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Customer Review on Dell Inspiron 6400/E1505

Dell Inspiron 6400 - Customer Review

Hi everybody ! Yes .. Believe it or not, I bought myself a portable computer ... I know, I know ... I have maybe annoyed some people during my search, but please beleive that all your help was and will be always a precious thing for me.

It took me a long time to make my choice ! It?s been nearly 1 ? year that I have started to search for the perfect laptop for me. That started slowly and then projected me in a parallel world : the mobile computer world, a world full of challenges. All this time to search and increase my knowledge even gave me the taste to continue to enrich specialize myself, once the studies are over, in the mobile computer domain. I find this world, the computer one, never stops ; there is always something to improve. always something to learn ...

My choice finally stopped, after all those long months of research, on the Dell Inspiron 6400 ( or E1505 in the U.S.A ). In the next paragraphs, I will try to describe to you as much as possible this wonderful computer. Have a nice reading !

First of all, what?s better than to start with a complete report of our precious hardware identification application that we all know : Everest Home Edition Version 2.20 ... ( Sorry for the French version ... It is my mistake : I did not download the good file of the website Wink ! )


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I think you like your laptop
May 10, 2006 9:42AM PDT

Wow, with all that you said, i get the impression that you like, no, LOVE, your Dell E1505. I'm glad that you found what you are looking for, and hope that it serves you as long as my HP serves me.

Have fun with your new portable deaktop replacement!!!


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A little up...

A little Up for person who are interested by the Dell Inspiron 6400 / E1505.

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Media Direct
Jul 5, 2006 11:08AM PDT

Ghost26, on my E1505, the Media Direct shuts the computer off when I close the lid. I noticed in your review that you said that you can close the lid and listen to music. I wanted to confirm what is true.

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Not MediaDirect

You're not talking about Dell MediaDirect. MediaDirect is a button next to the control buttons ( wireless, caps lock, etc. ) that open the laptop in a multimedia program without start Windows entirely. You can save battery life because there is only a couple of running processes that are running to start MediaDirect.

No, you are talking about the Dell QuickSet. Very easy. First, open the program by clicking on it next to the clock. Run Power Wizard. Click the button Next two times and you'll get a page with three sections and two case to check. Make sure both cases are checked and choose No Action from the first menue. You'll can listen to music by closing the lid.

If you make next once again, you can build your own power management.

The last page is the alarms for the low battery state. The first must be at 10 % and the second at 7 %. The battery MUST NOT go under 5 % of its capacity.

For aditional battery life, you can disable the Internet Network Card. To disable it, click on the QuickSet button near the clock and select Always deactivated On Battery. But if you connect a RJ-XX wire, you must click on the Always Activated On Battery to enable it again. For me, it is always deactivated because I'm always running on my Wi-Fi network...

If you have another question, please, write it to me Happy

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Ghost 26
Sep 16, 2006 3:22AM PDT

why exactly did you end up choosing the e1505?? I agree it has great specs for the price but my only concern is that it weighs over 6 pounds. Have you found that the weight is one thing you would like to change about it or do you think that the extra pound is worth it? I was considering the d620 which is under 5 lbs with similar specs. How does the e1505 handle games? My bro was thinking about getting the d820 but my parents decided it was too expensive 1300 or 1400$ (about 1700 with virus software and complete care accidental warranty). He wanted the d820 because it had a 512mb video card option. Have you tried any really graphically advanced games on it? Quake 4? Oblivion? Battlefield 2? Doom 3? Half life 2? how do they run? can you turn up the video settings all the way?

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Anwser :

Well, you're question is hard to anwser...

I don't carry my laptop very often so I can't help you on your weight question. But I think for a 15.4" laptop, it is normal ...

Gaming abilities ... I play only games like Need For Speed and Tiger Woods ( I love golf Wink ), but my friend has BattleField 2 ( I want to get it also ) and it works perfectly with its ATi RADEON XPRESS 200M ( an integrated graphics controller ! ). So I can imagine that it would be nice on the X1400 ! For Quake 4, it works on an ATi Radeon X300 so it will be nice on the X1400. Oblivion is a big, heavy game. If you can run it with the minimum graphics settings, it will be nice ... Sad .

I don't think the gaming performances will be better with the 512MB nVIDIA Quadro line. Quadro is a OpenGL-oriented GPU, a business GPU. For running business applications, you can't get a better GPU, but for games ... gamers don't like this.

For Doom 3, thje X1400 will be able to handle it.

Half-Life will run with 1 GB of RAM. My neightboor has it and it runs at the maximum graphics settint on its ATi Radeon X700 ( desktop GPU running at normal clock. You must understand that mobile GPU are downclocked to save battery and make less heat. Overclocking it will be risky because of the small case or the machine ).

