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Could you live without your cell phone? Why or why not?

-- Absolutely! I've done so in the past, so I can definitely do without it all over again. (What if there was an emergency?)

-- No way! This is my main point of contact and I feel naked without it. (What if you were in a dead zone?)

-- I don't own no stinkin' cell phone, never have and never will! (Why not?)

-- Maybe. It really depends.(Please explain.)

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I dont own a cell phone

I dont own a cell phone and dont want one, I get to many phone calls at home. I see people in resturants, driving down the road, walking, running, useing the cell phone in any situation one can think of. Sometimes I go out with friends and thier phone is ringing all the time, I think it is rude.

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I have a lot of sympathy with your sentiments.

I don't have a cell phone either.

When I am out and about, driving, shopping, socialising, etc, I don't want people phoning me all the time.

But then, they don't phone me on my land line at home either............. Sad


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Call them.
Sad Try calling them. A lot of people are waiting to be called you'll be surprised how glad they are you made the effort. Just a thought.
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Thanks for that

Trouble is, every time I call them, they don't answer.

I'm guessing they have "Caller Display"! Devil


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Don't own one

Don't want one --companies are screwing the hell out of consumers. How about call timeing??

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Not necessary except in emergencies

I think it is about time the lawmakers start cracking down on cell phone use in theaters, restaurants, driving in the car (with the exception of the phones that allow you to keep both hands on the wheel with an earset and microphone) schools and colleges, and so much more.

Do we really have to, as a society, have to stay so connected that we disrupt each other? I actually saw a pedestrian get hit by someone in my home area last summer because the driver was talking on her cellphone and did not pay attention to her driving. Fortunately, the guy wasn't hurt even though he walked with a cane. The lady kept giving me a dirty look like "That guy should have been watching out for me". Sorry, but she should have been the one looking - no excuse. Driving is a privilege, not a right.

She did not even bother to see if the guy was all right.

And you know what is the biggest joke of all? People who use them to squeal to the police about anything, anything at all. I actually know of someone who does this, even for parking violations. Emergencies, I can see, but to squeal on someone? Some people need to get a life.

I get so ticked off when people's cell phones ring, especially in my classes. They are told to turn them to vibrate, but many of them don't.

The point I'm making is this: having information is nice, but at what price?

To me, this is a situation similar to the old Chicago song dealing with people's obsession with time. I wonder if the writer and singer of "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? has ever thought about writing a song about what I consider an obsession to "stay connected"

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Hands Free Cell Phone Use

Hands free is no answer. Ever try to have a telephone conversation and follow a television show simultaneously???? You lose track of what's happening on the TV, no matter how interested you are. That's a very dangerous possibility when driving a car and talking on a cell phone at the same time. You can't give your attention equally to each activity, and I believe, the cell phone wins the attention game. With all the studies carried out, I'd be curious as to how many car accidents involve cell phones.

If you were home watching your favorite TV show and received a telephone call from a friend, you would call them back. It's funny that you can't concentrate on the TV and phone, but it's OK to try to concentrate on driving and talking on a cell phone.

I think cell phones are great if used sensibly. I get the biggest kick out of folks shopping at the market or a department store having this really personal conversation on their cell phone, at the top of their lungs. They don't realize that everyone else can hear what they're saying. Just for fun, I jump into the conversation. Of course, I'm not usually welcomed! However, I feel if they can intrude on my air space, I can join their conversation.

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911 can be called from a deactivated cell phone.

I am a retired senior surviving on a low social security income.
I can not possibly afford a cell phone!
I ride a bicycle and carry a fully charged, powered off, inactive
cell phone that was given to me free. I can call 911 only
so far I have not needed to.

