CPU and GPU go to 100% usage constantly

Hi guys.
I have a PC with
-i5 3570k
-gtx 660
-Corsair CX600

I have been playing games and once in like 5 minutes my CPU and GPU go to 100% and then they drop together( so no bottlenecking), that causes the game to stop like 5 seconds and then I can continue. This happens also when I use editing softwares, it feels like my cpu goes very fast to high percentages.
Maybe it has to do with the temperatures, but when gaming my gpu is 70 degrees and cpu 50 degrees.

Please help me and thank you in advance

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Reporting: CPU and GPU go to 100% usage constantly
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Open task manager and sort by cpu usage.
Let it sit in the task bar.
Now go on with your other usage.
When you get this high usage flip over to task manager and see if there is a clue.

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Thank you

Thank you very much for your answer.
I already did this a lot of times and the only thing I see is that when I get a lagg, the cpu goes to 100% and then it drops. I don't really know how you can see a 'clue' there.

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Task manager

You need to click on processes.
Then sort on cpu usage.
When this problem occurs flip over to TM and see what process is using the cpu.

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It is logical that the process of the game/program that I'm using uses the CPU, but what I'm saying is that it isn't normal that with this kind of CPU and GPU this problem occurs.

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That's why

You need to start sniffing around when this problem occurs.
See if you can find a clue.

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Link for you
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That cpu usage may be normal in some game.

Processes, I don't game on this w7 machine so my process count floats between 25/26 when I use the machine.

Your process count says you have a lot of stuff loaded or enabled.

Review that area and ask yourself if you really need this running/enabled all the time.

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Not that kind of user

Thank you for your answer. I'm not that kind of person that opens a lot of programs at the same time, I close all the programs I don't need. Like when I play a certain game, I close all background programs. So the pc hasn't a lot of tasks to do other then runn

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Not that kind of user

Thank you for your answer. I'm not that kind of person that opens a lot of programs at the same time, I close all the programs I don't need. Like when I play a certain game, I close all background programs. So the pc hasn't a lot of tasks to do other then running the game, in this case. My cpu goes to 100% even when my pc isn't even overloaded.

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Unneeded stuff

Your speccy shows java you need that?
If not uninstall the product.

Clean master.
No idea what that is.
Do you need that?
If not uninstall it.

It's all just a matter of slowly making the machine smaller.
None of it may have anything to do with your problem.
It's just a matter of going through the stuff that's running and asking yourself do I need this running.

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No virus

Btw virus is not the cause of the problem, because I did a scan with Microsoft Essentials Security Antivirus and with MalwareBytes and it didn't change anything.

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The other area to check

Is your Speccy report. Noted at

I use this to give the machine a quick look over and for some reason I find a lot of iffy drives. When the game goes to read from the drive, you can see it go 100% if the drive is not in perfect health. It takes some time to understand SMART HDD values but the basics are you don't want to see read errors, sector reallocations and such.

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Thank you for your answer
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Did you notice the HDD's read error rate?

It's a sign there is trouble there. I'm going to be back in a few hours for a better look but don't leave USB drives plugged in or a disk read/write there will create odd delays too.

The GPU is a tad warm so while gaming it could go overtemp and in defense drop clock rates and get your 100% load issue.

How long since the machine was deep cleaned with canned air? Canned air and it's use is on the web so I pause here.

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Some months ago

I cleaned it a year ago, maybe it is time to do it again and to change the thermal paste. But please let me know more after you have taken a better look at it.

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The title meant to be: a year ago

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Did you notice the HDD's read error rate? (2nd question.)

It does look to be in trouble as those read errors if they happen will drag the machine down.

Also, a year ago is too long. Get out the canned air and give the internals a good cleaning.

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Thank you, but..

what do you mean by ' Did you notice the HDD's read error rate?' ? So the problem is the HDD?

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I want to be clear here.

I can't write "this is the problem." I can only look at the clues and make an educated guess. I hope this clears up why I rarely write what it is but write what is suspect.

From the report the WD HDD has some issues that match symptoms.
You also have the GPU pretty toasty at a time I'd expect a little less heat.

Given it's been a year since you cleaned it, it's time. Also the HDD being suspect, can you run the PC without that and the USB drives?

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I will put that game in the ssd and try and see what happens. But I have the editing program 'Sony vegas 13' in the ssd but same problem happens there. But for the editing I use videos that are stored in the hdd... Could that be the cause for that?

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Same ideas.

We know HDD read errors can be cause for this as well as the overly warm GPU. Moving the game to the SSD is a good idea but to be sure, you have to unplug the HDD SATA cable to remove it from the test. Many reasons but I fear I'm repeating myself and may upset some.

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Thank you

Thank you very much dear Proffitt for the fast answers and help.I will buy thermal paste and canned air to make the inside of the pc a little bit better. I will also unplug the HDD and test that. I will let you know more after eveything is done . Thank you again

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Thermal paste is good for years.

The two items look to be the HDD read errors and the GPU temp when I think it should be lower due to what's going on at the time.

Is there a reason you are replacing the compound? I would have just done the canned air cleaning unless there was more to the story. Yes, the GPU is dated but for now, there are only two things that stand out.

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Second hand pc

Actually, this pc is second hand and when I bought it the seller advised me to change the thermal paste. I thought that thermal paste is good for years, as you said. But now that the gpu gets high temperatures, maybe if after cleaning it doesn't help a lot then I will change the thermal paste.

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