That is one thing that I noticed with my Zen Touch (and several other touchpad operated players) as well. If you move your finger across the pad really fast (or really even just kinda fast) it will FLY though the songs and skip over hundreds of them. You have to take it a little slower when draging your finger across it. If you want to move one space you will have to make VERY slight movements on the pad. It may take a week to get used to it, but you will get used to it. I can use it pretty much seamlessly now.

As for the radio, you can do that with most any FM transmitters that aren't made specifically for ipod. Other than stuff designed specifically for ipod most FM transmitters just plug into any mp3 player in the standard headphone jack. You can get one just about anywhere. Search for FM transmitter and you will find plenty. You may want to double check the one you are going to buy, but most transmitters (other than the Belkin ones designed specifically for the ipod) will work with any player. Usually, if they are only for a specific player you will notice a shape made to fit that player (example is Belkin's iTrip for ipod).

Hope that helped.