Are you second-guessing your Toshiba purchase? I thought you said in your other posting that the Toshiba 1080p (the set you're planning to buy) was the best picture you've ever seen, even better than the $13,000 Sony. Now the Sony is better? You should do yourself a favor and quit talking to "Experts" and buy the Toshiba. Every time you call or visit an electonics store, you will get a different opion, most of which are not based on fact or technical data. Everyone has their own opinion about whether DLP or LCD is better. They are both good (IMHO). A lot depends on source mateial and the quality of the decoder chip in your satellite or cable box for the exact picture quality. Sony only makes LCD now. They make the Wega LCD sets (I have a 23" for my bedroom), and they make the 3-panel LCD (My friend has one) and they make the SXRD (my neighbor just bought one).