CRM software for concierge financial management company?

My company is looking for a good, in-depth, CRM and workflow software solution to help our company service around 80 clients.

Our Priorities:

- CRM should have a Financial Advisor/Planning focus
- Affordable for 5-12 users
- High level of Security, specifically meeting SEC regulations
- Outlook integration
- iPhone capability
- Ability to track client relationships with each other (ie: same household) and their other financial professionals (ie, accountants, lawyers, etc)
- Workflow capabilities
- In-depth CRM capabilities (ability to track contact, meeting notes, phone logs and logging emails)
- Ability to see all open tasks and upcoming reminders and meetings in a user-friendly dashboard
- Ability to attach documents and images to client accounts
- Create tasks that can be assigned to multiple users, and once the task is completed it gets removed from EVERYONE's list
- Collaborative document and field editing
- Real-time updating data on all users computers
- Good customer service and training that is reasonable priced
- Reliability

Here are some of the systems we have looked at....
- for Wealth Managers
- Sugar CRM
- Junxure
- Zoho
- Redtail
- Salentica

Does anyone have ideas about what would be best for us?

Thanks so much!

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Reporting: CRM software for concierge financial management company?
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Clarification Request
Sorry but are you saying those met your needs?

If you looked at them, then you would have written your findings.

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RE: Clarification

We have looked at those options, but they all seem the same and we don't know if one of them or another product could fulfill all of those needs. Do you have any recommendations about what to use and how to meet these requirements?

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Re: looked

Then maybe you looked to superficially?

Seems like a thorough study of your needs and how hey could best be met by an application is a nice subject for a bachelor thesis for an Business or IT student. Isn't there any university nearby with students looking for a subject? It could even include implementation (like customising the package, writing procedures and manuals and training the users).

You can't expect the same amount of help here as offered by a professional consultant spending a few weeks with you or a student spending a few months.


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RE: looked

I think hiring someone to help us out would be the next step once we want to go beyond the basic functionality, but I just wanted to find out if anyone had recommendations for in-depth CRM, ideally with a financial focus.


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That financial focus ...

makes it more ERP, and less CRM. That probably makes for an interesting interface between your existing systems and your new CRM system.


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RE: Recommendation

We are a little bit worried about free CRM software because we have a lot of sensitive information that we want to be really secure. Plus we are willing to pay to an extent to have a really good system that would fit us.

We are also considering hiring someone to help us customize the software a bit eventually, but right now we are looking for what the best software would be to meet those above requirements. Any ideas?

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Its free because they are starting but i would say the software is quiet capable and could handle all sensitive information properly and securely and for any further customization you could contact them at

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OK, now that we read more from you. The Usual process.

The usual process seems to take a few roads. There may be more but I'm going to open up the curtains and let the light shine in.

1. We don't have IT staff.
For that you find them heading to Salesforce as they offer CRM Training and support for the companies that try to do without. I rarely find them go anywhere else HOWEVER you will find them holding committee meetings for many months.

2. The "our needs are special" company.
As a consultant you only need to agree, nod and then see if what you have can be used. There's a special variant of the "our needs are special" which is "any solution shall not have anything we don't need." When you hear that, you know they must be new to all this. This type needs special care and you may want to keep any costs in check as they may take a longer time to figure out it's OK to have features they won't use.

3. The "we'll write it ourselves" group.
This one is rare to encounter since they rarely ask around. Most of this really end up with some open source system and they change a few web pages and then proudly show off their work. Don't call them out on that as they tend to be explosive.

4. The never ending committee.
Be on the watch for the client that has been in a committee for years on this. It's often a sign of weak leadership and unless you see a change in leadership they rarely can move forward.

5. The overlord.
This one is surprisingly the easiest to work with. They'll speak their mind, tell you what they want or where you didn't make the grade. The only downside is they sometimes make a bad decision and can't change course. The more seasoned overlord will pull the plug on bad decisions and make changes.

Hope this helps you figure out what your client type is. There are more.

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RE: The usual process

Thanks for your input.

We do have very limited IT support, but are interested in finding the system that would meet our needs quickly and then jump into using it

We are happy to pay extra for training and customer service, but at this point I was really just looking for some recommendations on which software has the best potential to meet the above basic needs to narrow down our search. The stuff we have seen seems to be too sales and lead-focused and not in-depth enough...

You mentioned Salesforce and ClarkDanial mentioned Bingo, are those better at that?

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The one I mentioned

Is geared to the companies with no or entry level IT staffers. But at that point my discussion ends since Salesforce should pick up the conversation with you. If they won't talk now, that's a bad sign.

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RE: The usual process

We have had a couple of conversations with Salesforce, but we are a bit worried about going with them entirely because they don't seem to have very good customer support unless you pay a lot over the already pretty high prices. Also, they seem to be very sales-focused, and we would much rather have software with a concierge or in-depth focus.

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My experience is support does cost.

That's often why companies try the open source model. But support for that isn't free either.

It appears there is something you can ask up front with the representatives of the products now. I'm not going to give you the final question but you can word craft it as needed.

How does your CRM cater to concierge service use?


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RE: The usual process

Our Client Services team manages just about every aspect of the clients' financial lives, from paying their taxes, to helping them buy a new car, etc. It would be really helpful for the database to be able to contain a very deep and varied set of information for each client. I'm just not sure Salesforce is good for that.

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See Kees reply.

When I see questions like this, often it's the precursor to a discussion that such an endeavor would not be with top tier IT staffers. In fact, it would be better to staff the IT area with system designers and programmers. Those aren't cheap either.

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Re: information about clients

The main focus of CRM systems are registration of customers (including their addresses and contact persons) and the contacts (free text or coded) - this can involve integration with Outlook or your VOIP system, showing an overview of their orders and contracts from the ERP-system for the 'agents' to read, and do target group selections for mailings and e-mails. Workflow can be an extension.

As the name says (Customer Relations Management) their focus is on managing your relation and contacts, not on managing their business.
So your requirements for a part seem rather specific. And that makes selection easier, if such a program exists. It's only a problem if a lot of custom software must be made.


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A company I know that used Salesforce ...

had it installed, customised and extended (especially interfaces with their existing systems) by an independent IT-company specialising in Salesforce before they could sell ads (that's their business). Their own IT-staff is very competent making all kind of websites (that's where they sell the ads on), but hadn't the right experience to implement a CRM system.

Now they switched to SAP. That was an existing implementation that was customised and extended for them (mostly interfaces and GUI) by their sister company that already ran SAP for selling ads (and more).
But that's a totally other story.


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Software solution that may fit

Using the workflow feature of our solution, you can route documents electronically to help you automate your business processes. It also allows repository queries from your smartphone or tablet, and full functionality from it's web client.

Here's a link to the product description: Management.htmlsoid=1101412972277&aid=gSyDS_g6LyE

This solution has brought great efficiency to number of organizations just like yours. It will definitely be worth your time to take a look.

I look forward to hearing back from you to setup an online demo!

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