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Data Recovery Software?!

Nov 29, 2010 5:14AM PST

Hi all, new to the board. Wonder what your experience has been using data recovery software? My scenario: Laptob was getting bogged down and running out of free disc space because of all the family pics we saved on it. Bought an external hard drive (Western Digital Passport) and moved all the pics to it. Then I (cue dramatic music) deleted the pictures from the laptop. Because the pictures were now ONLY on the external hard drive, of course it died. Specifically my computer gradually stopped recognizing it. Now when I plug it in to any computer, I can never see it as an available device. Very soon after, we bought a new laptop, and have not used the old once since. From my limited research, this sounds like a good candidate for data recovery software, because I haven't written much new data to it. I ordered the Pandora Recovery thumb drive device (should have asked my question here first, I know) Does this kind of software really work???

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I was going to...
Nov 29, 2010 2:44PM PST

Suggest Pandora as that's what I have been using and for hard drives, it's been excellent and surprisingly so. There has been some issue with recovering from a USB device lately where it won't see the files even if on it. I am still waiting for a response when I emailed them but have not heard anything yet.

You didn't have to order the USB stick from Pandora to use the software as it's free but then again, the upside is since there is no need to install Pandora with the USB, there is less chance of writing over your data which is a good thing and it does support their software. I may order the USB myself.

The only problem I see currently is if you do recover these pictures on the old laptop, make sure you are going to have enough space to recover them. Don't forget, you can choose to search for .bmp, jpeg, png, tiff, etc... files specifically so you don't waste space recovering EVERYTHING you don't want.

My experience with it has been great.

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Funny you should mention Pandora
Nov 29, 2010 10:17PM PST

I was searching the forum yesterday and found a posting about Pandora (maybe it was from you?) and how great it was. That made me feel better about my purchase, and my chances of getting my pictures back. Thanks! I saw that the software is free, but it was suggested to me that I use a USB to launch the program, rather than start up my computer and possible write over some data. I think I should have enough space, as I freed up quite a bit in the first place by deleting my pictures! Plus, I'm sure it will find other documents, pictures, music, that I don't need to rescue.

I'll let you know how it goes...

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Data Recovery the Free/Libre way!
Dec 2, 2010 4:40PM PST
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A couple of reasons
Dec 3, 2010 5:22AM PST

**Why pay when its Free Open Source?**

Pandora is free as well and the USB is pay only. There are a lot of open source programs or OS's that charge for the actual media, this is no different.