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Converting video from Sony micromv DCR-IP1E to CDs/DVDs

this is really exasperating. I bought a Sony DCR-IP1E micromv model in Hong Kong 2 years back. This is in PAL format. I have a mini MAC at home, and when I try to use imovie to convert video to dvds, it doesnt detect the camera model. So finally I bought a Dell laptop with Windows Media Center and loaded the supplied Image Transfer and Movie shaker proprietary sony software to try to see if I can at least view the content on the computer, and then if successful transfer it on to DVDs. no luck here too. I cannot even connect it to my home TV, and watch it properly, since I am now in US, which supports NTSC format. I have some 10 small tapes, which I need to reuse but only after converting them .Calling out to all gurus out there - PLEASE HELP - pls suggest a way/device as to perform this operation. I havent found much help on the sony asiapacific website ( this model is unknown in the US). I have no intention in junking this model and picking up new one just for this reason.
URGENT ADVICE appreciated
Jyothi Rao

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A quick review of the camera

shows that it has a FireWire/iLink/IEEE1394/DV port. From what I have experienced, the manufacturers (Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Canon, etc...) NEVER include that FireWire cable in the box - but they DO include the USB cable in the box. I don't know whay they do that - but they do, and it is silly... anyway,

According to the product manual from please refer to page 31 - this relates ONLY to transferring images from the memory stick (typically still photos). It is possbble that you are recording video to a memory stick - if that is the case, importing to iMovie could be a bit different - that is, rather than launching iMovie and using the import function, when you attach the camera using USB, does the memory stick mount like a drive on the right side of the screen? If yes, double click it... and look in the folders for the video you shot. If you find files you want, drag tham onto your hard drive to copy them. Launch iMovie and drag the files onto the import clips area on the right side or the timeline at the bottom of the iMovie interface.

If this does not work, you may need to transfer using the DV port - this is also known as the FireWire/iLink/IEEE1394/DV port. On page 34, there is a section referring to the OPTIONAL i.Link cable. I realize this is specific to the Sony Vaio computer, but that is not the issue. I could be wrong, but if you were willing to invest in a whole new computer to get this stuff transferred, then another $25 to try a FireWire cable connecting the camera to the MacMini should not be so painful. FireWire/iLink/IEEE1394/DV port are all the same thing. The FireWire cable needs to be a 4-pin on the camera side to a 6-pin on the computer side (I'm assuming your Dell does not have a FireWire port, so this is MacMini potential solution).

If the USB cable connection mounted the memory stick, drag the memory stick icon to the trash - this dismounts the memory stick so you can then safely unplug the USB cable from the MacMini and the camera. Plug the FireWire cable into the camera and the MacMini and launch iMovie - you *should* be able to use the iMovie import function and other camera controls.

If you want to continue down the Dell path, have you installed the USB driver? If not - or if you have tried that, it could be that adding a FireWire port (card) to your Dell might be in order...

The PAL format into your Mac or Dell should be a non-issue. That should connect up just fine by one of the methods above. However, connecting the camera directly to a NTSC TV will result in no/bad image - as you have found out.

Let us know how this works out for you... there may be other methods - but at the moment, these are the easiest that come to mind.

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MicroMV the format from hell!


I have had problems with the MicroMV format for the last 2 years now...
If you have a Mac, then the easiest solution is as follows:

1) Download MPEG Streaclip from here:
2) Install this on your Mac

3) Connect the Firewire cable from the Camera to the Mac
Should be a small 4pin to standard Firewire connecter cable.

Refer to the streamclip site above for more info, it is possible that you might have to buy a Quicktime component, depending on the software you have on your Mac.

If you have a PC, then Pinacle Studio might be another solution, as it supports the MicroMV format.

Hope the above helps



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Couldn't agree more


I have a Sony DRC-IP220 which I was conned into buying 2 years back. I have a problem with MovieShaker. It doesn't capture the audio. There is no problem when streaming the video through the IEEE 1394 firewire - the audio is loud and clear. However, when I try playing back on Movieshaker or Quicktime, there is no audio. Have you experienced this before?


