can cover a vast range of demands on computer hardware, from virtually none such as word processing to huge for extensive graphics work and top level gaming.

My opinion regarding Intel CPU's is to use an Intel chipset. They normally get it right the first time. I usually see that VIA or NVIDIA always seem to need a second try. Very easy to find which mobo's, chipset match which CPUs.

If you want details go to <> or <> and read the articles where they compare mobo's for a certain chipset CPU combo.

AMD users have little choice because AMD doesn't make chipsets. Then you get VIA, NVIDIA, SIS and yes, their second versions are excellent usually.

Many will not agree with me.

For 32 bit CPU's, I also favor Intel because although they also run hot they have superior builtin thermal controls to prevent the chip from frying. AMD does it right in the 64 bit CPU's.