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Cell Phones weren't handed down by Moses

What many people forget is that cell phones are a fairly recent technological innovation, though readers under 25 may not remember a time where there were not cell phones. People were able to survive quite well for most of history without cell phones. While they're a convenient and at times a life saver, my chief gripe is people's over dependence on them. They drive distracted talking on them, they use them in all the wrong places to hold conversations such as movies, restaurants, church services, even while using the bathroom (a favorite gripe of phone center employees). What I miss is the lack of one-on-one, face-to-face communication. I've begun to feel that I know fewer people because it's hard to meet new people in or outside of work. Many people, when they have any free time at all, have a phone stuck to their face so it's hard to talk to someone you might like to meet. I think the phone is a way that many people use to avoid having to make social contacts with others. In this way I think it's not a beneficial technology to us.

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cell phones are technology ....

Bottom line, cell phones are a great technology, when if used correctly stand to do more good than harm. They are great for the elderly because they are close to their person, in case an emergency occurs this may save their life. The same goes for campers, or the business person on the go. But not for the yappy teen in the mall, or those folks visiting a restaurant, you know, the lady behind you who is speaking to her girlfriend about what "does not matter".

It's your choice, but just make a wise choice either to use or not to use. If you use a cell phone then put up with the charges, and if you don't like charges, then dump the cell for good! whatever you do, don't use it in a restaurant, or library, etc.


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I have One

I have a cell and I also CHOOSE to leave it at home many times when I go out. Reason, I do not want to be tracked, followed, anoyed, sometimes you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. They have land lines if I need to contact you I will reach you...otherwise...

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After getting a work phone and leaving my personal mobile phone at home, I noticed that none of the messages over the past months were worth the retrieval cost. Not being bothered over inconsequential nonsense every ten minutes gives you back the ability to enjoy the things you're doing now. You also realise how rude you must have been when you interrupted a friend or colleague to take that call that could have waited until you got home. If you're a giggly teenager, then sure: that inconsequential bs IS your life. If you consider yourself a grownup, leave the mobile off. It's liberating.

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Do not tie me up

I am not a dog. I won't wear a leash. A cell phone is nothing more than an electronic leash.

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Never found a need for a cell phone

I too, do not have a cell phone. I can think of nothing worse than endless persons, mindlessly calling my cell phone. I like peace and quiet when I am outside walking, driving, and particularly, in movie houses and restaurants.
Since I often use public transport I am constantly amazed at people answering cell phones. The topic of conversations leaves a lot to be desired. " What is the weather like?" " I am now on the bus."
" I am sitting in the doctors surgery waiting." ( Very useful information - I don't think.)
I shudder to think what idiot text messages travel to and fro, since it is not possible to text a foolscap page of real news and information!
The really annoying folks are those that walk along busy city streets, head bowed over, whilst they are texting some other fool, willing to read. They constantly bump into you as they are lost in morbid concentration.

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Too Funny

I'm sorry, but, what you posted made me laugh so hard...I really enjoyed sound so crabby there...LOL.....thanks for making my day...BColletti

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Now I could not

It is wonderful to think that an item that you are able to carry in your hand is able to keep you in touch with the world. Information is important in these times.

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Cell phone

Cell phone is a very useful,when u r out cell is the only medium to contact with u. Moreover its very urgent for the contact.

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i can't live without cellphone, cellphone has become one part of our life, we use it communicating with each other.It helps us do many things.

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it kinda depends

in my every day to day life then no i couldn't live without one, a while back my home landline was getting rang lots by kids in the middle of the night as a prank i therefore put my answering machine on all the time so i never answer the line i instead just pick up my messages and respond to the ones i feel need a response.

because of this my mobile is the only way anyone can get hold of me, well there is email but there again thats only when i can get to a computer and check it so it is no difference to the answering machine.

now if i am in a dead zone then tough i am in a dead zone if i have to make a call then i have to move to a place where i can get a signal if im in a dead zone and someone calls me then my philosophy is "if it is important they will call back later".

if i went on holiday then i turn my mobile phone off and leave it at home as i am on holiday and have no intention of speaking to anyone except the staff at the hotel or whoever i am on holiday with if someone from home needs to speak to me urgently there are things called airplanes they can get on to come and find me.

hope this helps.


