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Dear Lord.

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sounds like several locations

watching it on CNN now . Maybe coordinated in other country's also ?

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Frightening Dig.

Is nowhere safe? What do we do when they attack in our homelands?

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It's ashamed that the French

citizens aren't allowed to shoot back.
Here in Chicago and other parts of the U.S , we have the right to bear arms.
We have concealed carry licenses and Will shoot back .

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one thing we can do

quit importing the enemy into our borders. Stop all Muslim immigration and stop all illegal immigration, deport those who are here illegally or have had visas and green cards expire.

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RE: quit importing the enemy into our borders.
quit importing the enemy into our borders. Stop all Muslim immigration

Are you assuming ALL Muslims are terrorists?
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Don't you realize that this is what the

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so far just in Paris?

I got up to this from a nap and all I've heard by 8pm EST is Paris. Saw people standing in field of a stadium, seeming to avoid possible bombs that might be elsewhere in the complex. Four kiilled by police. Four bombs?

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Could have sworn I heard

some reporter talking about attacks in Lebanon. , Baghdad and Paris today and trying to equate the three but ,don't hold me to it .

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And Obama said ISIS is contained ?

Hmm, I wonder if the folks in Paris agree with him
I doubt it

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Obama is delusional if he believe that.

This isn't just about physical containment. Their ideology spreads anyway. Even prisoners have been known to control people outside of the walls.

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8 pm EST and FOX reports dead count at 140

This just infuriates me. You can never do enough to help these type of people, to have gratitude for it, they will still worship hate and killing.

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These terrorists are already well disbursed

across the globe. This could happen just about anywhere and at any time. No one is safe and that's what these terrorists want. They are holding us hostage already. We're at a point where we can't even speak openly for fear of offending someone and incurring their wrath.

Unfortunately, it might be that only acts of evil can defeat this evil. We've let the weeds grow for too long. Too remove them now means we need to accept that some flowers will die. In other words, innocents will become victims. As with cancers, doctors try to kill each and every malicious cell to affect a cure. If one cell is left to live and propagate, relapse occurs. In the process of treatment, many good cells die. Such action is what it might take to fight the disease of terrorism that's happening around the world. May God help us in our decisions and forgive us for those things we've already done to allow this to get out of hand.

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You are always complaining about Muslims
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Ahhmadi Muslims

are a very peaceful sect of Islam. It's probably one reason the Sunnis and Shiites both hate them. I'm not surprised they'd condemn this latest action because it's done by a group that isn't just killing Christians, Kurds, Yazidis, but also other Muslims. It's a common enemy for us all, so that's easy for them to condemn it. They may laugh and dance in the streets when Christians and Jews are killed, but now they see their own being killed too, and lands being lost to a group so very similar to the original Mohammed and his band of terrorist. Suddenly it's their problem too.

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RE: Ahhmadi Muslims are a very peaceful sect of Islam

So there are some Muslims you would let into America?

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(NT) Perhaps

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