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Date and Time stamp

I'm looking for a point and shoot digital camera that has both the time and the full date stamp feature. I've seen some cameras that have either one but not both. I've searched in the specs pages, but none list this feature. At this time, price is not a concern.

Appreciate any help.

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Date and Time

This was a big feature on some film cameras but has made little headway on digital cameras.

Even on film cameras, most would only print date or time, not both. There may have been some that did both.

Digital cameras include date and time within each picture file and it is called EXIF information. The EXIF also includes such info as camera, f-stop, shutter speed, focal length, etc. The camera makers probably feel that is sufficient.

As you stated some digital cameras will print the date on the photos, I have not seen one that will print the time. I have used the Konica Minolta Z2 and it can print the Date - but not the time.

Few digital cameras can print the date.

The ability to print dates is never included in the specifications. You have to dig through the owners manuals to find it.

Maybe someone on this forum will know of a particular camera that can print date and time.


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It would serve little purpose since the info is in the image

file for anyone who wants to know. Digital photos are easily altered. Therefore, the date & time can always be added to the picture. It could also be removed or changed. Thus, its inclusion has little value other than getting people upset by having it uninvited on the image.

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Except for security work

Alterations is precisely the reason why I ask. I should have mentioned that I'm researching especially for Security officers to use to document related matters that would stand up in court.

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That answer is...

You print the photo, have it signed and dated and put into the evidence chain.


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That was my point. The image itself is easily altered.

The info within the image (EXIF) is not. I don't know any programs that change that info. There is no legitimate need to do so. Of course, any digital file can be altered if you are really determined. It's not usually very easy though.

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Altering EXIF Files

There IS a way to alter the EXIF info on the pictures. I have done it myself. It is called EXIF Changer. It CAN be done quite easily.

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Date and Time stamp

a long time between threads?
I have found 2 cameras that stamp the time and the date onto the image at the time of taking the picture,

the cheaper canons do - I also have an expensive one an it doesn't unfortunately and the other camera is the BENQ, I need this facility on construction projects for recording, any data that comes along with the image is nice like (EXIF) but ultimately useless, and any camera that allows you to do this manually on the camera on in software on the computer is also ultimately useless to me.

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Is there a question here?

You write you found 2 cameras so it appears you have your solution. If not, try a new post.

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Re Date and Time stamp

I would have thought that most Digital Cameras record the date and time of shooting the image. I have a Cannon G3 PowerShot, it records 16/02/05 01:21:51as you can see, down to the last second.

Look for Exif in the camera specs. This format will display about 22 items, speed, apature, size, if flash used and about eighteen other items.

You will need photo editing software to read it but the infomation is embedded in the file. do Google on Exif for more info.

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I Found 2 Digital Cameras for Time and Date

The new Canon A510 and A520 can print date and time on the photo.

It only works in what they call postcard mode:
1600 x 1200

The date and time are embedded into the photo.
And will be printed each time the photofile is printed.

Here is a review of the A520:


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Thanks everyone for your postings, especially snapshot2. I'll further explore those Canons.

Aloha from Maui!

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Time and date stamp

The time and date stamp is also important for construction related photos, all the other information that comes along with the file is completely irrevelant And editable when the camera automatically puts this info onto the image it can not be removed easily without the editing being visible. All cameras should have the feature as standard?

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Sadly could be faked.

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