CPU Temperature

Hi, I am getting slighty worried about my idle temperature and my temperature while streaming+gaming...
I've used google and searched for average temp and people are giving alike answers with what my temperatures are but I'd like to check just in case...
So I run i7 7700k with TX3 EVO Air Cooler (Cooler Master) and every single program I used shows idle temperature of 40 celsius, is this temperature fine for idling i7 7700k or am I just too paranoid?
Room temperature is around 25-35celsius
While playing Skyrim Special Edition (Ultra settings) and streaming with OBS on Twitch my temperature peaked at 72celsius and I immediately shut down the stream as I got super paranoid, are these normal temperatures?
CPU is running on 4.2ghz
Edit: Just ran Prime95 for 10 minutes and peak temperatures were 83celsius on one of the cores...

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Seems a little hot but not

But not going to kill the CPU. Why not leave the cover off for a test run and think about a better cooler?

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I’ll try...

I’ll try in the morning, I got idle temp wrong for 2celsius but it’s still around 38-40 at idle
Honestly because my country is robbing people and I payed for TX3 EVO 50e while everywhere else it’s 20e...
At the moment cannot afford to buy a better cooler and do not intend on delidding my i7 7700k as I’m afraid of messing up... How bad is this looking at long term, let’s say for a few months, since I plan on getting a new cooler?
In every other game I get 60 celsius while gaming, in some ofcourse less cpu hungry games get even lower temps...
To take a note, this happend after 3 hours of streaming Skyrim Special Edition and only time I saw it go that high up... Is this really a big time CPU killer?

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Safe ... just barely

If your room temperature was several degrees cooler then your cpu temperature would be several degrees cooler. Can you cool the room down?
As things stand, the temps. you're getting are reasonable, but you don't want them to go much higher. 72 deg. C. under the conditions you mentioned is OK. Prime 95 is designed to tax your system to the max. As you've noticed, it runs cooler than that when you're gaming!
Have you blown the dust out recently with a can of compressed air aimed at the heatsink/fins of the cpu and the GPU? Can you add an additional front intake fan or run existing fans a little faster? A better cpu cooler would be nice, but only if it's affordable for you.

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I got compressed air and Arctic CPU Thermal Paste, I'll completely clean my PC and check if it performs any better...
There are 2 intake sys fans and one at the back of the case and one on top, 2 intake on front 2 outtake on back...
GPU rarely goes above 50 celsius but CPU is always hitting 60 while streaming/ gaming...
atm not really interested in wasting aditional 100e for CPU cooler but in future I will for sure!
2 fans are 4pin and I can control their rpm but 2 others are 3pin and are running on default rpm set by MOBO so...
Case is NZXT s340 and Mobo is z270k Asus Prime

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Fan Speed

For the record I'm not running CPU fan neither case fans at full speed, I'm letting MOBO determinate their speed, at full speed I'd get 50ish celsius while gaming but than again is it good to let fans work 100% ?

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(This would be Skyrim SE everything Maxed out on 3500 bitrate x264 preset (veryfast, high profile) 720p 60fps P.S Dropped 186 frames via OBS due the ISP being trash (If you notice lag) there's no in-game lag.

So as a temporary solution I'll be getting another CM Blade 92 x 92 x 25mm for my TX3 EVO but I plan on getting Cooler Master 240 Liquid Cooler (newest one not sure of a model). Since it's 60e cheaper than Kraken x62 which my brother had bad experience with.
Gonna put new Thermal Paste and gonna clean PC from Dust! Happy
Gonna post in 2 days results since I am too tired to go for it now...
(Footage is just streamed.)

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