Copy and Rename files in One Step?

As part of my job I have to take one document and save it 3 to 500 times with different nonsequential names. Then I have to repeat the process with a different file and different names. I am wondering if there is any way to copy and rename files in one step? I am a Windows 7 Home Premium user with Microsoft Office Professional 2010. I also have Adobe Professional 9.

I am a person who can use Word to create a document, but do not have the skill to make an index for the document by using the references tab in Word 2010. I do not know anything about building macros or coding, so I am going to give an example of what I have to do so someone can either direct me to a product to purchase or teach me how to use what I already have.

For example I have a file named "Invitation 2010" and I have a list of 34 people to send it to. However I have personalize the file by adding the person's first name to the name of the file so that I get 34 files with 34 unique names. If on the list I have a person named Amy then the file would be named "Amy's Invitation 2010."

After that I have a file named "RSVP 2010" and I have an Excel spreadsheet with 78 rows that include first names, last names, and number of people coming. I have to copy and rename "RSVP 2010" to include the last name and the number of people coming, but remove the 2010. The information in the spreadsheet would be Amy|Jones|4 (the "|" show the separate columns). The file name for this row of the spreadsheet would be "Jones RSVP 4."

In addition to doing this this month, I will have the exact same batch of names to process the same way next month, I will just be drawing the source documents (Invitation 2010 and RSVP 2010) from a different folder.
Please let me know if there is a a way I can use Microsoft Office to copy and rename the files in one step (once the function is created/set up); program out there that can duplicate and rename the files if I save the information the right way, or if I just have to plan to take several hours each month to copy and rename files.

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Re: copy and handling files

The way you describe it, needs programming. Learn to use VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) - including the Word and Excel methods and write those macro's. If you don't want to spend the several days (or even weeks, if you're a real programming novice) and can't find anyone to do it for you (for whatever pay you can give him or her) you'll have to continue the way you do.

But if you are willing to change the requirements there's a way. You shouldn't send personalised files (because then as you noted, you must make them each). You should make personalised messages. That can easily be done in MS Word, using a feature called "mailmerge".

Just yesterday, another member noted a success in


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Searching for VBA macro's writer - ETA or $$?

Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately I have discussed doing the personalized messages with my employer, but he insists it be personalized files. I will try to find someone who can write a macro for me.

If I found someone that understands VBA already, do you have any idea how long it would take them to make the macro (or how much they might want for that type of "job")? I would be willing to pay someone something to do it, but want to have a rough idea of how much time and money it would take since it would come out of my pocket rather than my employer's.

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If your employer pays you to do it ...

then why care? And, especially, why pay for a program yourself?

Did you buy your own PC, your own license of MS Office? I don't think so. The subtle way: if he ask you to do something urgent, say "I would love to do it, but I really have have to get out those files this afternoon. So I can't have it ready before tomorrow 11 PM. Why don't you have something written to do it automatically?"


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Why Care or pay for it yourself?

Amazingly, I did have to buy my own computer and license for MS Office. I got a corporate discount, bit I have to provide all the programs and supplies for my job except for programs that are proprietary to my employer. Also because I work from my home, I have to buy a printer and all my office supplies. My employer's attitude is "you have a job, and can write off the business expenses on your taxes so live with it, or get another job." Until 6 months ago I had a co-worker, whose entire job was this copying and renaming process and all I had to do was create the "invitations" and make the party plans based on the RSVPs. However, my employer decided to lay-off my co-worker and have me do both tasks.

Since I am a salaried employee, my employer doesn't care how long it takes me to do the work or when or how I do it. They just want it done. While my employer doesn't seem to understand how much work I have or how long it takes; I have a decent salary and retirement and great health insurance and a "flexible" work schedule (since I can work whatever hours I want as long as the work gets done). The salary is not enough to actually hire someone to do part of my job every week/month; but is probably enough to pay someone to make me a program for a one time charge.

I am looking for a better job, but it is tough to get one these days; and if I quit I do not qualify for unemployment. So I am trying to find ways to get the work done with less time. If I do, it helps with my current workload and looks good on the resume when applying for other jobs.

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