and donate to a poor deserving soul.
Again! Thank You to you both for your time and counsel

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I'm not saying it's not worth fixing.

I will say that many shops could charge more than what a replacement will be. Example?

The shop counter charge here is 120 bucks. That's with them doing nothing. What can I get for that? A refurb older PC. Example at

These are refurbs ready to work (some require you install the OS) but you can see the problem.

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Check out...

You can try to fix it but a 9yr. non-working PC IMHO, pitch it. Save whatever, but you'll be better off just thinking SOMETHING newer. Even a 5yr.PC if founf locally is bound to be better than 9yr. old one. Your budget certainly deciates your cash flow, but even a new desktop when on sale is found for under $400 for the box alone. Kept your old monitor and minor items wil be a good deal for the long run. A used PC again if found could be the $200 or less range, but check those specs are whaqt the deal consists of. I use the Goodwill website for used whole or part PCs as a source. and check other online vendor and look for deal, white box or basic PC.

tada -----Willy Happy

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Don't know if this would help
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Just a POV

FYI, I hardly buy Walmart anything, its a personal choice unless peanut butter is on sale. Happy Now, Walmart does sell computers but they don't repair, they simply return back to maker(vendor) or builder if you like. Considering the width of customers that buy from Walmart, these returned PCs maybe more than expected, excluding real hard problems, so they get returned. I suspect these are really tested and put back on the shelf with a "seal of approval" stating they're refurbished as that's the law and get less $ in the process. That maybe a bargain for some but the warranty period goes down, so in this regard I tend to lean in getting "new" instead and would recommend for that reason.

The reason for Goodwill is that it covers everything at one time or another some computer s/w or h/w will become available. of course, don't expect the latest and greatest, but one can be surprised what gets posted. Wink enjoy -----Willy Happy

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Hiya Willy

I myself have never been to Walmart let's say for political reasons but, I know folks that swear by them including relative in the southern states.I was just pointing out some pretty good prices to a person that needs good prices........Digger

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