I don't swear you that games will be at the maximum graphics setting or will work perfectly. The ATi Mobility Radeon X1400 is a mid-range GPU, not equivalent at the very nice nVIDIA GeForce Go 7600.

For warranty, you can't call Dell a couple of month after your buying to continue to protect your computer with the extended warranty.

You have to understand that a laptop isn't made for gaming, except some expensive models like the Toshiba P-100 or the Dell XPS.

THe only bad thing I found on this laptop is that the case is faded with the time where your hand is located when you type on the computer. I'll ill call Dell because I really don't like this. A business computer like the Dell Inspiron 6400 ( because it is also sold as a business computer ) is not supposed to do this. It makes a big uncolored round. THe case is mettalic grey and the mettalic finish isn't there anymore... Sad I'll call Dell and I'll raise the tone a little bit Wink Saying to the tech that a nice HP ( the principal competitor of Dell ) is waiting for me ... he will do something Wink

Beside this, it is a nice computer. Performances are at the rendez-vous.

Another bad thing that I found with the time is that I have no remote control. I didn't get the BlueTooth options when I bought it and the Express Card Remote Control for Interlink Electronics that work with the Inspiron 6400 works with the BlueTooth technology while whit HP, it is an infrared remote control ... But you know, you can't have the perfect laptop.

Look at the Hp dv6000 series, the equivalent at HP. It wasn't available when I bought my computer. I saw this model yesterday at Staples and I love it. It also weight 6 lbs, but it is a very nice laptop. Take the Core 2 Duo processor, the best mobile processor ( sorry for AMD fans Wink ).

Good luck in your buying !

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Silver wearing off of palm rests
Sep 16, 2006 10:04AM PDT

Ghost, I think that the silver wearing off of the palm rests (below the keyboard) is a common problem with most silver notebooks. Especially for gamers. I have a notebook with silver palm rests and I covered them with transparent PDA screen protectors. Screen protectors are thin enough they don't interfere with the lid closing. It has worked well for me but I'm not a gamer. If the palm rests are already worn on your notebook, it's probably too late for you. But if they replace it, it might be a consideration on another one.

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thank you, ive got another question
Sep 16, 2006 10:22AM PDT

why did you decide upon the ATI video card versus the nVidia? i think it was the x1400 and the geforce go 7300. The nvidia was 130$ extra while the ati was 100$ extra. is it a matter of preferance or did u just buy the cheaper one.

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I bought the more performant GPU

It's not a question of preference. Both nVIDIA and ATi makes very good mobile GPU. But the ATi Mobility Radeon X1400 is more performant than the nVIDIA GeForce Go 7300. This last GPU belong to a low-end range while the X1400 is in the mid-range GPU.

X1400 delivers nice performances for an occasional gaming.

And at the month of May, the nVIDIA wasn't an option. Anyway, because I play a little bit and I want to have a good performances with games and AERO Glass of Windows Vista, I took the X1400 over the poor Intel GMA 950.

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Dec 28, 2006 12:12PM PST

Actually, I am speaking of MediaDirect... The MediaDirect software from Dell runs of off Windows XP Embedded. When I close my screen the computer turns off, which is a very stupid feature and a very smart feature. When listening to music, why have your screen open, but when viewing pictures and videos, it would be okay.

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mr ghosty who i presume to be around 26 yrs old
Sep 23, 2006 12:28PM PDT

may i ask you a question about the other notebooks you were considering leading up to your purchase of the inspiron 6400/e1505 and why you chose the one you did? what do you think of the latitude d820? the dv6000?

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I'm 14 ;)
Sep 27, 2006 10:03AM PDT

Hi !

When I bought it, it was in May so the Hp dv6000t wasn't on the market yet. I thought to the D620 but it was too expensive.

Maybe if I have to buy another, maybe I will considerate the dv6000t for a better choice. There is more options and maybe more expensive, but I like its look. And the case problem is getting worst ... Sad

Maybe I'll pay a couple of 100 $ also for a Lenovo. They make very nice laptops.

And of course, you have to considerate the wonderful MacBook Pro, if you have the budget for ... Wink

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hey me too ;)
Sep 28, 2006 10:12AM PDT

ok, well im definitely thinking between the D620 (which is about 1,050$ before complete care extra warranty and ms office), the XPS M1210 (which is about 1350$ before extra warranty and ms office) and the HP dv2000t (which is about 950$ before any warranty and ms office).
In terms of gaming performance, its ranks
1. XPS M1210
2. Latitude D620
3. HP dv2000t

In terms of price, the dv2000t seems the cheapest, but then its about half a pound heavier than the d620, and a pound heavier than the M1210. It also has a 128 mb video card compared to the 256 mb of the other two. The dv2000t does not come with any warranty at all it seems, and it would probably be around 1200 at least with the warranty.

