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create a window with a message in it

how do i create a simple windows window with my own personal message in it so that when my roommate comes in to get on my computer i can tell him any useful information, and then he just clicks the OK button? do i just do this through command prompt?

i know that when there are multiple users on one computer, you can go to user accounts and message another user so that when they log on they are shown a window with the message. i want to do something like this but since this is my computer and i am the account on it, i want to be able to just make a window for the few times i know someone will be on it later.


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Well, the simplest way would be to use the messenger service, but the problem with that is that if you have it enabled, you'll likely end up getting spammed via it.

From a pragmatic perspective, you should probably just leave a written note by the computer, or tell the person(s) in person.

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that was useless. does anyone else know what i am talking about? making a simple window with a message in it then with an OK button just like the normal windows you see that say ok, cancel, minimize, close, etc?

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leave a note or just tell the person? thank you for the stunning answer, oh wise one.

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use Windows Group Policy Object Editor'

You may use 'Group Policy Object Editor' to do this. Click 'Start'> 'Run', input 'gpedit.msc'.

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2 quick options

1] Notepad.

Write your message in Notepad, save it somewhere, eg the Desktop, create a shortcut to it and place that shortcut in the Start > All Programs > Startup folder. It will open automatically on boot up.

2] Desktop wallpaper display.

Create your own image, (Paint should be good enough), with your message and set it as your Desktop Wallpaper.


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One liner?
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one liner

ok so how do i create my window? what is the command? do you have any experience programming?

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While I do write programs you must understand the code and should not use other's code blindly. I offered this script solution because it reduces the learning curve as well as drives it down to "one line." Frankly if it's not worth investing your time then it's likely not worth doing.

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Easiest way is to make use of the Registry assuming ...

your room mate will be logging onto the computer. Next easiest is to use the suggestions offered by Mark using Notepad.

The registry solution is through the LegalNoticeCaption key of the Windows Logon. This link steps you through it -

Since the text of the message would be subject to change, I would recommend creating the message first then exporting the key as a registry file to your desktop where you can easily edit the text of the message then merge it with the registry. DO BE AWARE that while the link above correctly tells you how to do it, it incorrectly mentions "HKEY_CURRENT_MACHINE" which should be "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE"

If you copy EVERYTHING below that is between the rows of asterisks including the blank line at the end, but NOT the asterisks themselves, and past it into Notepad then save it on your desktop as LegalNoticeCaption.reg you will have what you want. Of course you will need to edit the BOLDED TEXT in the example to what you want your message to be. All that is left is to double click the file after editing the text to place the message in front of your roommate when he or she logs on.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]
"LegalNoticeCaption"="HELLO (or whatever other title you want)"
"LegalNoticeText"="This is where you place the text message you want but do not change anything else."


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rigistry bs

i stopped reading at "your room mate will be logging onto the computer." because my roommate is not logging onto the computer. there is only 1 account, mine. the screen goes idle, and all he does is move the mouse and sit down. i want a window so that he can see my message:

open notepad.
type: msgbox "Hi, this was easy."
save as VB script (.vbs)
save as type all files.
open the new file which opens in a window displaying the message, click ok to close the message.

This is what I was looking for. I don't know how everyone got so caught up in other things, but thanks anyway. I went to a different forum and the first reply was able to help me.

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Just so you know.

VBS is sometimes blocked on machines so it's not always an option. All the replies above gave alternatives and do indeed work.

You seem to be intent on deriding any and all here. I'm not going to allow this in this forum.


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I will just add

Nowhere in your posts did you adequately describe that this was a 'return from screensaver'. You said;

"when my roommate comes in to get on my computer".

That's why we assumed your roommate would be logging on. I wonder how you described this in the other forum where you got such a quick reply that was acceptable to you.

Such failure to fully state the situation has wasted our time.

Discussion re-locked.


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