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Cut directory, files are lost

Mar 27, 2015 2:36AM PDT

I tried to cut a directory with files and paste it to another drive. After paste, there is a directory with the given name, but it is empty, no files. Searching for deleted files in the original and the new location gives no results. This problem can be recreated on my PC, but it works on other PCs. I use a AMD 8core PC with Win8.1, 64bit with all updates available. Any ideas where the files can be? I understand "cut" means to mark the files "delete", but they still need to be there as deleted files and should be recoverable.....i can find no trace of any file.
Thanks for any hint

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Clarification Request
Duplicate posting?
Mar 27, 2015 2:53AM PDT

In short, COPY and paste.

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Yes, duplicate post.
Mar 28, 2015 11:49PM PDT

The first post did not give a clear status, so i posted again.

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Re: cut directory
Mar 28, 2015 11:58PM PDT

As Bob says, you shouldn't do that: cut and paste. Not even files.
There are free and paid programs that do some undelete. For example Recuva. Those programs are your only change to recover them, if you don't have a backup.