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Could KIM be so dumb

As to take a shot at an US plane flying in international air space?
I hope not.

Kim and Trump with their big mouths have painted themselves into a corner.

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(NT) And isn't that "corner" called ... the Earth?

In reply to: Could KIM be so dumb

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In reply to: And isn't that "corner" called ... the Earth?

If this goes nuclear or other it's going to be a big mess.
A problem is neither of these leaders have any "trench time".
They sit in their splendid office and push chess pieces around the board and then say GO.

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In reply to: Corner

explain to me how much 'trench time' BO or Bill Clinton ever had so that your constant barrage regarding what you believe is Trump's incompetence can have some semblance of credibility.

Both of those I mentioned allowed continued attacks and threats to go unanswered (other than BO's statement to Putin to 'cut it out' regarding hacking)

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In reply to: Please........

BO Clinton FDR and others are not the prez.

Why can't you turn off that grudge list you have?

Look at what's happening today, not years ago.

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It's exactly BECAUSE of

In reply to: Re;Please

what happened years ago that we have to deal with those results. You absolutely refuse to recognize that FACT and instead find every opportunity to bash Trump.....however, I would be interested in knowing from you exactly WHAT you find that he's done that's actually hurt this country so far. NOT your OPINION, but deal with actual evidence and facts, please and convince me that you 'ignore' whatever and will 'wait and see', since you don't seem to be 'waiting and seeing' at all.

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In reply to: It's exactly BECAUSE of

GWB....Iraq.........big mess.
BO.....Libya.....big mess.
Trump....NK.....might turn into a big mess.

Trump has not done anything to hurt the country.
Other than cancel a few of BO's EO's he's done nothing.
None of what he campaigned on has moved forward.

Trump is a self centered person with ideas that sound good to his base.
He tosses the idea to congress to fill in the blanks.
When it fails he blames congress.

I don't need to wait to see that, it's happening today.

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And other than EO's

In reply to: Re;because

BO go nothingt HE campaigned on except Obamacare in 8 years and it took TWO of those years to accomplish it without any bipartisan support, Bob. That's what I'm talking about....Trump has been in office for 8 months, and you've been trash talking him nearly every day. CONGRESS is the ONLY LEGAL recourse he has to get his agenda passed....if THEY fail to do what THEY campaigned on, it IS their fault.

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Re; EO's

In reply to: And other than EO's

You are correct BO had no bipartisan support.
The repubs clearly said make BO a one term prez.
If BO wants it the answer is No.
So BO was forced into those EO's.
At least the dems are/were willing to talk to the repubs about health care.
The repub answer....NO

When Trump ran for prez I did not think he had the temperament for the job.
So far he has not done anything to change my opinion.
Trump is a self centered person who cares about one thing......Trump.
If he does not get his way......'your fired'.

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I don't know what country you were

In reply to: Re; EO's

living in when BO was elected, but you are dead wrong on most if not all of your statements. Mitch McConnell is the ONLY person in Congress to make the statement that he was going to try to make BO a one-term president and BO was already into his second year, during the 2010 elections before McC said it during an interview. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2017/01/11/when-did-mitch-mcconnell-say-he-wanted-to-make-obama-a-one-term-president/?utm_term=.4da5d934e4d0

As for the healthcare bill, there was ONE CSPAN meeting between BO and Republicans regarding healthcare where BO was supposed to be taking input from those members.....he not only publicly insulted John McCain by making the remark "John, the race is over and I won" which shut down any comments McCain might have contributed, but he also insulted Cantor (a financial genius regarding Obamacare) by dismissing and refusing to answer any questions or respond to any criticism regarding the numbers that Cantor proved would show Obamacare to be a disaster in the making and that it would fail in the first ten years or less.

That was the LAST time BO or ANY Democrats had anything to do with having Republicans put any input into Obamacare or any other bills they wanted to present.

BO was NEVER forced into EO's either.........he CHOSE to do EO's because although, especially after the Republicans gained control over the House, the House passed numerous bills, BO either publicly stated that he would VETO them if the Senate passed them because they weren't what HE wanted, or he had Reid directed to pocket any 'iffy' bills that MIGHT have had Dem support enough to pass them so they never reached his desk for signature in the first place. That way they could constantly cry 'we have a do nothing Congress because of Republican pushback', and it was all bull.

Talk about self-centered.......can you at least admit that you are describing BO and that he only cared about one thing.......his legacy. But his legacy has come close to destroying this country, and you cannot say the same for Trump because you have already admitted that he hasn't done ANYTHING to harm it.