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I agree

Anybody I want to talk to calls me on my cell. Everybody else calls my landline. If they are worth calling back I do. Usually it's the doctor's office reminding me of an appointment -- answering machine can handle that just fine. My cell is how I keep in contact with my children and my business clients.

Like Stuart, I usually vacation where there isn't cell phone service, and I turn my phone off when I'm anywhere it is inappropriate to be on the phone. And I most definately do NOT have conversations such as the one I had to endure at the airport where a young New York woman gave a blow by blow of how her sexual encounter the night before was interrupted by her mother, and the creepy girl who wanted to dirty dance with her at the party preceeding her tete a tete. Followed by a cheerful not so detailed conversation with her father. THOSE kinds of calls need to be done out of earshot of the rest of us please, thank you.

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I have one

I have a cell phone but very few people have my cell phone number. I use it when necessary. I don't like having everybody hearing my phone conversations so I rather talk on the phone in the comfort of my apt. Also I think it is unnecessary to have to talk on the phone all day 24/7. Remember there was a time when we had to wait to go home to talk on the phone and we didn't suffer for it.

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Cell phones live with them or without them

yes I could do without it. But I do find it useful. especially in a day that pay phones are becoming fewer and farther inbetween not to mention more expensive to use. I do wish that Satelite phones were as inexpensive because I would rather have one of those. Here in the northeast where I live as in alot of ruaral America cell networks suck and there are far more dead spots than there should be. where if you have site of the sky satelite phones work anywhere.. For nothing more than the fact that because of the emergency factor States should pass laws and mandate complete State Wide Cell Phone Coverage. Accident coverage especially with the GPS tracking in cell phones now would be much better, life saving factor alone out weighs any cell tower complaint from tree huggers !!! Finally Cell Phones suck, but they are a very useful tool..

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Wireless phones and the hookup.

The best thing about cellular phones is that it makes you look so important when you talking to someone on it. I mean all those teenage girls must really be important to have to talk on the phone instead of driving while on the road. But I don't limit the limit of importance to teenage girl, plenty of Mighty important men seem to think that a phone in there hand makes them better drivers. If it was up to me I would make talking and driving an offense as serious as drinking and driving.

As far as living without a cell phone, I could do it but I have had a cellular phone since 1991. It was a bag phone and it plugged into my car lighter and had about a 1 pound battery to use when not in the car.

That was so cool to be able to call anyone from anywhere in town while everyone else was stuck to a land line. Suckers.....

Anyway back to the use of cellular phones and teen agers, I remember having to be at home in order to talk to all my friends for the hours we did back then. Anyone remember the concept of the teenager's phone in the phone book?

I think the whole idea of the phone from home makes it more dangerous for kids that are not really paying attention to what they are doing as the drive or walk or who they are talking around. the concept of bad people out there is foreign concept to most teenagers.

basically like several others have said here, I have lived with it before but back then we had phone booths and pay phones. That's a throw back isn't it, a PHONE BOOTH. maybe in a museum now.

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Cell Phones are essential for long-distance commuters

Without the cell phone, time in the car commuting is "dead time."
With the cell, I stay connected with my family, and with the office (when needed). The cell also helps w/ scheduling events without taking time either from the home or, from the office.

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You are one of my pet peeves

Why should the rest of us suffer while you are paying more attention to you cell phone than you are to your driving. Shame that you have all that "dead" time and you are so important that the other drivers and the pedestrians have to do the watching that you are too involved with yourself to manage. Besides it is illegal to drive and use the cell at the same time. are you also above the law?

I have been almost hit by 3 drivers like you crossing the street and the cab I was in was hit by another idiot on the cell who wasn't watching what was happening. Thank God we were stopped at the light at the time or it could have been disastrous.

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The Law

Talking on cell phones is not illegal everywhere....

