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My databases Anti virus and anti spyware on AVG Free 2011 are out of date but every time I try to update I get a "General Error" and the update does not take plce..

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Reporting: Database update
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Update log file
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Same problem here

I ended up doing uninstall and reinstall.That worked for me.
It was disturbing that near the end of reinstall avg wanted me to uninstall zonealarm to complete their install.I just kept xing that box out and finally got finnished.

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Same issue here

as of today 11/3. says last update was Today (11/3/2010) at 11:25 A.M> But now it's out of date already? and trying to update gives general error message.

IF I have to uninstall I won't be re-installing AVG
I also use Zone Alarm, and have for years.

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Re: Same issue here

Hello EZRIDER714 and Fish,

have you installed AVG in default location? (C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG10) Or are you using computer (which producer?), where C:\ drive is not available?

Then please follow this FAQ.

Else please follow this How-To article at AVG free forums.

Thank you

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Everything was good till

this update
Have been using AVG for a number of years also
Updated to 2011 several weeks ago, it installed in default location I guess, have had no issues till this update?
Using Dell Have C:/
Just checked location it is (C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG10) also have folders labeled AVG 8 and AVG 9
This sounds like a issue with the update that was put out yesterday, This is a large problem for, me had transactions to make this morning, but afraid to do so from this computer with outdated av protection.

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File specified is not there

log file avgupd.log is not located in the folder
The closest to that is avgupd.log.1, that is 10,001KB and last updated 9/23/2010
Is this the file that is mentioned in the instructions?

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Re: File specified is not there

Hello EZRIDER714,

Apologies for not mention the small change as the How-To article is still prepared just for AVG9, but AVG 2011 has different folders:

Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AVG10\Log\

Windows Vista/7

Please check these folders for mentioned "avgupd.log" and "avgupdm.log" (newly, needed as well).

Thank you

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Yes I went to the AVG 10 folder

What I reported, is what is in that folder,
Had to go work will not have access to machine until this evening,
Hopefully some one can figure out what is going on.

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Re: Yes I went to the AVG 10 folder

Hello EZRIDER714,

Is there any "avgupdm.log" file? This file can reveal more information about general update error. Else not created "avgupd.log" can be caused by somehow corrupted AVG installation or blocked AVG processes from proper work. Please check this FAQ about needed processes, which have to be fully allowed in used firewall.

Thank you

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Can not check for that file

till later this evening.
I made no changes to my system yesterday(11/3) Was and had been for sometime functioning correctly, and since I am not the only person with this issue, I would think that something in the update issued yesterday is at the root of the problem???

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Re: Can not check for that file

Hello EZRIDER714,

the reported general error is global name and does not specify the exact culprit of the fail, where we need the log for closer analysis.

Has been applied AVG program update to 10.0.1153? Is virus database correctly showed in the left-bottom corner? (now 424/3236) Is possible to start AVG Whole computer scan?

Thank you

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Will do what you are asking for

But can not until approx 8:00PM EDT
I am sure though that "avgupd.log" is not in the folder specified,
I spent time this morning searching for it.
Don't know if that is a clue or not

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also there is

NO folder Log in Folder Avg 10???
I can't find any log files in the Avg 10 folder

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in left bottom corner
10.0.1144 4243220

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Whole computer scan completed

no infections found was the results.
I may be forced to uninstall then reinstall to be expediant

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Re: Whole computer scan completed

Hello EZRIDER714,

thank you for provided information.

There must be always log folder in AVG10 folder (as described in my previous post) and I have asked last time for 2 possible files "avgupd.log" and "avgupdm.log".

One option is to run repair installation with latest AVG installation file from this website - - choose 32bit or 64bit package according to used version of operating system.

Thank you

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Successful ending,I hope

No folder named "log" existed in the folder AVG 10
The files "avgupd.log" and "avgupdm.log" did not exist anywhere on my computer ( searched with Windows search function the entire computer??)

So I ran the repair installation at the location you provided.
It appears that the software is now up to date and functional
All indications are as such?
Last Update
11/5/10 6:03am

However I also received a warning box, before the repair installation finished, to remove Zone Alarm, which I just clicked thru and ignored. This is totally unacceptable.
If AVG can't play nice with ZoneAlarm
one of them will be leaving and it doesn't begin with Z

Thanks for your help in resolving this issue, just wish I could have some understanding of what could have caused this issue, so that in the future it could possibly be prevented.

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Re: successful ending, I hope

Hello EZRIDER714,

these missing files points to a conflict, which corrupted AVG installation (are you using fully updated ZoneAlarm Firewall and its Toolbar, if needed). Any chance you have installed old version of ASK Toolbar?

Please run AVG update again, if successfully updated to 424/3239.

Are you using ZoneAlarm Firewall only, or whole security suite?

Thank you

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No toolbars allowed

Don't use them, don't need them, do not allow them to install,or remove them immediately if "tricked" into allowing installation.

Will try to update later today when i get home. This morning it was indicated that no newer update was available?

Will look around for toolbars, but haven't installed any new software,other than AVG 2011, in the past several months.

Using free version of Zone Alarm firewall only

Thanks again for your help

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Re: No toolbar allowed

Hello EZRIDER714,

The update 424/3239 has been released 11/5/2010 1:00 PM CET.

Thank you

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