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Dark shade appears in the below half of the LED TV screen

Oct 23, 2014 7:20PM PDT

I have a Samsung 32' F6100 series 3D LED TV.
Suddenly dark shade appears in the below half of the screen, is more visible if any lighter color appears in the screen.
MyTV is still under warranty, but just wondered if anyone else had had this problem and what it could be. Our TV is only a few months old.

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Oct 23, 2014 8:58PM PDT

As our office deals with many things, the answer is simply yes. No maker can escape the bath tub curve.

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dark shade
Oct 24, 2014 2:33AM PDT

So you are telling that dark shade is normal...but i have 5yr old videocon LCD tv which donot have any such problem.

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Oct 24, 2014 5:27AM PDT

I wrote the bath tub curve is unavoidable. Here's more on that.

Some folk new to this may want to dispute it but new gear, some percentage of new gear will fail. There are even newer folk that are revolted by the very idea.

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: Dark shade appears in the below half of the LED TV screen
Oct 29, 2014 9:44PM PDT

I have also the same problem with Samsung 32' F6100 series 3D LED TV. I is out of warranty only 20 days above warranty. When reported to the samsung The samsung engineer visited And says causual & by only visual inspection that there is problem in LED screen.

I question is is this really a problem of led screen or it is problem of the Driver IC. As i am a techinacal person , When led is damaged it should be black spot in that area , But there is no blackspot it is darker I think this should be Driver IC problem.

And also i have talk to the samsung Customer Care ,but i think there is no techincal person in the Team and solve my query . Please if anyone can Solve my problem . my question are as below
1) Is this really the Led Pannel Problem??
2) Genearally the led pannel life is define as 60,000 to 80,000 hours. But if i calculate that max 12 hours a day TV is ON then also it caome only 4000 hours in year. So what are the Derating FActor which has derate the led life So much. This is Big question Mark on the Quality & Customer service of Samsung Products??

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Oct 30, 2014 1:48AM PDT

I wish it was that clear cut. But 20 days OOW would have me asking for escalation and more.

As to the derating factor, you're preaching to another preacher as I have many electronic and software designs out there. My preferred derating is 50% but in commercial, low cost applications they cut it much tighter.

That question mark is on all consumer gear. Cell phones are about 2 year designs, TVs look to be 5 year designs and so on. Some think I wrote that the devices last 2 and 5 years. No that's not what I wrote.

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Issue resolved my Panel changing.
Oct 30, 2014 3:49PM PDT

I got my TV repaired by Samsung Service guy.It was a problem with screen panel.They change the screen panel and now it is absolutely correct.

Samsung service was very prompt and quick. It took only 4 from the day of complaint and they visited my site 3 time.

1st day they saw the problem and told that it could be SMPS or Panel problem.Next day they brought new SMPS and after changing the problem was not solve.Then the very next day they brought new panel and changed it and the problem resolved.

Thanks to Samsung Service.

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Issue resolved my Panel changing.
Nov 3, 2014 1:39AM PST

That's great. Glad to hear it. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns at all.

HD Tech

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Dark shade appears in the below half of the LED TV screen
Nov 13, 2014 6:19PM PST

I have get the Problem Resolved by Pannel Changing . I have 2 question to be Asked

1) What are the Reasons that this would have happen?? (Is it so that Led Backlight should not be kept 100 %) or (Is it input power fluctution can create this type of Problem

2) Is this faulty Pannel Repairable anyway??

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Bottom half of Samsung TV screen is dark.
Mar 14, 2016 11:48AM PDT

I have a question. what exactly causes the screen of the TV to be darker on the bottom half? The technician said it was the screen and replaced it. It worked great until the warranty ran out, now it's doing the exact same thing as the old LED screen. Darker shade on the bottom half. Seems I'm stuck with a $500 paperweight of what used to be a good television that lasted less than a year and a half. New LED screens lasted less than 9 months and both had the same problems.

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Mar 25, 2016 7:35AM PDT

See my post

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Same Dark Shade Problem
Feb 21, 2016 10:09PM PST

Hi Sandip,

How much did it cost to replace the panel?
Could you please let me know. Even i came across the same issue with my TV.

- Pramod

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Panel costs are pretty high.
Feb 22, 2016 8:22AM PST

Try your model at or and see if there is a price for the panel.

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Shading diagnoses has to be wrong.
Mar 25, 2016 7:38AM PDT

see my post

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Apr 23, 2016 4:59AM PDT

Hi Sandeep, Can you pleas share how much it cost to you for repairing. i am facing same issue on My Samsung TV and wants to know the cost before calling Service center.

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Tv lower half is dark
Mar 6, 2017 1:03AM PST

How much did you pay for the job?

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Dark shade in bottom half of screen
Mar 14, 2016 11:39AM PDT

I had the same exact problem with my f 5500 40 inch Samsung Smart TV. I had it for about 6 months before it happened. Samsung sent out a technician and he ended up having to replace the entire LED screen. it works great until it was out of warranty now it's doing the exact same thing. TV only lasted a year-and-a-half in total with having the screen replaced after 6 months. having the same exact issue after a new screen tells me that there's a problem with this TV. Samsung won't do anything since it's out of warranty now. I'm curious if others had have had this problem again after the screen has been replaced? maybe there needs to be a class action lawsuit. I'm happy to spearhead. I myself will no longer be purchasing Samsung products.

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Dark shade on lower half of TV screen disappeared suddenly.
Mar 25, 2016 7:26AM PDT

I have some interesting news about this shading problem. I was watching
my security cameras this morning and the problem just suddenly disappeared. I have a Samsung UN40F6300. This serious bottom half dark shading condition is gone. I am not an electronics technician, but it sure looks like solder/loose connection problem. A local Samsung repair depot told me to go out and buy a new TV. It was the panel they said. I paid $800+ for this 40 inch "smart" TV about 2 years ago. How could it be the screen if it self-repaired suddenly? Any comments would be appreciated.

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Shading has moved
Mar 25, 2016 9:29AM PDT

Since I posted this earlier today, a new shading of the dark gray has moved to the center of the screen starting left, ending center about 3 inches wide.
I think a good technician should have an idea of which component handles brightness and contrast that sends that faulty display to the screen panel.