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Dell 8600 Inspiron BSOD upon reinstalling windows HELP!

Hi, I have a dell 8600 laptop that i re-installed windows xp home on directly from the dell xp installation disc. The disc is in great shape and windows loads up great, the next step was to install the drivers, i printed out the list from on the proper order to install these, did dsektop system software, chipset, video adaptor, nic, sound, modem, wireless card, pointer.

After installing those drivers and i start windows all seems fine till suddenly within the first 3-4 mins of general setup (changing desktop, putting my computer on desktop , basic stuff) i run into a blue screen of death saying.

irql not less or equal
tells me to disable or remove previously installed software, or disable bios caching or shadowing...

There is a code
0x0000000a 0xf8958014, 0x00000002, 0x00000001, 0x805111e0

I repeated the process 3x now of totally deleting the partition, reformatting, re installing windows then going thru the step by step on installing drivers in proper order via dells instructions, yet each time I run into that blue screen of death....

Has anyone got a suggestion as to what I should do next? I was going to try to disable cashing and or shadowing in the bios but figured before I mess too much here I should start asking what might be the problem or fix.

The laptop is running on a cooling pad all vents clean and clear and is running off the ac power, I did some google checks they talked about overheating and bad memory, altho I never had this bsod till i reinstalled windows here. fashion & modeling forum

The only reason I reinstalled fresh windows was because this was my sisters computer and everything was setup for her, and I wanted a fresh start day one type thing for me here now that I have it.

Thanks for any help or advice here...


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Reporting: Dell 8600 Inspiron BSOD upon reinstalling windows HELP!
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Link, comment.

Hmm this is not an unusual failure. I see it a lot if the machine has been upgraded with more RAM. I find setting the machine up with its original RAM to usually fix it. Along with:

1. No USB devices plugged in.
2. Cleaning the vents and heatsinks.

good luck,
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next step

Bob the ram is the original 2 sticks of 256, i also did the full extended diagnostics off the drivers and utility disc, took almost 2 hour and went thru tons of hard drive and ram tests and it passed them all.

During the install of windows i did have a usb cooling pad on it but no thumbdrives or anything.

I did also check the vents and even removed a back cover finding little to no dust in there.

Will check out the link above but at this point i am kinda stumped, so much for a fresh quick reinstall of windows LOL

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Looking at the documentation.
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will try

I will give this a try, can't hurt that's for sure, odd how it ran thru the entire 2 hour service diag without any errors tho, but still worth doing and checking off the list as done...

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I can explain that.

Setup is running a stripped down Windows OS that's less taxing than Windows Safe Mode. I've run into this mode and safe mode working but on elder machines (those batty old Athlon XP Socket A machines?) but no other mode ever working again.

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new paste same bsod ;(

applied new thermal paste, very clean in there actually, the old was a bit crusty, cleaned and applied new yet within 5 mins same exact irql error same codings... has to be something simple, the extended test confirmed everything was a pass, man this should just work, very bummed and frustrated at the moment...

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If SAFE MODE works.

Head to the event viewer and see if any more clues are given.

Remember that I can't know if this XP is not original or a cracked version (both have given folk troubles like that.)

Also, try a clean install. How clean? Think DBAN. Google DBAN. Be sure that DBAN only gets used on this machine with nothing else attached as it can erase it all. Including any boot virus.

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dban is running...

i grabbed the dban iso and burned to cdr, right now it's doing a full wipe with 3 passes, dunno if it will help but heck who knows, i do know the system only had the original trial of antivirus and she never paid for it to continue, altho she barely used it heck who knows maybe there was something on there that the windows reinstall stuff didn't clear out fully even tho i deleted and repartitioned it.

I did also update the bios from a04 to a16 the most current version off the dell website (did it during one of the few times i got it to run for more than 5 mins).

Just the other day i sat here with it running a good 4 hrs getting my sisters kids pics and docs off it ran solid, i just decided to redo it all with the dell discs just so all the stuff would be in my name, and now i get this, ughhhhh

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Last ideas.

While we can stop after one pass, I would try the install right away.

If it fails, try power off, pull the AC cord and gently push all cards and memory sticks HOME.

Try again.

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well shoot i dunno what to try next besides buy new ram but odd it worked for hours the day before the restore, i did the dban dod 3 pass wipe, reinstalled windows and also reseated the ram actually flipped the two chips, windows loads and i can use it a bit but within a few mins im getting the irql error, i did install speedfan and have temps of 100 range on hd and 135 range on cpu under load....

Might see if i can find some ram thru friends or something just to try vs buying new, wish the problem was more concrete as to whats happening.

Bob, you mentioned event viewer, is that like an error log or is there some error log i can access that might give more clues (if so where do i find them).

Bill Happy

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event viewer

i googled it and under system event log i found the error on the last bsod, it says

id 1003
system error
5.2 version
Error code %1, parameter1 %2, parameter2 %3, parameter3 %4, parameter4 %5

then under that just says a blue screen stop error was reported
user action none is required.

there is a description code but it just gives the same numbers as I originally posted in the IRQL error message i got originally (at least thats consistant) lol...

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It looks to be a machine issue.
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I only updated the bios after the reinstall and i was having issues, figured a new bios might help fix any old bugs etc.

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Still looks like a hardware issue.

I wonder if you have tried the BIOS defaults?

Also it is very important to use the supplied OS CD. One friend tried for months and had some less than good CD.

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bios default?

Would i do something off the drivers disc to restore bios to default or would this be somehow thru the startup menu?

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Sorry. Not a driver question.

The BIOS setup screen should have load or set to defaults option.

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dell website drivers

Well i loaded windows for like the 11th time and this time i didnt load the dell drivers disc, i just played in windows, games, windows intoduction video, etc etc and it was going fine no lock ups...

I got an idea from another place to get the newest drivers from the dell website via flash drive on another pc and install those via usb on the laptop vs using that the dell drivers disc...

I don't want to jinx myself but so far all has gone smooth not a single lock up or issue in over 2 hrs of the pc running, wonder if there is some bug in the drivers disc that causes things to go haywire and has been fixed in updated drivers on dells site?

All i know is after many tests and trials and lots of windows and dell driver disc attempts none worked for more than about 10 mins max, and now using the dell drivers from the website vs disc things have run very smooth here...

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That's well known. I did follow your posts and the error does indicate a driver issue or a BIOS one. But it is rare that the supplied driver fault on a stock install.

However if you did windows updates after the install then the old drivers may fault. But I didn't read you did that.

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yeah i never got past a few things in windows (much less updates) but i think my fault was going right from windows disc to dell drivers disc, and following dells order or install, sure enough windows alone (no dell drivers) was rock solid, then adding dells newer drivers via thumbdrive each took and suprised me none locked me up, and heck now its been on most of the day just doing other stuff like the windows updates etc without incident (glad to report!!!!!!)...

Thanks to Bob and a few others and some google searches/ideas having tried so many things I "think" I got it fixed up here...

Bill Happy

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Ahh. Now that I think it over. It's not stock.

That original XP and ORIGINAL DRIVERS is out of sync with that newer BIOS.

If I were to take bets my bet is that the driver CD only works on the original issued BIOS.

I think this one is pretty rare but if I were to take a bet, that would be it.

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