I see issues.

1. Partition Magic is best kept away from production servers. Use the native tools to partition. Your choice on this, but my experience is if I want stability, use the natives.

2. Symantec is misfiring these days on those tools. Again, another item never to let near a production server. Again, your choice, but I need stability.

3. Not enough was written about the machine. It's not widely known that Microsoft supplies the base OS (in this case 2000) and it's up to the installer/integrator to have the stable platform. Microsoft is not doing any hard work to give us clues if an out of date BIOS is an issue, an incorrect IDE cable (or SCSI error), motherboard drivers or if some network card's memory chip is flakey.

With all due respect, I'm writing from a view of a path that works for me. Keep the hardware firmware's current, use the right parts and settings and don't add too many softwares ...

Tell more about that machine, BIOS and drivers.