First, may I suggest that you read through the forum sticky at the top of this forum... then, to answer your questions:

Would the Canon HV-10 be a good option? Possibly. Do you have a requirement to shoot in high definition? Do you now or will you soon have a HDTV? That said, the HV10 will also shoot in standard definition widescreen and 4:3 formats.

I am a bit clueless about what HD on mini=DV tapes means. Is it easy to put such video onto a DVD and can I put it on a portable Hard Drive? Would this require special software? "Easy" is a relative term. High Definition on minDV tape means the camera captures 4x more data than standard definition and stores that data on the same miniDV tape that a non-high definition camera uses. You can either go directly from the camcorder to a DVD burner or you can import to your computer, edit, then burn a DVD. "Put it on a portable hard drive" - could you elaborate a little on this? Once the data is imported to your camera, it is a data file that can be moved to other storage media - like a portable drive - you can also edit and export the video as a ".mov" or ".avi" file that other computers can playback or you can upload to the web...

I also wanted to try to hook up an old analog camera to the new one to transfer my old tapes on to my computer. Check the camera specs and be sure it has analog in capabilities - not all cameras allow that.

Or should I try for a HDD camera? To what advantage? Or stick with something like the Panasonic GS 320? MiniDV Tape continues to provide best possible image quality. While the GS320 is not hidef, it is a nice standard def consumer camcorder.