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CURRENT TRENDS: Best 1st-quarter MP3 player

What do you think is the best/up-and-coming HD MP3 player? What do you think the current trend is with HD MP3 players? Let me know what you think! Here's my take on the current MP3 player market:

Top companies in my opinion are iRiver, Creative, Archos, and Cowon. Archos only if you want their PMP (almost as small as the iPod and it plays MPEG-4?s!!). Creative?s Zen Touch is great, though it?s getting a little dated with all the new feature-laden MP3 Players coming out. iRiver has some slick designs (finally a cool-looking black MP3 Player!) and is the king of audio features, though the players are thicker than most. And Cowon has the extremely thin iAudio M3 (10% slimmer than iPod, what?), which, despite its lack of main LCD, is looking pretty attractive to me right now.

As for what?s on the horizon? haven?t heard anything about a Creative developing a new 20GB player yet (though I would certainly be interested considering the stellar battery life on the Zen Touch). iRiver?s H3XX series just came out so that?ll be the newest thing from them for a while. There is a lot of anticipation about Cowon?s next players, slated for first-quarter releases. The X5 will be similar to MP3/PMP crossovers that can play video and could turn out to be really hot. Cowon?s other to-be-released player, the M5(L), follows suit from the super thin M3, but supposedly boasts over 30 hours of battery life, unprecedented in the MP3 Player market. If this is on schedule to be released in March, I might just have to wait for it to come out.

Which player do you have the most anticipation for? Or is there already one out that kicks everyone else's ***?

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Creative Zen Micro

I bought my creative zen micro in dark blue from and like it alot. It's pretty small, nice lighting around the screen, and I have no complaints yet. I haven't used the ipod mini, but can't imagine anything better than the Zen. I really like how it fits your palm while too, unlike the mini which is long and straight in shape.

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too small

Come on man, 5GB is definitely too small for anybody who seriously listens to music. Unless you always want to be switching music in and out from your computer.

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5gb is plenty

Unless all you ever do is store all your music onto your mp3 player, 5gb is plenty. I have over 800 songs on my computer but I only listen to about 50. The rest haven't had a single listening-to for months or even years.

I don't really like the iPod mini because it's too long and too thin, they could've easily optimized it by making it a bit wider and shorter.

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You are the least stereotypical user on cnet.
Maybe you should be using a flash based media player if you only like 50 songs. But just so you know, you're probably the only one. I probably listened to 50 songs in the last 6 hours!

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serious listening

I agree Sharkky

I try to discover new music every day. I may not have the biggest collection, but I consume music quite steadily.

Flash or micro players are great for some people, but NOT for those who listen hardcore to music.

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zen micro

the zen micro for sure is the up and comer
also considering that creative made a press release planning to spend 100mil on advertising this year and release a new fleet of mp3 players.

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serious listening

or some of us listen hardcore to music but have it all on our computers so we can just switch it in and out and are actually hardcore ourselves and like to snowboard and run so its better to have a more durable and samller flash player or even micro (although that wouldn't fit the more durable)

could be that too, not sure...

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the x5L without a doubt. ive held off since xmas for this beauty. i dont think it can be beat for price and features, and ive researched a lot the last few months after discoverinng this gem.

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top mp3 players

The micro is the same price as the mini, extra gig, exchangable battery

The Iriver shows pics and movies, has a really nice color screen, but has one less gig than the 6 gig mini at the same price, but more in the box, which is all stuff youo need to buy with a mini anyway: case, $30-$40; plug $30, so you really get a better value anyway

the RCA 20 gig is a cheap alternative to the 20 gig ipod with everything you need in the box with a little more: car kit. Rocks.

30 gig creative at $220 is a fantastic deal, has a the accesories you need in the box, but maybe a little big for some

Zen for sporty people cuz its got rubber seams
Iriver for picture people for the color screen
RCA for cheapskates who want a lot more for their $
Nomad for people with a lot of music

And don't make fun of people just because they can't listen to 20 gigs of music, some people don't need it, most peopl couldn't fill it up if they tried. Whoever owns 700 cds has a hell of a time putting all of them on the computer in one sitting, but they do it.


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Toshiba Gigabeat.

I'd have to say this is my favourite player. Of all the ones I've tried out and whatnot, this has to be barnone the best one I've handled. Beautiful screen, great sound output, easy to use interface, and a slick design. I would say it's a great player to have. The only downside is its software. Otherwise, it's awesome.

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