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Dangers of outsourcing support to India by Iolo

Iolo Software Scam?
Iolo System Mechanic Professional Useless Against Trojans despite Claims.

A few months ago I bought the above Iolo software that performs the dual function of protecting against viruses, Trojans and other malware, as well as provides tune-ups for computers. The software box stated:

?Blocks viruses, Trojans, rootkits, worms and more. Disinfects dangerous email attachments Removes backdoor programs, key loggers and more.?

However, two weeks after installing both this software and the associated firewall, my laptop became infected with a Trojan called windows32 Trojan fake spy pro. Many programs would not boot, and a balloon came up saying it was infected, and urged me to activate my virus software. I was unable to get onto the Internet at all except for the website of this malware program, Antivir Solution, Inc.

I ran a complete computer scan of my computer for viruses and malware using my Irolo program. I ran it twice. It could not locate an infection. However, I could no longer contact the Irolo website for updates.

I called Irolo technical support to help me remove the supposed Trojan, and was connected to an Indian technician. He told me amazing things and led up to what appears might be a scam.

He told me that Irolo software does not protect against some Trojans and that millions of computers all over the world have been so infected, and no software can protect against it. I advised him that their ads say their System Guard and System Shield state they protect against Trojans and other malware. He just repeated that no commercial software protects against these Trojans.

He also asked me what sites I frequently used, and I mentioned I was a blogger and also used facebook. He immediately jumped and said I was infected from using the facebook site. He said they are a focal point for infection, and if I did a google search, I would find that to be true. How he knew this sight unseen, shows a remarkable clairvoyance.

He then stated my only recourse was to take my computer to a Microsoft Certified Technician for repair, because my computer has been take over by a very aggressive malware that is slowly taking over every aspect of its operation, slowing it down and destroying its functioning. It was urgent to get it to such a technician immediately, otherwise eventually I will need to get a hard disk replacement that will cost $380.

I have no idea where that dollar amount came from, but I doubt that a hard disk replacement would cost that much, especially as my laptop was still under warranty.

He stated I could take the laptop to Best Buy, where their Geek Squad could fix the machine for $299. Or, I could take it to Radio Shack, where they would fix it for $249.
But then he had an idea. Or, I can put you in contact with a Certified technician that works ?with us,? who will fix it for $199.00. He said that in addition, if this ever happens again, their own technicians will fix it again for free. He stated, however, that if I went to Best Buy or Radio Shack, and the machine became infected again, I would have to pay their full price to get it repaired again.

I turned his offer down smelling a scam by Iolo, who couldn?t protect my computer from a ubiquitous Trojan that just sailed through their firewall and virus protection software, and decided to make an extra $199.00 by essentially selling a second, higher tier of protection.

Stay away from Iolo software.

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Reporting: Dangers of outsourcing support to India by Iolo
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I use System Mechanic

not the pro version. I would never use the pro version because I don't believe their antivirus is as good as some others. I get protection for free from Comcast. Comcast offers Norton Security Suite.

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Instead of spending money

All you have to do is a factory restore and take the computer back to factory settings. That will wipe out the infection. I have done that once before myself and I was using Kaspersky and it didn't detect nothing and then Norton and that didn't detect anything either, but it would block the sites to fake antivirus sites.

To eliminate the problem completely all I did was take the computer back to factory settings.

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Response From Iolo Customer Service

Iolo blames the infection on me and my actions without asking anything about my actions. Here is their reply:

Dear Edward,

We are not able to walk anyone through manual virus removal. I would strongly recommend updating your virus definitions and running a thorough virus scan. If you are not able to complete a virus scan because of the state of your machine, then it might be necessary to perform a repair installation of the OS with a Windows CD, again that is something that I am not able to walk you through.

Regardless of the AV protection someone has it is possible to get infected because of a users actions, we are not the ultimate insurance policy against that. Once an infection has become so serious as to hamper what can be done on the machine as far as installing\uninstalling applications or accessing the internet our hands become tied and you may need to pursue reinstalling or at least repairing the OS.

As of now the developers have been informed and are working towards finding a solution and updating the virus definitions, which should appear in the next release or so. We will keep you posted on any further developments. Again we apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your time and patience. If you have any further questions, suggestions, or comments about any of our products, don't hesitate to contact us using this case. To provide for better tracking of your issue and to ensure accurate responses by Customer Care, please do not start a second case on the same issue as this may cause unnecessary delays. For your reference, your case number is CAS-813339. You may also visit Customer Care online at


Allie D,
Customer Care Representative

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Our computers all get infected by our actions

Sometime some other person might be using the computer and their actions might cause it. In my case my brother likes to look at porn on the computer even though I told him not to and I think he got a trojan that was undetected and that is how we ended up with the problem. But it was the actions that caused it. Maybe Kaspersky didn't detect it, but my brother's looking at porn is what caused it.

If he didn't look at porn the infection would have never happened.

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Iolo Tech blamed my action of looking at facebook as source

If everyday use such as of facebook, youtube, or twitter is the "action" by me that caused the infection, it seems like their software is sort of useless.Not only that, sight unseen, he said my using facebook WAS the cause of the infection, therefore it was my fault and they couldn't protect against it.

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thanks for the warning

Thanks for that'll stay away from them...have had too many viruses in the past...

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