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Defender success!

I just wanted to let the guys know who gave me some advice(& anyone else) that ive managed to find the problem & after hours managed to sort it out.
I had a trojan in my system which remotely took over my pc & which my anti virus etc didnt pick up on. My arsenal either wouldnt work,wouldnt update,download,scan properly etc. Eventually i managed to get one which did run & pick it up although couldnt delete,move it,quarentine it or anything. To be honest im not sure which one sorted it out,it may have been avast which scanned before windows started or it may have been system mechanic six which i thought was more of an optimizer but did pick up stuff my others didnt,& running a scandisk. I couldnt even open my security center in the beginning but couldnt work out why (novice)So ive now got defender & can access my security center..Thanks for your help guys Happy

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Reporting: Defender success!
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Glad you got it sorted.

It just shows how deep these infections can go sometimes. Something that many won't accept when we suggest a whole battlefield of anti-spyware, and they say but I have, "so and so", and surely that's enough.

Good work.


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Thanks Mark

Yeh my friend WAS like that.She had a new pc running xp & chose to use a copy of Norton.I wont comment here on that but after weeks of trying to drive home the importance of good antivirus software she finally agreed to me getting rid of Norton & using genuine software. In short she had 40k spyware & 4 or 5 trojans & her pc was only a couple of months old.
One other thing on my problem,i disconnected from the internet to tackle it so it wouldnt be able to play anymore havoc whilst trying to remove it & afterwards i changed all my passwords. I cant understand why im such a target when i only venture to microsoft,cnet & similar websites. Whereas my daughter goes to morpheus & other file sharing sites & only gets the occasional spyware?

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Not sure what your problem is.

Hi Jonny,

I'm not sure what your problem is, but you seem to be saying you're a target, so I gather you mean viruses and spyware.

Are you saying your daughter is using Morpheus and other P2P file sharing programs on your computer? If so, I would stop that immediately. Other than email attachments and "fly-by" web page visits, P2P, (Peer to Peer), file sharing is the biggest source of viruses and spyware around. Besides which, the sharing of copyrighted material like music, videos, etc is piracy, and is illegal in most countries. Many people are being prosecuted nowadays for sharing files this way, and your daughter and yourself, if this is on your computer, are at risk.

With the viruses and spyware, have a look at the advice I gave someone else in this post;

See if any of that helps.

Good luck.


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Hi Mark

my last reply got eaten up somewhere along the line..Thanks for the link,i checked it out & can say that ive done all of what you mentioned apart from saving emails to the HD,emails have worried me a lot,not the spam ones,i never open any of them,its the ones from friends & family like you say,but ive never been sure on how to deal with them so thanks for the tip there. I did turn off system restore however i didnt scan in safe mode so il try that. As for my daughter,she uses her own pc running windows 2000pro & as stated yes she spends a lot of time at these file sharing sites.I need educating on the legallity of them thats for sure. But she never seem to get viruses like i do? I was wondering if it was anything to do with the different os? Or maybe its because im wireless? I have tried to secure it but its a bit mind blowing for me at the moment. I dont venture far at all,no porn,game,p2p,or anything else dodgy & i take serious precautions & keep everything upto date so i cant get my head round it..
Is it illegal to listen to the music on these sites too or is it just illegal to copy & sell them? Thanks Mark..

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These P2P applications like Morpheus and Limewire, etc, are not specifically web sites where people can listen to music. They are programs that connect people together all over the internet, so that the people can share the files on their own computers. All too often they share music, video films, and commercial programs, and this is what is illegal.

Whether a person can be prosecuted for listening to downloaded illegal music, or watching downloaded illegal films if they haven't downloaded them themselves I am not 100% certain. But it would generally be the case that anyone listening to such music or watching such films are also sharing them with other people. Also, I suspect that common criminal law holds here; eg, if you receive stolen goods then you may be liable to prosecution as an accomplice.

This is what your daughter is facing.

It may be that your daughter's Windows 2000 is less vulnerable that Windows XP, but I wouldn't bank on it. If she has had no viruses or spyware so far, I suspect she has just been lucky. Without any protection and a strict regime of scanning, it is only a matter of time.

Your wireless connection may be a factor. I don't have wireless myself so I don't know much, but I know wireless can be particularly weak without proper configuration. But then, with a firewall, you are pretty well protected.

I hope this helps.


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Oh she has a strict regime

she lets me do the honour of keeping her protected by scanning regularly although i do make sure she keeps her applications up to date. I prefer to do it as the other day when i asked her to scan her pc before chatting on msn,she had app 6/7 programs scanning at once which i thought could have crashed the pc..Im now going to break the news about morpheus to her,shud be fun!
Thanks for your help Mark.

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Good luck. Devil

You're right about the scanning. One at a time is fine. More than one at a time could cause conflicts.


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She replied with a grunt

or something similar..
Sorry to bang on Mark but i just wanted to mention one last thing. I scanned my pc today in safe mode & found nothing but the machine is so slow. Anyway i popped to tred micro for the scan you suggested & voila! I had 5 different kinds of spyware & keyloggers & dialers. Ive passed the website on to my friends & family. Nice one Mark,thanks for that tip Grin

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You're welcome.

I always find this a bit scary, that we cannot rely on one single application to protect us. Like I said before, it's a difficult message to get across to many people.

Is your computer running any faster now? Scans do take longer in Safe Mode, but they are usually more effective in Safe Mode as viruses and trojans, etc, don't get a chance to load up, and so can't hide themselves.

If your computer is still running slow, I have more ideas for you if you can stand the strain........

Your daughter. I always remind myself that I was a teenager, (or was in my 20's), once myself. It doesn't help much though.


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Hey Mark

you know it amazes me how much each program differs in the respect of what each one is able to pick up. My computer is definately faster. Thats the main reason why i wouldnt give up searching these parasites out,i just knew that there was something amiss what with the sluggishness & my mouse in semi hibernation! All seems well on the homefront for now. However i can stand all the strain you want to give me & would welcome the advice. Ive done regular disk clean up & have an optimization tool which i use,but im wary of deleting duplicate files of which i have 1.5Gb of. Also ive notice that Defender scans over half a million objects (not files i think)which seems a lot.
Doing all this maintenance etc is still a damn sight easier than dealing with teenagers! I could do with a defrag....

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Here goes........

Well, you did ask!

Have a look at this post I did a while ago. Many of the things you will be doing now, but in particular there is a "How to" link started and maintained by Grif Thomas in the Computer Newbies forum which is just excellent. I refer to it often.

Using Grif's How to, have a look also at;
How to shut down unnecessary startup programs, and
How to disable Windows Messenger.

And finally, Windows XP Logon guidance, gives advice about setting up another Admin account in XP.

Well, that shouldn't take you long. Devil


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