In terms of performance, i would say they are similar, with core 2 duo 1.66 processors each.

For looks, im thinking they all look pretty nice, the hp with the imprint finish and the d620 and m1210 with the sweet matte black exteriors. This isnt really an issue cuz id be happy with any one of them in terms of looks.

They all seem fairly portable. The m1210 is the lightest, but it has a smaller screen and it is thick for its size. The other two models are similar with respect to size and weight (5 and 5.5 lbs with 14.1 in screen)

No offense to you, but i might take my laptop to school and i dont think that the e1505 would be a good choice for me.

The question about the dv6000t was for my brother who wants the gaming power and is (wrongly) convinced he can carry the extra weight with him to school everyday in addition to literally about 35+ lbs of books.

Anyway, i have done a lot of research myself but i would like to get your opinion. What would you suggest? I currently have about 750$ in cash myself saved up, but i could pay off a 1200$ laptop within 6 months i believe. The M1210 seems like the obvious choice to me except that its the most expensive. I dont know why Dell wont offer any deals on it. I would prefer to wait until it is cheaper.

Anyway, sorry if i have rambled on too much, but could you just lend me your opinion? Also, anyone else who reads this can make helpful comments if they wish. THANK YOU SO MUCH


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Ok ... I think it is the hardest question I never anwsered !
Sep 28, 2006 10:49AM PDT

You seem to be in a very hard situation my friend Wink

Hummm ... Well, it's hard to anwser you !

You have to deal with your budget.

The XPS has a very nice configuration, but I think the GPU is only of 64 MB on-board, but a possibility of 256 MB with the Turbocache so it steals RAM from your system RAM and slow down the computer...

The Latitude is a business laptop. My father has a Latitude D600 ( an old model ) and he likes it. The models have upgraded since this time and if they are going better after each evolution, I can't imagine the quality of this line now ! The nVIDIA Quadro line seems ok for today's graphics applications and of course Aero Glass.

The Hp seems to be also a nice choice. It has a beautiful desing. The GeForce Go 7200 is ok, but nothing more and nothing to compare with the Quadro Line I think ... It is a nice entertainment laptop to do everything.

I don't know for you, but a 12.1 " display is very small. A resolution of 1280x800 will be very small ! A 14.1" seems to be the good size for me, but I like watch a DVD on my 15.1" Silly

Don't know for you, but me, I would not like to bring it at school. A 1000 $ U.S. laptop ... it is a lot of money and you never know when a bad person can steal it... I hope you take the steal insurence ( I think it's that in English ... not sure ). I don't bring it at school except now because I'm working on a project at school that requires a good computer ( their Mac PowerPc G3 or something like this are very ....... slow Wink and I like to work in my things Wink ).

Don't forget to install Windows Vista once you get it Wink Wonderful operating system. Some compatibility problems with antivirus but seem good. Format your har-drive to get out all the bloatwares of the manufacturers. Install Vista and XP to keep the control on your favourite softwares Happy

I love my Dell, sure, except the case. More I work on it, more I see it uncoloring ... I dind't had the time yet to call Dell. I didn't paid 1500 $ CDN for a case like this.

The Latitude is a business laptop, generally sold to company who have the budget for. That's why I think they don't make any deals on it.

Don't forget to take the dedicated GPU and the extended battery ! With Vista, you'll need it !!!! I lost about 2 hours of battery life switching from XP to Vista !

If you have another question, ask it Grin

Ghost26 Silly

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thanks anyway
Sep 29, 2006 8:17AM PDT

thanks for the advice, but i guess im going to wait until I have the mnoney to make a final decision. This may take a few months, ill keep you posted on my thoughts if they change

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ethereal veintiseis (ghost 26)
Oct 11, 2006 11:34AM PDT

ok, so this might seem random, but i was wondering what you thought about the difference between the e1505 and the dv6000. I know the Hp is a little lighter, and definitely looks way cooler. They are both very cheap, about 950-1000$ the way i would hypothetically configure them. Which has the better performance in your mind, and do you know anything about the gaming performance compared to the e1505? this model wasnt out when u bought your laptop, would you have strongly considered it??

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Hard question ...

Well... On the performances side, the HP has a tendancy to be slightly better than the Dell, but it's only in benchmarks. At the eye, you won't see any differences. Both models are approximately the same, except the case ! I chose a Dell because my father had a deal with its company where he works. I got a 150 $ off with the deal and the HP ( Pavilion dv5000t in the past ) were arround 250-300 $ higher than the Dell. So you understand that I chose the Dell laptop. But If now I forget the deal and I buy me another laptop, I think I would choose a HP. My Dell is very nice, I aknolegde, but the HP has a better reputation. And the fact that my case is decoloring anoye me ...

Gaming performances, you'll need to make a little research on my friend google to compare the nVDIDIA Vs the ATi.