Now....you mention EO's and laws/bills/legislation. Let's do a comparison. In June of this year, it was noted that Trump had already signed into law more bills than past presidents in the same six month period. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/jun/10/president-trump-has-signed-more-bills-into-law-tha/

However, as of two weeks ago, the House had passed over 244 bills that got sent to the Senate that are STILL waiting for a vote. The House is doing THEIR job....the SENATE is filled with 'never Trumpers' and Democrats who absolutely refuse to move this country forward and will pay the price for their inaction after years of promises that if they have the House (they got it) and if they get the Senate (they got it) and if they got the Oval Office (they got it), we would finally see the country turn around. NONE of this is Trump's fault that they lied to their voters just to hang onto 'good ole boy' politics.

Temperament? Do you think BO or the LIAR could have done any better knowing both houses of Congress weren't going to help them with their liberal/progressive crap when it's obvious none of it has worked for the last 8 years?

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RE: Mitch McConnell is the ONLY person in Congress to make t

In reply to: I don't know what country you were

Mitch McConnell is the ONLY person in Congress to make the statement that he was going to try to make BO a one-term president

THAT'S right...HE was the ONLY ONE to make the statement...and the statement HE made was

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell summed up his plan to National Journal: “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

WE want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.


I want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.
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And NOBODY in Congress

In reply to: RE: Mitch McConnell is the ONLY person in Congress to make t

backed him up.

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In reply to: I don't know what country you were

I gave my opinion of Trump.
He is self centered, thin skinned and says stuff before he thinks.
He has the 'I'm the boss mentality'.
I can say or do anything I want.
He is ill suited for the job.
FWIW.....I did like like Clinton either.

Bin that grudge list, BO is NOT the prez.

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In reply to: Trump

"He is self centered, thin skinned and says stuff before he thinks."

How many times did BO do exactly what you are accusing Trump of? Cambridge, Treyvon, OWS, BLM, Muslim Brotherhood, etc? He jumped to a conclusion and spoke before facts were known and STILL kept doing it by giving SUPPORT to causes he personally felt were 'the right thing to do' crap. And it cost people their lives, Bob........

You constantly say BO isn't the prez.....but he did large amounts of damage around the world and to this country and you are literally letting him off the hook for it.

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In reply to: Really???

BO is not the prez.
Bin your grudge list.
It must be tough to live with all the pain you have.

You'll accept anything a prez does as long as they are not a liberal dem.

I'd be posting the same thing about a liberal dem if they where acting like TRUMP............I don't care about dems or repubs.

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You say you don't care

In reply to: Re;Really???

but your words prove otherwise.....especially when you have no proof of what you claim to fear about Trump.

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RE:no proof

In reply to: You say you don't care

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Thin skinned is proof?

In reply to: RE:no proof

Of What????????

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In reply to: You say you don't care

My words are about the current admin, dem or repub does not matter.
What I fear about Trump is his big mouth and his I'm the boss attitude is going to get us into a mess in NK.

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So we weren't already in a mess

In reply to: Words


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RE: So we weren't already in a mess

In reply to: So we weren't already in a mess

So we weren't already in a mess in NOKO BEFORE Trump?

According to TheRUMP it's been a mess for 25 years...AND it's because of Little Rocket Man

However...little Rocket Man is approx 33 years old...SO when Little Rocket Man was 8years old(25 years ago)...he was a REALLY Little Rocket Man?

HIS tweet

Being nice to Rocket Man hasn't worked in 25 years, why would it work now? Clinton failed, Bush failed, and Obama failed. I won't fail.

Change his claim to" Being nice to North Korea"

Someone should correct TheRUMP, but then HE would BAN them from the twitterverse...Him with the "thin skin"

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In reply to: So we weren't already in a mess

Yes we were in a mess.
Having a war of words with Kim just makes Kim stronger.
He can now better justify to his people the need for nukes.
The words paint both leaders into a corner with little wiggle room.

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(NT) "got"

In reply to: Re;because

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If we'd not gone into Iraq

In reply to: Re;because

then by now BOTH Iraq and Iran would have nukes and probably already used them on each other.

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Re; If we'd not gone into Iraq

In reply to: If we'd not gone into Iraq

Perhaps but what does that have to do with the US?
Are we suppose to be the world's policeman?
If they had nuked each other would that not have solved 2 problems at the same time?

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In reply to: Re; If we'd not gone into Iraq

Pakistan has a nuke, Iran has a nuke, do we need more Muslim countries with nukes?

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RE: do we need more Muslim countries with nukes?

In reply to: Possibly

NORTH Korea is a Muslim country?

Do we need any more NON Muslim countries with nukes?

Get a nuclear weapon?...YOU get to sit at THIS table?

That's how it works.

The LAST/ONLY country to USE a nuclear weapon WAS?

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Wrong area of the world

In reply to: RE: do we need more Muslim countries with nukes?

"NORTH Korea is a Muslim country?"

a total non sequitur.
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RE: a total non sequitur.

In reply to: Wrong area of the world


ONE part of your subject had to do with "nukes"

North Korea is developing "nukes".

You ONLY have a problem with more Muslim countries developing "nukes"?

What's up with that?

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