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Thanks all gurus! Will try out and get back with the results!!

Jyothi Rao

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I downloaded the mpeg software etc which u mentioned

How do I dowload video from my camcorder? When I connect the DCRIP1E to my mini Mac, where is it that I have to specify to 'import' ?/I do not see any options in the mpeg stream clip? My query s how do I import footage now from my camcorder to my macmini - and using what application???

HELP..looks like I am close.. but not there...

Thanks once again

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I *think* your steps are:

Connect camcorder to MacMini via FireWire cable.

MacMini is on. Camcorder is on (may need to be in "Play" mode).

Launch iMovie. Near the left side of iMovie, toward the bottom - just above the editor area, there is a "switch" (camera on the left, scissors on the right). The switch should be on the camera setting. The iMovie screen will be blue, and it should say "Camera is connected" and below (or in) that blue screen, it should say "Import". Click on it.

If it does not say "Import" or is says "No camera connected", I strongly suggest you see if there is an Apple User Group you can join and work with one of the members who is familiar with iMovie...

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capturing video from micromv format tapes

I found a solution for capturing videos from micromv tapes. You will need to download the Apple developers took kit. I can't remember if it's online or included on the OS X installation disk. In the firewire sdk20 folder under applications, you'll find a couple of programs. One is called DVHScap and the other is AVCcap. Either of these will work to capture the stream from your tape. They're not fancy programs and they don't give you any visual reference or bells and whistles, but they get the job done. The .m25 files are generally very, very acceptable quality and run about 1mb per second of raw captured viedo at the resolution I have set. You will need a firewire cable to connect your camera to your computer. It's a four pin connector on the camera end and six pin on the computer side.

Once the stream is captured, it will be saved on your computer in a .m2t (mpeg 2 transport stream)) format. This isi not viewable or editable in Quicktime, but as stated by another poster below, you will need Mpeg streamclip, a free download, in order to play back the .m2t files, view and edit them and then convert to other formats. This has been working great for me really and I think SONY or someone should be getting the word out that there is a solution built right into Mac OS X software already on the shelf. In fact, it says right in the documentation that they were tested on micromv!

I also use a program called mpgtx wrap, another piece of freeware, for zipping clips together.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, email me at:


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Where to find the Apple Developer's Tool Kit

Hi, thanks so much for your post. I've had a Sony Micro MV camera since 2002 and have as of yet been unable to upload my video onto my Mac. I'm looking forward to trying your solution. I checked in my Applications folder and don't have the file you mentioned, so I tried to locate the Apple Developer's Tool Kit for a dowload and can't seem to find a link. There are lots of different types of developer's tools--for Safari, etc. Do you happen to know where I could get this? Many thanks--

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capturing video from micromv format tapes
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Please help me!!!

I have a SONY DCR-IP1E Pal and I just shoot a small movie. I do not know how to connect the camcorder to my sony vaio. I bought a firewall cable from bestbuy but unfortunately the small part does not even go into the camera. I went to Sammy's camera in LA and they do not have a firewall cable for this camera. Can anyone recommend me something please? How can I transfer the video in the camera to my laptop. Urgent matter!!!

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Hi! I have the same camera and I am trying to connect the camera to my laptop. What kind of firewall cable you are using? I bought one from Best Buy but it doesnt go into the camera. Can you please advise something? Thanks a lot. Marve

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The Firewire

Its called A sima suo-200m

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It says right on the package that it can only be used to connect usb to usb or firewire to firewire.

It is not a USB to Firewire adapter.

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I am having the same problem

I bought a sony ip55 camcorder off ebay and it came with a suo-200m firewire and when I tried to upload the video it kept saying not detected,but all I had to do is go to ebay and find a firewire to usb adapter and it fixed it,I use win xp service pack3

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