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I could but don't want to

....give up my cellphone. First, I live in a rural/country area. We have a small school district, but schools are as much at 18 miles apart. My granddaughter, age 12, lives with me. For basketball, cheerleading practice, etc, they are bussed to different gyms. Schedules change and she can call me & tell me about the change. No pay phones at the school.

But I first got one about 10 years ago when my husband became ill, and the only way he could be at home alone was to be able to reach me 24/7. He could call my cellphone even if the office phone was busy.

Distance travel here is normal. We have great tower coverage from Alltel. People from other cities come here who use Cingular, Verizon, etc - cannot use their cellphones, but I can go to their city and mine still works.

Usage: Now that he has passed away, my cellphone is off at the office. I do not drive talking. I'm an insurance agent and believe me have had clients involved in accidents talking on their cellphones. They are so embarrassed when they have to tell what happened. Besides it is rude to other drivers who have to watch out for the "talkers."

If I am having a conversation with someone and they answer their cellphone and do not tell the other party they will call back, I just walk away. If I have mine on and it rings, I look to see who it is and do not answer. I can call them back. Unless! Unless I am expecting a call from the granddaughter about picking her up, but I always say, "Please excuse me for a minute. It's XXXX and I need to know where and when to pick her up." and then keep the conversation very short.

X number of hours of "celliquette" should be required of anyone owning a cellphone. They have their place and usage. Unfortunately not everyone has been clued in about that.

And speaking of cell service, Alltel has been very good to me: replacing a phone that had orange juice spilled on it (I didn't do it); replacing a phone that didn't seem to be working properly, etc.


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Cell phone use at the wheel, legality and logic.

If one takes the time to check over driving regulations in most areas, using a cell phone or anything that distracts from the main task at hand (driving safely) is illegal although it is not enforced as frequently as it should be. As cell phone users who drive and use their phones are about four times as likely to have an accident as good drivers, it would be great to see the law clamp down on them to make the roads safer for everyone.

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Dream on!

j. . .although I agree with you, where I live in NY it is illegal to drive and talk on the phone. If one has the stomach to pay attention, they would notice that more people than ever are talking and driving at the same time. Perhaps they are too stupid to notice that god gave someone the smarts to invent the Bluetooth headset for hands free phone usage.If the police in this state would enforce the law rather than spending all their time talking on their own phones while driving at the speed of sound, things would change and quickly. $50.00 bucks for a headset is far cheaper than a $150.00 fictional fine......Dream On stickmann100!!!

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what about bluetooth?

i was reading the replys on hear and i am now going to rant a bit, yes talking on a cell phone can be dangerous to other people on the road to whom you are not fully paying attention to, i don't know what the laws are over there in the states but here in the UK it is ok to use a cell phone (we call them mobile phones here) as long as you are using a hands free / bluetooth headset and not picking up the actual phone unit itself.

now then i dont drive because i have a visual impairment and am registered blind however i would imagine that using a cell phone with or without bluetooth causes no more distraction to a drivers concentration than them listening to the radio which occassionally involves them changing stations regardless of whether the controls are conveniently built into the steering wheel or not for those few seconds the driver is distracted just as much as they would be if they had picked up the cell phone unit and put it to there ear.

also another distraction is having passengers in your car your bound to end up talking to them and yet again that means the driver still isnt concentrating 100% on the road whats more talking to a driver while they are driving and them talking back to you is advertised as being ok by all those great hollywood movies thus sending out the message that its ok to distract drivers while they are driving which means these big hot shot movie producers are in fact encouraging people to break the law now shouldnt the police do something to make movie producers stop glamourising the distraction of a driver?

and if you really wanna get technical on the law lets talk about why it is illegal to be under the influence of alchole or drugs while driving yet it is perfectly legal to use bluetooth while driving even though it is flooding your brain with radiation that damages brain cells and could effectively have just as much of a debilitating effect on your ability to drive as the alchole or drugs would have had?

the way i see it the law is a bunch of ever contradictory nonsense that really needs to be thoroughly analysed and completely redesigned from the drawing up but hey thats just my opinion what do you guys think?


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