I can give you an example from marketing mngmt where you have it all.

Let's say I need to send a marketing campaign. And certainlky each campaign has its target audience. This never includes everyone.
I divide my database into segments. Then you can easily pick the respondents’ list based on specific criteria. I create my message right in the program. I use their advanced message editor, import my own HTML templates, and add as many attachments as I need.
After getting the job done, it’s time for evaluation. I usually choose the type of feedback I am looking for. I can find out the number of e-mails received and read, as well as the number of hyperlinks clicked. I also check how many respondents opted out or reasons why some messages were not delivered. But you can also keep track of the campaign financial rentability.
However you can do many other things such as connecting your marketing with sales or converting potential customers to deals and start selling.
Thanks to detailed statistics, you find out which respondents have shown interested into specific products. You can easily filter them and convert them to a request.

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