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Creative Zen vs. Apple Ipod Nano(new one!)

Nov 19, 2007 11:42AM PST

Which one wou you choose?

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Nov 20, 2007 12:16AM PST

I must admit, I love the look and feel of the new little iPod Nanos and was very tempted to try it out. But I just can't stand being locked into iTunes and the iPods don't have the greatest audio quality. The Creative Labs line of MP3 players on the other hand have great audio quality and for me at least, it's always all about the music. I've owned 5 ZENs now (and all 5 still work) so I went with the Zen 16GB version. Here's the sum up for me at least:

iPod: Well constructed, cute (several colors to choose from), trendy, TONS of aftermarket stuff but only 8GB, no expansion slot, locked in iTunes (doesn't work with other subscription music sites), smaller screen than the Zen.

Zen: Buttons not as nice as iPod click wheel, comes in black only, 16GB with SD expansion slot, larger screen, compatible with subscription music-to-go services like Napster and Rhapsody, excellent audio and video quality.

If you're young and trying to be trendy or you're used to iTunes and all that proprietary stuff than the new Nano might be for you - although I think the new iTouch is going to be the new, hot 'cool' item this season.

If you're a little older, don't like the whole Apple thing and just into a quality listening experience then the Zen - or many, many other choices out there - are a better way to go than the iPods in my opinion. CNET is raving about the new Zunes too but I stictly wanted a flash player and 16GB is more than enough for me especically when coupled with Napster-to-go, the service I chose.

There also seems to be a lot more problems and issues with iPods from the posts here but I'm sure a lot of that is probably just that there are SO many more iPods sold than all other mp3 players combined and is strictly a statistical thing.

Good luck!


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Nov 20, 2007 9:38AM PST

Thanks for the reply M. I don't have a problem with Creative at all. As a matter of fact I had a Creative Zen Microphoto and i really liked it unfortunately I lost it so that's why I'm looking for a new player.
Apple Ipod: Good software, easy to find accessories, slim and small.
Creative Zen: Not easy to find accessories, software was kinda of hard to use(i wouldn't know about the software that come with the Zen but the software that came with the Creative Zen Microphoto)

Any other thoughts? As you can see it's a split down the middle anyone else got other things to add and waht to lean toward sin terms of buying one?

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something different
Nov 20, 2007 8:37PM PST

i would personally stay away from the ipods because EVERYONE has one just like how everyone has the razr how lame very unoriginal. personally id go for the zen but i liked the Meizu m6 more so i went with that

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Nov 21, 2007 12:57AM PST

Creative Zen got a way better battery life, comparable sound quality. Besides that, you're not locked with iTunes (which I, personally, find horrid).

Other than these 2, Sony's NWZ-A818 is sweeet player. I've got one. Drag'n'drop, nice screen, superb audio quality (especially 'cause they've got a nice pair of headphones bundled), easy to use. Sturdy build, also. And awesome looks, not flashy, but classy.